This Property entry details every card causes a monster(s) your opponent controls to lose ATK.

All TCG/OCG "Your opponent's monsters lose ATK" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Agave Dragon竜絶蘭Monster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
Amazoness Blowpiperアマゾネスの吹き矢兵Monster Card
Effect Monster
Amazoness Pet Ligerアマゾネスペット虎獅子Monster Card
Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
Attack Gainerアタック・ゲイナーMonster Card
Effect Monster
Battlewasp - Ballista the ArmageddonB・F-決戦のビッグ・バリスタMonster Card
Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
Battlewasp - Halberd the ChargeB・F-突撃のヴォウジェMonster Card
Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
Battlewasp - Hama the Conquering BowB・F-降魔弓のハマMonster Card
Synchro Monster
Effect Monster
Borreload eXcharge Dragonヴァレルロード・X・ドラゴンMonster Card
Xyz Monster
Effect Monster
Clock Lizardクロック・リザードMonster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
Colossal Fighter/Assault Modeギガンテック・ファイター/バスターMonster Card
Effect Monster
Cyberse White Hatサイバース・ホワイトハットMonster Card
Effect Monster
D/D/D Super Doom King Purple ArmageddonDDD超死偉王パープリッシュ・ヘル・アーマゲドンMonster Card
Fusion Monster
Effect Monster
Danger! Dogman!Monster Card
Effect Monster
Defender of the Netherworld Labyrinth冥宮の番人Monster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
Dinowrestler Martial Ankyloダイナレスラー・マーシャルアンキロMonster Card
Effect Monster
Link Mail Archfiendリンクメイル・デーモンMonster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
Naturia Fruitflyナチュル・フライトフライMonster Card
Effect Monster
Neo Kaiser Gliderネオ・カイザー・グライダーMonster Card
Effect Monster
Performapal Clay BreakerEMクレイブレイカーMonster Card
Effect Monster
Performapal Odd-Eyes MinitaurusEMオッドアイズ・ミノタウロスMonster Card
Pendulum Monster
Effect Monster
Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku閃刀姫-シズクMonster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
Tenyi Dragon - Nahata天威龍-ナハタMonster Card
Effect Monster
Threshold Borgスレッショルド・ボーグMonster Card
Effect Monster
Tindangle Houndティンダングル・ハウンドMonster Card
Effect Monster
Twin-Shield Defenderダブル・プロテクターMonster Card
Effect Monster
Ultimate Insect LV3アルティメット・インセクト LV3Monster Card
Effect Monster
Ultimate Insect LV5アルティメット・インセクト LV5Monster Card
Effect Monster
Ultimate Insect LV7アルティメット・インセクト LV7Monster Card
Effect Monster
Underclock TakerアンダークロックテイカーMonster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
Valkyrie ErdaMonster Card
Effect Monster
Vendread Chimeraヴェンデット・キマイラMonster Card
Ritual Monster
Effect Monster
Vision HERO PoisonerV・HERO ポイズナーMonster Card
Effect Monster
Yuki-Onna, the Ice Mayakashi氷の魔妖-雪女Monster Card
Link Monster
Effect Monster
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Apparition出幻Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Corrosive Scales蝕みの鱗粉Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Curse of Aging老化の呪いTrap Card
Normal Trap Card
Normal Trap Card
Gravity Lash鈍重Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Iron Core Armor鋼核収納Spell Card
Equip Spell Card
Equip Spell Card
Link Partyリンク・パーティーSpell Card
Normal Spell Card
Normal Spell Card
Otherworld - The "A" Zone異界空間-AゾーンSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Prank-Kids Placeプランキッズ・ハウスSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Prank-Kids Planプランキッズの大作戦Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Continuous Trap Card
Shien's Castle of Mist紫炎の霞城Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
