World Premiere Pack 2020 is an Extra Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. It introduces previously TCG-only cards to the OCG.



There are 5 cards per pack and 15 packs per box. The set contains 79 cards:

The Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards, and 1 of the Rare cards, are also available as Secret Rare.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
WPP1-JP000"Dunames Dark Witch" (international artwork)「デュナミス・ヴァルキリア」Prismatic Secret RareNormal Monster
WPP1-JP001"Toon Black Luster Soldier"「トゥーン・カオス・ソルジャー」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Toon monster
WPP1-JP002"Toon Harpie Lady"「トゥーン・ハーピィ・レディ」RareToon monster
WPP1-JP002"Toon Harpie Lady" (international artwork)「トゥーン・ハーピィ・レディ」Secret RareToon monster
WPP1-JP003"Toon Bookmark"「トゥーンのしおり」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
WPP1-JP004"Toon Page-Flip"「トゥーン・フリップ」RareQuick-Play Spell Card
WPP1-JP005"Toon Terror"「トゥーン・テラー」CommonCounter Trap Card
WPP1-JP006"Boot-Up Corporal - Command Dynamo"「起動兵長コマンドリボルバー」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP007"Boot-Up Admiral - Destroyer Dynamo"「起動提督デストロイリボルバー」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
WPP1-JP008"Boot-Up Order - Gear Charge"「起動指令 ギア・チャージ」CommonContinuous Spell Card
WPP1-JP009"Boot-Up Order - Gear Force"「起動指令 ギア・フォース」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP010"Powerhold the Moving Battery"「機動砲塁 パワー・ホールド」CommonContinuous Trap Card
WPP1-JP011"The Chaos Creator"「混沌の創世神」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
WPP1-JP012"Chaos Daedalus"「カオス・ダイダロス」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP013"Chaos Valkyria"「混沌のヴァルキリア」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
WPP1-JP014"Chaos Space"「混沌領域」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Normal Spell Card
WPP1-JP015"Eternal Chaos"「エターナル・カオス」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP016"Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Sprite"「夢魔鏡の乙女-イケロス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
WPP1-JP017"Ikelos, the Dream Mirror Mara"「夢魔鏡の夢魔-イケロス」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
WPP1-JP018"Phantasos, the Dream Mirror Friend"「夢魔鏡の聖獣-パンタス」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP019"Phantasos, the Dream Mirror Foe"「夢魔鏡の魔獣-パンタス」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP020"Morpheus, the Dream Mirror White Knight"「夢魔鏡の白騎士-ルペウス」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP021"Morpheus, the Dream Mirror Black Knight"「夢魔鏡の黒騎士-ルペウス」RareEffect Monster
WPP1-JP022"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Erlking"「夢魔鏡の天魔-ネイロス」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
WPP1-JP022"Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Erlking" (international artwork)「夢魔鏡の天魔-ネイロス」Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
WPP1-JP023"Dream Mirror of Joy"「聖光の夢魔鏡」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Field Spell Card
WPP1-JP024"Dream Mirror of Terror"「闇黒の夢魔鏡」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Field Spell Card
WPP1-JP025"Dream Mirror Phantasms"「夢幻の夢魔鏡」RareContinuous Spell Card
WPP1-JP026"Dream Mirror of Chaos"「混沌の夢魔鏡」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
WPP1-JP027"Dream Mirror Fantasy"「夢魔鏡の夢物語」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP028"Dream Mirror Hypnagogia"「夢現の夢魔鏡」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP029"Dream Mirror Oneiromancy"「夢魔鏡の夢占い」CommonCounter Trap Card
WPP1-JP030"Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm"「海造賊-白髭の機関士」RareEffect Tuner monster
WPP1-JP031"Redbeard, the Plunder Patroll Matey"「海造賊-赤髭の航海士」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP032"Bluebeard, the Plunder Patroll Shipwright"「海造賊-青髭の海技士」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP033"Goldenhair, the Newest Plunder Patroll"「海造賊-金髪の訓練生」CommonEffect Tuner monster
