Mover was a user right that allows users to perform page moves. They also had access to some restricted features to help speed up the page move process.

As per FANDOM's policy, this user right has been removed from function.


Movers had the following features.

Name Function Main uses
move Allows the user to rename pages.
  • Renaming cards, characters, etc. after an official English name has been confirmed.
  • Renaming pages with unclear or misleading names.
move-subpages Allows the user to move any subpages of a page when they move the page, without having to move each subpage separately.
movefile Allows the user to rename pages in the file namespace.
  • Renaming files with misleading, meaningless, erroneous or pejorative names.
  • Renaming images with non-image policy compliant names.
  • Renaming card images after a card is renamed.
move-rootuserpages Allows the user to rename a base userpage. This should not generally be done by users here; moving a user's page does not change their username, and a user's pages are moved automatically when that user is renamed.
noratelimit Not be affected by action throttles, including one which prevents users performing more than two page moves in a short space of time.
  • Moving "other card information" and other related pages after a card article has been renamed.
suppressredirect Allows the user to rename a page without leaving a redirect behind. It's important to ensure that relevant links to the old title are cleaned-up when using this.
  • Moving files and "other card information" pages.
  • Undoing vandalism page moves.
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