Venom Swampヴェノム・スワンプSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
WattcastleエレキャッスルSpell Card
Field Spell Card
Field Spell Card
World Legacy Clash星遺物を巡る戦いSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Zombie Power Struggleアンデット・ストラグルSpell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card
Quick-Play Spell Card

All Anime "Your opponent's monsters lose ATK" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
The 13th Grave (anime)13人目の埋葬者Monster CardDARKZombie30000120000000900
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom (anime)Monster CardWINDInsect30000080000001200
8-Claws Scorpion (anime)八つ手サソリMonster CardDARKInsect20000030000000200
A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit (anime)Monster CardFIREMachine20000030000000400
A/D Changer (anime)Monster CardLIGHTWarrior10000010000000100
Abaki (anime)暴鬼Monster CardFIREFiend40000170000001000
Absurd Stealer (anime)アブサード・スティーラーMonster CardWINDMachine10000010000000000
Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser (anime)魔界劇団-カーテン・ライザーMonster CardDARKFiend40000110000001000
Abyss Actor - Evil Heel (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend80000300000002000
Abyss Actor - Extras (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend10000010000000100
Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend10000030000000200
Abyss Actor - Leading Lady (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend40000150000001000
Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend40000170000001000
Abyss Actor - Superstar (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend70000250000001800
Abyss Actor - Wild Hope (anime)Monster CardDARKFiend40000160000001200
Abyss Boat Watchman黄泉の舟守Monster CardDARKFiend10000000000000000
Abyss Guardian黄泉の防人Monster CardDARKFiend10000000000000000
Abyss Kid黄泉の餓鬼Monster CardDARKFiend10000000000000000
Abyss Ruler Mictlancoatl黃泉の邪王 ミクトランコアトルMonster CardDARKFiend100000380000003000
Achacha Archer (anime)Monster CardFIREWarrior30000120000000600
Achacha Chanbara (anime)Monster CardFIREWarrior30000140000000400
Achichi @Ignisterアチチ@イグニスターMonster CardFIRECyberse20000080000000800
Acid Slimeアシッド・スライムMonster CardWATERAqua30000080000001000
Acorno (anime)Monster CardEARTHPlant10000020000000400
Acrobat Monkey (anime)Monster CardEARTHMachine30000100000001800
Acrobatic Magician (anime)Monster CardDARKSpellcaster50000080000002300
Active Guard (anime)アクティブガード・アーマーMonster CardEARTHMachine40000000000002500
Advanced Crystal Beast Amber MammothA宝玉獣アンバー・マンモスMonster CardEARTHBeast40000170000001600
Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst CatA宝玉獣アメジスト・キャットMonster CardEARTHBeast30000120000000400
Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt EagleA宝玉獣コバルト・イーグルMonster CardWINDWinged Beast40000140000000800
Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald TortoiseA宝玉獣エメラルド・タートルMonster CardWATERAqua30000060000002000
Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby CarbuncleA宝玉獣ルビー・カーバンクルMonster CardLIGHTFairy30000030000000300
Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire PegasusA宝玉獣サファイア・ペガサスMonster CardWINDBeast40000180000001200
Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz TigerA宝玉獣トパーズ・タイガーMonster CardEARTHBeast40000160000001000
Advanced Shield (anime)アドバンスド・シールド・アーマーMonster CardEARTHMachine40000100000000000
Aeris (anime)聖神アレスMonster CardLIGHTFairy40000180000001400
Aether, the Empowering Dragon (anime)Monster CardLIGHTDragon60000230000001600