WPP1-JP034"Blackbeard, the Plunder Patroll Captain"「海造賊-キャプテン黒髭」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
WPP1-JP035"Plunder Patrollship Brann"「海造賊-豪速のブレンネ号」RareEffect Synchro Monster
WPP1-JP036"Plunder Patrollship Moerk"「海造賊-静寂のメルケ号」RareEffect Xyz Monster
WPP1-JP037"Plunder Patrollship Lys"「海造賊-双翼のリュース号」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
WPP1-JP038"Plunder Patroll Shipyarrrd"「海造賊-拠点」RareField Spell Card
WPP1-JP039"Plunder Patroll Shipshape Ships Shipping"「海造賊-進水式」CommonNormal Spell Card
WPP1-JP040"Emblem of the Plunder Patroll"「海造賊-象徴」CommonEquip Spell Card
WPP1-JP041"Pride of the Plunder Patroll"「海造賊-誇示」CommonContinuous Trap Card
WPP1-JP042"Plunder Patroll Parrrty"「海造賊-祝宴」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP043"Plunder Patroll Booty"「海造賊-大航海」CommonContinuous Trap Card
WPP1-JP044"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Ram"「魁炎星-シーブ」RareEffect Monster
WPP1-JP045"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Elephant"「俊炎星-ゾウセイ」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP046"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Panda"「寿炎星-リシュンマオ」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP047"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Eland"「巧炎星-エランセイ」RareEffect Ritual Monster
WPP1-JP048"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Swan"「富炎星-ハクテンオウ」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
WPP1-JP049"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Peacock"「慧炎星-コサンジャク」RareEffect Link Monster
WPP1-JP050"Fire Fortress atop Liang Peak"「炎傑の梁山閣」CommonField Spell Card
WPP1-JP051"Fire Formation - Domei"「炎舞-「洞明」」CommonContinuous Spell Card
WPP1-JP052"Fire Formation - Ingen"「炎舞-「隠元」」CommonContinuous Spell Card
WPP1-JP053"Ultimate Fire Formation - Sinto"「極炎舞-「辰斗」」CommonCounter Trap Card
WPP1-JP054"Capshell"「カプシェル」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP055"Rose Girl"「ババガール」RareEffect Tuner monster
WPP1-JP056"Feedran, the Winds of Mischief"「いたずら風のフィードラン」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP057"Piwraithe the Ghost Pirate"「海霊賊」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP058"Monster Express"「モンスターエクスプレス」RareEffect Monster
WPP1-JP059"Guard Ghost"「背護衛」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP060"Scrypton"「スクリプトン」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP061"Primineral Mandstrong"「泥岩の霊長-マンドストロング」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP062"Annihilator Archfiend"「ディザスター・デーモン」CommonEffect Monster
WPP1-JP063"Desert Locusts"「砂漠の飛蝗賊」CommonEffect Tuner Synchro Monster
WPP1-JP064"Nine-Lives Cat"「九魂猫」RareEffect Xyz Monster
WPP1-JP065"Barricadeborg Blocker"「警衛バリケイドベルグ」Super Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Link Monster
WPP1-JP066"Hraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle"「死翼のフレスヴェイス」CommonEffect Link Monster
WPP1-JP067"Taotie Dragon"「トウテツドラゴン」RareEffect Link Monster
WPP1-JP068"Star Power!!"「一曲集中」CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
WPP1-JP069"Tyrant Farm"「タイラント・プランテーション」CommonNormal Spell Card
WPP1-JP070"Execution of the Contract"「契約の遂行」CommonEquip Spell Card
WPP1-JP071"Necroquip Prism"「優麗なる霊鏡」CommonNormal Spell Card
WPP1-JP072"Fuhma Wave"「風魔の波動」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP073"Brutal Beast Battle"「獣烈な争い」CommonNormal Trap Card
WPP1-JP074"Traptrix Genlisea"「リセの蟲惑魔」Ultra Rare
Secret Rare
Effect Monster
WPP1-JP074"Traptrix Genlisea" (international artwork)「リセの蟲惑魔」Secret RareEffect Monster
WPP1-JP075"Hollow Giants"「龍馬躓図」CommonContinuous Spell Card
WPP1-JP076"Mayakashi Mayhem"「魔妖遊行」CommonContinuous Trap Card
WPP1-JP077"Kaiser Eagle, the Heavens' Mandate"「天元の荒鷲王」Extra Secret RareEffect Link Monster
WPP1-JP078"Skyfaring Castle of the Black Forest"「黒き森の航天閣」Extra Secret RareEffect Link Monster

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