Yoshio Atachi ( () (たち) ヨシオ Atachi Yoshio) is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. He is Mimi Atachi's son, and though he loves Rush Duels, this brings him into conflict with his mother.



Yoshiobody.png Good max.png

Yoshio in both his normal clothes and wearing the Good Max suit.

Yoshio is a short and skinny young boy with pale skin and pink eyes like his mother, though his hair is back and cut back at the sides and back while it is longer at the top and concealed under his cap when he wears it. He dresses in a sailor-style school uniform; a white shirt and shorts with a black lining held up with a black belt, white socks, black shoes, and a white sailor's cap with the symbol of the Goha Corporation on it.

When he tries to become like Good Max, Yoshio wears a cosplay suit of his favorite hero that also modulates his voice. The suit makes him appear as a tall, darker-skinned muscular man, wearing a black jacket with maroon shoulders tipped with golden spikes over a blue undershirt and black superhero-style shorts, maroon arm-guards with golden spikes on the backs of the hands and knee-high boots with golden knee spikes, a maroon belt with a golden buckle and holes, and a charcoal-colored helmet with silver horns, a yellow pattern on the top resembling an explosion, and a face mask with half-moon shaped red eyes and a mouth section designed to look like a jagged maw in two different shades of grey. The helmet is split in two after his Duel with Luke, though he later repairs it.


Yoshio is timid and excitable by nature, and prone to making hasty and ill-informed decisions on the fly; he misinterpreted Luke's advice to look after his mother due to Luke's coincidental use of his favorite hero's catchphrase and decided Luke should convince his mother to let him Rush Duel after his mother threatened not to make his favorite meal. He is shown to be passionate about Rush Dueling, enjoying his Rush Duel with Luke despite losing. After he takes Luke's advice, Yoshio realizes that he was trying to mimic others and that he should tell his mother his true feelings. He cares deeply for his mother and his favorite food. According to his mother, Yoshio is similar to Yuga.


Yoshio speaks very politely normally, but when he tries to change himself as "Yoshio the King of Combat", he puts on a gruff and tough-talking front, calling his mother his "mama" as Good Max does and often using the terms "destructive" and "hellish" as descriptors.


「安」 can mean "stability​", "peacefulness", or "inexpensive"; 「立」 means "standing up". Together, the two characters can also be written as "Adachi", which is one character off from 「アダチル」 (adachiru), abbreviation for "adult child(ren)".


Birth of Rush Duels


Yoshio plays a Beast Gear World Deck.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Tatsuhisa Kamijo 8 Lose
Mimi Atachi 20 Win


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