Yami Yugi and Maximillion Pegasus' TV Duel was a Duel in which Yami Yugi and Maximillion Pegasus Dueled through a videotape. Pegasus appeared on the video, claiming to be prerecorded, knowing what moves Yami Yugi would make. This is based on a Duel from the Yu-Gi-Oh!.



When the Duel Monsters champion, Seto Kaiba was defeated by Yugi Muto, KaibaCorp's reputation was damaged. Maximillion Pegasus used this as an opportunity to overthrow Seto Kaiba and take control of the company. Part of his plan involved defeating Yugi in an official Duel to restore its reputation when he got control. Pegasus planned this unofficial Duel as a means of coaxing Yugi into taking part in the Duelist Kingdom tournament, where he could face him in an official one. He set up a videotape to use as a means of communicating with Yugi and mailed it to him with equipment for Duelist Kingdom.

Yugi watched the tape along with Téa Gardner, Joey Wheeler, Solomon Muto and Tristan Taylor. Pegasus appeared on the screen and caused everyone in the room except Yugi to freeze before he accepted the Duel. Yugi then switched to Dark Yugi for the Duel.

The Duel


As Penalty Game for Yugi's loss, Pegasus sucked the soul of Solomon into the TV.


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