Bastion Misawa with "Mezuki", "Crow Tengu" and "Onmoraki".
Bastion Misawa with "Mezuki", "Crow Tengu" and "Onmoraki".

Japanese (base text)

(よう) (かい)

Japanese (romanized)





Yokai ( (よう) (かい) Yōkai) is a Type of Monster Card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. They were used by Bastion Misawa and are based on Yōkai creatures from Japanese folklore.

Bastion is the only character to play Yokai-Type monsters, and only in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. The Yokai's core strategy consists of Special Summoning Yokai from the Graveyard, which triggers their effects. Besides effects that allow the user to Special Summon their Yokai from the Graveyard, Yokai monsters and related cards also often have effects that send monsters to the Graveyard (like "Gozuki"), or that benefit from having Yokai monsters on the Graveyard (like "Enma's Judgment").

When the Yokai-Type monsters were released in the TCG/OCG, they were changed to be Zombie-Type monsters, making Yokai a Type exclusive to the manga.




  • In the manga, when Bastion and Chazz dueled in volume 2, Bastion once referred to his own Monster cards as being Zombie-Type instead of Yokai-Type. (But this occurred only in one scene during the duel, so it may be just an error made by the editors since the OCG/TCG releases of Bastion's cards are changed to Zombie-Type.)
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