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"World Legacy", known as "Star Relic" ( (せい) () (ぶつ) Sei'ibutsu) in Japanese, is an archetype introduced in Code of the Duelist. It is related to, as well as supports, the "World Chalice", "Krawler", "Mekk-Knight", "Knightmare", "Crusadia" and "Orcust" archetypes, as well as the "Guardragon" series. All of this archetype's members are DARK Machine monsters, except for the WIND Dragon "World Legacy Guardragon Mardark".

According to the flavor text of "Chosen by the World Chalice", there are seven of them, each of which correspond to one of seven archetypes or series as shown in the table below. However there is an eighth one representing the World Legacy itself.


Visually, each World Legacy monster resembles a large Christian/Catholic artifact or Holy Relic which is supported by their Japanese name, "星遺物" (Star Relic) which is an homophone of "聖遺物" (Holy Relic). The World Legacy monsters are also depicted being embedded in their environment and glows with one of the colors of the rainbow spectrum.

Playing Style[]

Each World Legacy monster has an effect that responds/activates to monsters summoned from the Extra Deck and an additional effect that either directly or indirectly supports their related archetypes.

"World Chalice" Special Summons 2 other "World Chalice" monsters from the Deck except itself when it leaves the field, "World Armor" Special Summons itself from the hand when a monster is flipped summoned, which the archetype it is related to; "Krawler" are comprised of mostly Flip monsters and Link monsters that supports Flip monsters.

"World Shield" supports "Mekk-Knight" by its effect of being Special Summoned from the GY and protecting "World Legacy" cards in the same column to either ease the Special Summoning of the Mekk-Knights or as Tribute fodder for them. "World Lance" supports "Knightmare" monsters via its ability to spawn a token whenever a monster is Special Summoned to speed up the process of summoning more "Knightmare" Link monsters, or it can be discarded the reduce the ATK of an opponent's battling monster by 3000 ATK when they attack your Link monster.

"World Crown" supports "Crusadia" monsters by being able to be Special Summoned to a zone that a Link Monster points to, and if it is on a "Crusadia" Link monster, that monster would gain 2000 ATK based on its effect. "World Wand" can banish itself to Special Summon an "Orcust" monster from the GY and "World Ark" supports "Guardragon" Link monsters via its effect of bringing them back from the GY so that they can utilize their Link Arrows in a more meaningful way on the Main Monster Zone as well discarding in order to allow a Link Monster to be summoned from the GY if destroyed by an opponents card effect.

Primary Members[]

Set Monster Level Rainbow Spectrum Associated archetype or series Related Spell Jewish or Christian Religious Relic Location Guardragon
COTD World Chalice 5 Blue World Chalice World Legacy Discovery Holy Grail In the middle of a forest Justicia
CIBR World Armor 7 Red Krawler World Legacy in Shadow Seamless robe of Jesus The wetlands where the "Krawler" monsters reside Pisty
EXFO World Shield 6 Orange Mekk-Knight World Legacy Scars Shield of the Trinity Wedged into a building in a ruined city Elpy
FLOD World Lance 8 Violet Knightmare World Legacy Nightmare Holy Lance (aka Spear of Longinus) At the coast of the city where the "World Shield" is located Agarpain
CYHO World Crown 6 Indigo Crusadia Crusadia Revival Crown of Thorns Hovering on top of a crater lake Garmides
SOFU World Wand 8 Yellow Orcust Orcustrated Babel Staff of Moses/Rod of Aaron Attached at the top of "Orcustrated Babel" Promineses
SAST World Ark 7 Green Guardragon Guardragon's Barrier Ark of the Covenant Hidden underneath "Orcustrated Babel" Andrake
CHIM World Key 1 Black World Legacy The World Legacy Keys of Heaven The site where Avida initiated the World Reassembly N/A

Related Members[]

Set Monster Level Rainbow Spectrum Associated archetype or series Related Spell Christian/Catholic Relic Location Guardragon
DANE Mardark 9 Green Guardragon N/A N/A N/A Andrake