Agent of Hatredヘイト・エージェントMonster CardDARKFiend40000000000000000
Agido (anime)Monster CardEARTHFairy40000150000001300
Air Armor Ninja (anime)Monster CardWINDWarrior40000140000001400
Air Eater (anime)エア・イーターMonster CardWINDFiend60000210000001600
Air Fortress Ziggurat魔空要塞ジグラートMonster CardWINDMachine80000250000000800
Air Marmot of Nefariousness (anime)Monster CardEARTHBeast20000040000000600
Airknight Parshath (anime)Monster CardLIGHTFairy50000190000001400
Airorca (anime)Monster CardWINDSea Serpent30000140000000300
Alchemy Beast - Aretos the Tin錬金獣・錫のアエトスMonster CardWINDRock30000050000000500
Alchemy Beast - Ekenas the Mercury錬金獣・水銀のエケネイスMonster CardWATERRock30000050000000500
Alchemy Beast - Leon the Lead錬金獣・鉛のレオーンMonster CardEARTHRock30000050000000500
Alchemy Beast - Moonface the Silver錬金獣・銀のムーンフェイスMonster CardDARKRock30000050000000500
Alchemy Beast - Ouroboros the Bronze錬金獣・銅のウロボロスMonster CardLIGHTRock30000050000000500
... further results
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 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Amazon Archers (anime)Trap Card
Amazoness Archers (anime)Trap Card
Armor Ninjitsu Art of Rust Mist (anime)機甲忍法ラスト・ミストTrap Card
Attrition消耗戦Spell Card
Ayers Rock Sunrise (anime)エアーズロック・サンライズSpell Card
Battle Simulation模擬戦闘Trap Card
Battle Waltz (anime)Spell Card
Beastborg Medal of the Steel Chain鉄鎖の獣闘機勲章Trap Card
Black Garden (anime)Spell Card
Borrel Ringロシアン・ヴァレルTrap Card
Burden of the Mighty (anime)強者の苦痛Spell Card
Chain Arrowチェーン・アローTrap Card
Chain of the Underworld冥界の鎖Trap Card
Clockwork Night機械仕掛けの夜-クロック・ワーク・ナイト-Spell Card
Cut Jewel (anime)宝玉割断Trap Card
D-Doom DanceD-デビル・ダンスTrap Card
Damage Lanceダメージ・ランスTrap Card
Deceitful Dark Contract with the War Deity戦神との不正契約書Spell Card
Desperate Maneuverデスパレート・スクレイプSpell Card
Destruction Flower破滅の花Spell Card
Dice Dungeonダイス・ダンジョンSpell Card
Distortion Crystal魔水晶Spell Card
Djinn Orchestra魔人オーケストラSpell Card
Dragon Dance神龍演武Trap Card
Dramatic Pose大見得Spell Card
Earthbound Tundra地縛原Spell Card
Flame Chainフレイム・チェーンSpell Card
Foreman's Fury燃える男の赤い魂Trap Card
Frontline Disturbance戦線撹乱Spell Card
Giant Hunterジャイアント・キリングSpell Card
Half Lifeハーフ・ライフSpell Card
Half Shut (anime)ハーフ・シャットSpell Card
Half or Nothing (anime)ハーフorストップTrap Card
Heraldry Protection無敵の紋章Trap Card
High Halfハイ・ハーフTrap Card
Infestation (card)むしばみTrap Card
Light Wing Bumperムーン・バンパーTrap Card
Lunalight Dance月光舞踏Trap Card
Mask of Weakness (anime)弱体化の仮面Trap Card
Mesmeric Control (anime)催眠術Spell Card
Miracle Kids (anime)ミラクル・キッズTrap Card
Mirror Wall (anime)銀幕の鏡壁Trap Card
Mobius Castle氷帝の城Spell Card
NecromancyネクロマンシーSpell Card
Nightmare Binding悪夢の鉄鎖Spell Card
Offensive Guardオフェンシブ・ガードTrap Card
One Hundred Thousand Gauss10万ガウス!Trap Card
One Two Jumpワン・ツー・ジャンプTrap Card
Overpass立体交差Spell Card
Panic Burial埋葬混乱-バリー・パニックTrap Card
... further results

All Manga "Your opponent's monsters lose ATK" cards

 Japanese nameCard typeAttributeTypeLevelRankATKDEF
Acid Hell Fly地獄酸蠅Monster Card20000060000000000
AntlionアリジゴクMonster CardInsect40000150000001000
Archfiend of Gilfer (manga)Monster CardFiend60000220000002500
Armored Bee (manga)Monster CardWINDInsect40000160000001200
Blackwing - Nothung the Starlight (manga)Monster CardDARKWinged Beast60000240000001600
Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius (manga)Monster CardDARKBeast-Warrior60000240000001500
Clearwing Fast Dragon (manga)Monster CardWINDDragon70000250000002000
