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Yata-Garasu is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. He is the captain of Heartland Academy's soccer team. His name references the yatagarasu being the symbol of Japan's soccer association.



Garasu and a group of other students approached Rio Kastle upon her return to Heartland Academy after getting out of the hospital. Each of them wanted Rio to become manager of their club or team. Rio agreed to visit each club, but would only become manager if they defeated her. Garasu was the goalie of the soccer team and failed to block Rio's kick. Rio proceeded to defeat people from each team.[1]

Garasu opposite Rio in a play.

At the school's fun fair, Garasu played the role of a prince in a play, opposite Rio as a princess. He was shocked when Rio threw her shoe at her brother, who was talking with Bronk.[2]

After Yuma Tsukumo's and Astral's Duel, Yata-Garasu was among the students at Heartland Academy who watched Yuma being scolded by Rio for being late.[3]


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