IRC (Internet-Relay-Chat) is a text-based chat medium. In short, it is the predecessor to the instant messaging clients like MSN/AIM that most people use today. Although somewhat antiquated, it is still in use and is a great alternative to proprietary and closed-off chat media. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki has a registered channel on the FreeNode IRC network; for IRC-savvy users, simply join #wikia-yugioh on

If you are unfamiliar with IRC, or are behind a firewall preventing you using it, visit, choose a name, and enter #wikia-yugioh in channel box, and click Connect to join the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki's channel. Alternately, you can visit to join Wikia's IRC channel. From there type /join #wikia-yugioh to join the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki IRC channel.

You can also access the channel by going to and typing in a username then hitting connect (if you didn't click the link, then make sure that the box with the # before it says wikia-yugioh before you hit connect).

We recommend you register a nickname when you visit the IRC Channel, this will protect your nickname from use by another user.

In the following list of commands <Password> is a password for use in IRC (Don't use your Wikia password, your IRC password is visible in plain text at some points in time), <Nick> is a nickname on IRC, <Username> is your username here, <url> is a url.
To Change your Nickname
/nick <Nick>
To Register your current Nick, type
/NickServ REGISTER <Password> <valid e-mail address>
To Identify to NickServ (You do this when you login)
/NickServ IDENTIFY <Password>
To Access a list of NickServ commands and their info
/NickServ HELP
To set a URL for your nick
/NickServ SET URL <url>
We suggest you use /NickServ SET URL //<Username> so that people can be directed to your userpage.
Also remember to make sure the URL is publicly viewable /NickServ SET HIDE URL OFF

Dueling on IRC

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki also has two channel for IRC duels. However they're not on Wikia's IRC gateway so you'll need to use the FreeNode Java client or use your own.

Duel room
Team duel room

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