X-Saber: Special Edition is a Special Edition in the Korean Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG).





Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
XS12-KRSE1 X-Saber Wayne X-세이버 웨인 Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
XS12-KRSE2 X-Saber Souza X-세이버 소우저 Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
XS12-KR001 Steelswarm Roach 인벨즈 로치 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
XS12-KR002 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction No.30 파멸의 애시드 골렘 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
XS12-KR003 Number 34: Terror-Byte No.34 전산기야수 테라바이트 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
XS12-KR004 Sabersaurus 세이버 사우루스 Common Normal Monster
XS12-KR005 X-Saber Anu Piranha X-세이버 아나페레라 Common Normal Monster
XS12-KR006 X-Saber Galahad X-세이버 가라해드 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR007 X-Saber Pashuul X-세이버 파시울 Common Effect Tuner monster
XS12-KR008 X-Saber Palomuro X-세이버 파로무로 Common Effect Tuner monster
XS12-KR009 Marauding Captain 선봉 대장 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR010 Sangan 크리터 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR011 Skelengel 스켈엔젤 Common Flip monster
XS12-KR012 Snowman Eater 스노우맨 이터 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR013 Wind-Up Soldier 태엽 솔저 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR014 Wind-Up Dog 태엽 도그 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR015 Wind-Up Snail 태엽 달팽이 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR016 Exiled Force 반란 용병 부대 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR017 Botanical Lion 볼태닉컬 라이오 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR018 Voltic Kong 볼테크 콩 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR019 Mine Golem 마인 골렘 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR020 Breaker the Magical Warrior 마도전사 브레이커 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR021 Morphing Jar 메타모르 포트 Common Flip monster
XS12-KR022 Cyber Dragon 사이버 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR023 Mist Valley Executor 안개 골짜기의 집행자 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR024 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch 번개 제왕 자보르그 Common Effect Monster
XS12-KR025 Mystical Space Typhoon 싸이크론 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
XS12-KR026 Smashing Ground 대지 분쇄 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR027 Fissure 갈라진 대지 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR028 Monster Reincarnation 죽은 자의 환생 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR029 Star Changer 스타 체인저 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
XS12-KR030 Reinforcement of the Army 증원 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR031 Meteor of Destruction 데스메테오 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR032 Wave-Motion Cannon 파동 캐논 Common Continuous Spell Card
XS12-KR033 Swords of Revealing Light 빛의 봉인검 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR034 Mage Power 마도사의 힘 Common Equip Spell Card
XS12-KR035 Lightning Vortex 라이트닝 보텍스 Common Normal Spell Card
XS12-KR036 Torrential Tribute 격류장 Common Normal Trap Card
XS12-KR037 Negate Attack 공격 무력화 Common Counter Trap Card
XS12-KR038 Dust Tornado 더스트 토네이도 Common Normal Trap Card
XS12-KR039 Raigeki Break 썬더 브레이크 Common Normal Trap Card
XS12-KR040 Mirror Force 성스러운 방어막 거울의 힘 Common Normal Trap Card
XS12-KR041 Fiendish Chain 데먼즈 체인 Common Continuous Trap Card
XS12-KR042 Call of the Haunted 리 빙 데드가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Trap Card
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