"Xtra HERO" (X・HERO (エクストラヒーロー) , Ekusutora Hīrō) is a series of Link Monsters, and a sub-group of the "HERO" archetype. All of its members are DARK Warrior monsters, except for the following:



The "Xtra HERO" monsters released thus far bear resemblance to comic book superheroes like most other "HERO" monsters, with a more futuristic appearance than the others.


The name of this archetype references the fact that they are Link Monsters which, due to New Master Rule, are required to summon more than one Extra Deck monster outside of the Extra Monster Zone.


Xtra HERO Support
Cross Crusader Destiny HERO
Dread Decimator HERO
Hell Diviser Evil HERO
Wonder Driver Elemental/Masked HERO
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