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The World Championship 2010 Card Pack is a promotional booster pack that was made available at the World Championship 2010. Participants in the stamp rally at the event could redeem stamps for these packs. It contains 10 cards which are new to North America plus 10 reprint cards.


Each pack contains 2 cards. This set contains 20 cards all of which are Rare.



Card numberNameRarityCategory
WCPP-EN001"Droll Bird"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN002"Key Mace"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN003"Obese Marmot of Nefariousness"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN004"Wilmee"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN005"Key Mace #2"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN006"Great Bill"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN007"Alligator's Sword"RareNormal Monster
WCPP-EN008"Monster Eye"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN009"Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN010"Vampire Genesis"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN011"Infernal Flame Emperor"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN012"Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN013"Gilford the Legend"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN014"Dark Eradicator Warlock"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN015"Exxod, Master of The Guard"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN016"Simorgh, Bird of Divinity"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN017"Super Conductor Tyranno"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN018"Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon"RareEffect Monster
WCPP-EN019"Alligator's Sword Dragon"RareEffect Fusion Monster
WCPP-EN020"Mooyan Curry"RareNormal Spell Card