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These promos were given away during an official tournament, it was held since October 2004 and ended on March 2005. During the six months of the tounament, a different card was given every month to the participants.

Card List


PC5-JP001 Statue of the Wicked 「黄金の邪神像」 (Oct 2004)

PC5-JP002 Spear Dragon 「スピア・ドラゴン」 (Nov 2004)

PC5-JP003 Creature Swap 「強制転移」 (Dec 2004)

PC5-JP004 Thunder Nyan Nyan 「雷電娘々」 (Jan 2005)

PC5-JP005 Royal Oppression 「王宮の弾圧」 (Feb 2005)

PC5-JP006 Marauding Captain 「切り込み隊長」 (Mar 2005)

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