Cursed Fire King Doom Burst呪炎王バースト・カースドMonster Card30000160000000800
Cyber Valkyrieヘイル・サイバーMonster Card40000130000001500
Dark Jeroid (manga)Monster Card40000120000001500
Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon (manga)Monster CardDARKDragon40000250000002000
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon (DY)Monster CardDARKDragon40000250000002000
Dynamite Dragonボム・ドラゴンMonster CardDragon40000150000000900
Elemental Hero Gaia (manga)Monster CardEARTHWarrior60000220000002600
Elemental Hero Great Tornado (manga)Monster CardWINDWarrior80000280000002200
Enter-Mate Ballad (manga)EMバラードMonster CardEARTHPlant30000050000001100
Enter-Mate Clay BreakerEMクレイブレイカーMonster CardEARTHWarrior60000200000001000
Genesis Dragon (manga)Monster CardLIGHTDragon60000220000001800
Great Moth (manga)グレート・モスMonster CardInsect0000260000002500
Ittan Momen一反木綿Monster CardYokai40000120000001500
Light End Dragon (manga)Monster CardLIGHTDragon80000260000002100
Masked Hero Acid (manga)M・HEROアシッドMonster CardWATERWarrior80000260000002100
Masked Hero Blast (manga)M・HEROブラストMonster CardWINDWarrior60000220000001800
Mirror Imagine Reflector 1ミラーイマジン・リフレクター1Monster Card???70000000000002000
Missile RoidミサイルロイドMonster CardMachine40000100000000200
Needle Honey Beeニードル・ハニー・ビィMonster CardInsect40000150000000400
No. 37 - Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark (manga)Monster CardWATERSea Serpent40000260000002100
Odd-Eyes Phantasma Dragon (manga)オッドアイズ・ファンタズマ・ドラゴンMonster CardDARKDragon80000300000002500
Quick Spanite (manga)Monster CardEARTHMachine30000100000000800
Roar Vulcanロアー・バルカンMonster Card40000120000001000
Slifer the Sky Dragon (manga)SAINT DRAGON - THE GOD OF OSIRISMonster CardDragon100000X0000000X000
Starving Venemy Dragonスターヴ・ヴェネミー・ドラゴンMonster Card???70000250000002000
Urubonus, the Avatar of Malice呪念の化身ウルボヌスMonster CardReptile50000200000000800
Vision Hero Adoration (manga)V・HEROアドレイションMonster CardDARKWarrior80000280000002100
Vision Hero Poisoner (manga)V・HEROポイズナーMonster Card30000090000000700
White Aura Dolphin (manga)白闘気海豚Monster CardWATERFish60000240000001000
The Wicked Dreadroot (manga)THE DEVILS DREAD-ROOTMonster Card100000400000004000
Wonko, Noble Knight of the Forest森の聖騎士 ワンコMonster Card40000110000001600
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Absolute Zero Barrier絶対氷壁Spell Card
Amazoness Archers (manga)アマゾネスの弩弓隊Trap Card
Battle Purificationバトル・プリフィケーションSpell Card
Bubble Downバブル・ダウンSpell Card
Cleansing Water聖水の弊害Spell Card
Crown of Command絶対君主の冠Spell Card
Curse of the Forest森の呪いSpell Card
Divine Sanctuaryホーリー・サンクチュアリSpell Card
Electric Shockエレクトリック・ショックTrap Card
Extra Salvationエクストラ・サルベーションSpell Card
Foolish Forest – Baal Chechen愚かな森-バールチェチェンSpell Card
Hero PressureヒーロープレッシャーSpell Card
Illusion幻惑Trap Card
Lowering Dロウリング・DTrap Card
Mantra's Curse-Binding真言の呪縛Trap Card
Mask of Weakness (manga)弱体化の仮面Spell Card
Mesmeric Control (manga)催眠術Spell Card
Mirror Wall (manga)銀幕の鏡壁Trap Card
Powerless SphereパワレスフィアSpell Card
Rose Blizzard (manga)薔薇吹雪Trap Card
Route ChangeルートチェンジTrap Card
Saint Auraセイント・オーラTrap Card
Shadow Spell (manga)闇の呪縛Spell Card
Shrink (manga)収縮Spell Card
Skull Dice (manga)悪魔のサイコロTrap Card
Spellbinding Circle (manga)六芒星の呪縛Trap Card
Spellbinding Illusion幻想の呪縛Trap Card
Spider Restraintスパイダー・リストレイントTrap Card
Spirit Slayerスピリット・スレイヤーSpell Card
Swamp of the Fallen屍の沼Trap Card
Synchro Allianceシンクロ・アライランスTrap Card
Warrior Defenseディフェンド・ウォリアーTrap Card
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