Yusei´s Wrist dealer

Yusei's Wrist Dealer.

The Wrist Dealer is a device used for Turbo Duels.

This device is used by many characters throughout the series as a Deck Zone during Turbo Duels and sometimes for normal Duels as well. This applies specifically for those whose Duel Disks are hybrid, thus allowing their Wrist Dealers to attach to their Duel Disks without any problems.

During a Turbo Duel, the compartment on which the Deck stands in most cases is facing horizontally and above the wrist itself, hence enabling the normal Draw Phase for each Duelist. In cases of Yusei Fudo and Crow Hogan, their Wrist Dealers' Deck compartments can easily flip until into this position.

This device doesn't have a specific name in the Japanese version of the series. The Wrist Dealer is being promoted with this name by Konami as part of the 2009 Duel Disk launcher.

The Wrist Dealer can shuffle the Deck on its own.

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