The 2012 World Championship is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Official and Trading Card Game tournament, which determined the world champion for the year 2012. Marking the 10th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, players from all over the world gathered to the Tokyo Midtown Hall, Tokyo, Japan to attend the event.[1]

The main event was won by Saito Akikazu from Japan[2] and the Dragon Duel was won by Yu Hau Liou from Taiwan.[5]

Konami streamed live videos online for some of the Matches from this tournament.


The 26 competitors and the respective Deck types they qualified with are as follows. Players did not necessarily use the same Decks in this tournament.

Central America
  • Flag of Mexico Alvaro Manuel Gonzalez Orea (Six Samurai)[6]
  • Flag of Italy Stefano Memoli[7] (Wind-Up)[7]
  • Flag of Greece Michail Paraschos[7] (Chaos Dragon)[8]
  • Flag of Germany Joshua Schmidt[7] (Wind-Up)[8]
  • Flag of Spain Angel Matas[7] (Inzektor)[8]
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • Leung Chi Wai (Inzektor)
Flag of Japan Japan
  • Waragai Yuki “ライブラリアン” (Sendai) (Evilswarm Laggia)
  • Norihama Takeru “ちゃみ” (Tokyo) (Arrive HERO)
  • Yumoto Kota “チャリオット” (Tokyo) (Offering Machina Gadget)
  • Saito Akikazu “ショウイチ” (Osaka) (Inzektor)
  • Arimura Yohei “ヨウ” (Osaka) (Dimensional Skill Drain Beat)
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia
  • Tan Sung Lee (Chaos Dragon)
Flag of the Philippines Philippines
  • Irwin Arogo (Inzektor)
Flag of Singapore Singapore
  • Wesley Seek (Inzektor)
North America
  • Flag of New Zealand Oliver Parle (Chaos Dragon)
  • Flag of Australia Jonathan Ritzau (Dino Rabbit)
South America
  • Flag of Ecuador Marco Jonatan Oviedo Castro (Wind-Up)
South Korea
  • Flag of South Korea Heo Seung Hwee (Gravekeeper)
  • Flag of the Republic of China Chang Shu Jen “張樹仁” (Inzektor)
  • Flag of Thailand Santi Phromduangsri (Chaos Dragon)



Yugio worlds 2012 location

The location of the World Championship, the Tokyo Midtown Hall.

Yugioh worlds 2012 event map

The event map

The scheduled timetable of events was as follows. Times are in JST.

Time Event
Day 1
10:00 – 11:00 Swiss Round 1
11:15 – 12:15 Swiss Round 2
13:10 – 14:10 Swiss Round 3
14:25 – 15:25 Swiss Round 4
15:40 – 16:40 Swiss Round 5
Day 2
10:00 – 11:00 Main event, Round 1
11:15 – 12:15 Main event, semifinal
12:30 – 13:30 Main event, third place playoff
14:00 – 15:15 Dragon Duel, final
15:30 – 16:30 Main event, final

Swiss rounds

The pairings for round three were:[11]

Table Player 1 Player 2
1 Norihama Takeru Jonathan Ritzau
2 Jarel Winston Alvaro Manuel Gonzalez Orea
3 Michael Steinman Stefano Memoli
4 Oliver Parle Joshua Schmidt
5 Tyler Tabman Michail Paraschos
6 Marco Jonatan Oviedo Castro Leung Chi Wai
7 Adrian Shakir Chang Shu Jen
8 Saito Akikazu Wesley Seek
9 Angel Matas Tan Sung Lee
10 Robert Lewis Jr. Irwin Arogo
11 Santi Phromduangsri Heo Seung Hwee
12 Yumoto Kota Arimura Yohei
13 Waragai Yuki Kevin Rubio

The pairings for round four were:[12]

Table Player 1 Player 2
1 Arimura Yohei Jarel Winston
2 Norihama Takeru Saito Akikazu
3 Stefano Memoli Heo Seung Hwee
4 Marco Jonatan Oviedo Castro Santi Phromduangsri
5 Irwin Arogo Chang Shu Jen
6 Oliver Parle Tan Sung Lee
7 Jonathan Ritzau Wesley Seek
8 Robert Lewis Jr. Leung Chi Wai
9 Joshua Schmidt Michail Paraschos
10 Yumoto Kota Angel Matas
11 Tyler Tabman Alvaro Manuel Gonzalez Orea
12 Kevin Rubio Michael Steinman
13 Adrian Shakir Waragai Yuki

The pairings for round five were:[13]

