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The World Championship is an international, invitational Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game tournament held annually —usually in Japan— between the top-ranked Duelists of various countries. In order to receive an invitation to the World Championship, a player generally must win a National event in their native country (during that year's main tournament season). Thus, the participants are National champions from various countries.

World Championship tournaments use a special banlist, where all cards are set at their lowest allowed status in any region. For example, a card that is on the Semi-Limited list in one region but the Limited list in another will be Limited on the World Championship banlist, and a card that is Forbidden in one region but Unlimited in another will be Forbidden. In addition, any cards that are not legal in any one of the regions are automatically Forbidden on the World Championship list.

Annual Rankings and Leader Boards


  • Champion - Hong Kong Yu-Leung Ng (Yata-Lock)
  • 2nd Place - Japan Shigeki Kitamura (Yata-Lock)
  • 3rd Place - United States Mike Rosenberg (Yata-Lock)
  • 4th Place - United States Huai Tao Sun (Yata-Lock)


  • Champion - Japan Masatoshi Togawa (Chaos Control)
  • 2nd Place - Hong Kong Wan-Hang Chan (Chaos Control)
  • 3rd Place - Japan Yoshinobu Suekane (Chaos Control)
  • 4th Place - United Kingdom Ryan Pugh (Chaos Control)


  • Champion - Greece Markou Miltiadis (Chaos Restrict)
  • 2nd Place - Mexico Jorge Fabian Piña Lizarraga (Tomato Control)
  • 3rd Place - Germany David Kretschmer (Chaos Restrict)
  • 4th Place - Taiwan Guan Sian Li



  • Champion - Italy Dario Longo (Chaos Recruiter)
  • 2nd Place - Hong Kong King-Hang Shum
  • 3rd Place - Poland Adrian Madaj
  • 4th Place - Greece Markou Miltiadis


  • Champion - Chile Andres Toro (Trooper Monarch)
  • 2nd Place - Italy Mattia Sarpa (Trooper Monarch)
  • 3rd Place - United States Adam Corn
  • 4th Place - Canada Dexter Dalit


  • Champion - Japan Kazuki Mutsuoka (Gladiator Beast)
  • 2nd Place - United States Robert Ackerman (Gladiator Beast)
  • 3rd Place - Japan Takeru Norihama (Lightsworns)
  • 4th Place - Austria Claudio Kirchmair (Gladiator Beast)



  • Champion - Singapore Tan Hong Hwee, Benjamin (Blackwing)[1]
  • 2nd Place - Taiwan Chien Yen Jui (Gladiator Beast)
  • 3rd Place - United States Roy St.Clair
  • 4th Place - South Korea Hong-Kyu Lee (Gladiator Beast)



  • Champion - Japan Takashi Ogawa (Agent-Fairy) [4]
  • 2nd Place - Japan Kei Murakoshi (Junk Doppel)
  • 3rd Place - Panama Galileo De Obaldia (Junk Doppel)
  • 4th Place - Thailand Kongjaroen Phanupak (Machina Gadget)



  • Champion - Taiwan Shin-En Huang (Dragon Ruler)
  • 2nd Place - United States David Keener III (Prophecy)
  • 3rd Place - Japan Hiromi Kudou (Dragon Ruler)
  • 4th Place - Thailand Weerapun Suebyoubol (Dragon Ruler)


  • Champion - Canada Sehabi Kheireddine (Rank 4 Infernity)
  • 2nd Place - Japan Shunsuke Hiyama (Hand Artifact Traptrix)
  • 3rd Place - United States Oliver Tomajko (Rank 4 Infernity)
  • 4th Place - Italy Niccoló Mazzoleni (Bujin)


  • Champion - Japan Shunsuke Hiyama (Tellarknight)
  • 2nd Place - Panama Galileo De Obaldia (Hand Nekroz)
  • 3rd Place - Japan Akira Hasegawa (Nekroz)
  • 4th Place - United States Chase Robert Cunningham (Artifact Tellarknight)


  • Champion - Japan Shunsuke Hiyama (Blue-Eyes)
  • 2nd Place - United States Erik Christensen (Blue-Eyes)
  • 3rd Place - Japan Kajihara Soichiro (Majespecter)
  • 4th Place - Australia Matthew Adam Casiero (Monarch)


  • Champion - Japan Ryosuke Tsujimura (True King Yang Zing Dinosaur)
  • 2nd Place - Singapore Shen-Fei Milton Chua (True King Yang Zing Dinosaur)
  • 3rd Place - Japan Marcello Barberi (Demise True Draco)
  • 4th Place - Italy Michael Forner (Invoked Windwitch)