Table Player 1 Player 2
1 Tan Sung Lee Santi Phromduangsri
2 Waragai Yuki Alvaro Manuel Gonzalez Orea
3 Robert Lewis Jr. Oliver Parle
4 Adrian Shakir Angel Matas
5 Stefano Memoli Joshua Schmidt
6 Jonathan Ritzau Michail Paraschos
7 Kevin Rubio Chang Shu Jen
8 Norihama Takeru Wesley Seek
9 Marco Jonatan Oviedo Castro Irwin Arogo
10 Tyler Tabman Michael Steinman
11 Leung Chi Wai Heo Seung Hwee
12 Saito Akikazu Arimura Yohei
13 Yumoto Kota Jarel Winston

The following feature Matches were streamed live with Japanese only commentary:

  • In the first round, Stefano Memoli defeated Michail Paraschos 2-0.[14][15]
  • In the second round, Leung Chi Wai defeated Waragai Yuki 2-1.[16][17][18]
  • In the third round, Takeru Norihama defeated Jonathan Ritzau 2-0.[19]
  • In the fourth round, Yohei Arimuro defeated Jarel Winston 2-0.[20][21]
  • In the fifth round, Tan Sung Lee defeated Santi Phromduangsri 2-0.[22][23]

Top cut

After five rounds of Swiss, the top eight players got to qualify for the next day. The top eight were as follows:

  • Flag of the United States Jarel Winston
  • Flag of Germany Joshua Schmidt
  • Flag of Italy Stefano Memoli
  • Flag of Japan Norihama Takeru “ちゃみ”
  • Flag of Japan Yumoto Kota “チャリオット”
  • Flag of Japan Saito Akikazu “ショウイチ”
  • Flag of Japan Arimura Yohei “ヨウ”
  • Flag of Singapore Wesley Seek

All the Matches of the knockout rounds, including the final, were streamed live with both English and Japanese commentary.

Quarter finals Semi finals[24] Final[2]
  Arimura Yohei  
  Wesley Seek    
  Wesley Seek   0
      Stefano Memoli   2  
  Stefano Memoli  
  Yumoto Kota    
  Stefano Memoli   1
    Saito Akikazu   2
  Norihama Takeru  
  Joshua Schmidt    
  Joshua Schmidt   0 3rd place[3]
      Saito Akikazu   2  
  Jarel Winston   1
  Wesley Seek   1
  Saito Akikazu   2  
  Joshua Schmidt  2


All players who participated received a game mat featuring "Legendary Magician of Dark" and "Legendary Dragon of White".

The prize cards for this event were 2012-EN001 "Legendary Dragon of White", 2012-EN002 "Legendary Magician of Dark" and 2012-AE003 "King Landia the Goldfang".


Deck chart

Deck types played by the top 8.

With the exclusion of TCG and OCG exclusive cards the overall event was favored by the OCG metagame, hence the dominance and win of "Inzektor" Decks, a widely played and a very effective Deck in the OCG. Initially Chaos Dragons Decks were played amongst many players during the event but without the TCG exclusive cards such as "Tour Guide From the Underworld" the Deck could not retain its fast paced capability as it does in the TCG.

During the top cut "Inzektor" Deck were played by every European player and every Japanese player, with the exception of Yohei Arimura, who used a "Skill Drain" Deck, which is effective against "Inzektor". Yohei Arimura's Deck utilized "Skill Drain", "Necrovalley" and "Dimensional Fissure", which can effectively damage the key engines of "Inzektor" Decks, by disabling "Inzektor Dragonfly" and "Inzektor Hornet" plays, as well as Summoning high ATK monsters, such as "Malefic Stardust Dragon" at ease.

A variation of an "Exodia" Deck was used by Jarel Winston. The Deck's main focus is to gain a lot of draw power by having the opponent have much more Life Points and draw "Exodia". The Deck utilized cards such as "Gift Card" to increase the opponent's Life Points, chainable cards, such as "Reckless Greed" and "Waboku", to use the Deck's key card "Hope for Escape". Winston also ran cards such as "Upstart Goblin" and "Twister" to increase the Life Point difference, as well as gain draw power and remove "Royal Decree". This strategy allowed Winston to draw 5 additional cards with "Hope for Escape" twice.


Konami live coverage

Konami's live coverage page on

Konami was broadcasting live coverage of the tournament via Ustream. The event can be viewed on either of the following locations:

All of the live streamed matches were made available to watch again after the tournament had concluded. These can be viewed at the following locations:


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