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"Wisel" (ワイゼル Waizeru) is an archetype used by Primo in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It is a group of monsters that all act as one complete monster. Each part has its own effect. The strongest known versions of the parts are "Wisel Attack 5", "Wisel Guard 3", "Wisel Top 3" and "Wisel Carrier".

All of them are Level 1, Machine-Type monsters. All of the pieces on the cards are surrounded by a green light. There are 5 basic parts but there is also one called "Wise Core" which Special Summons all of them to the field when it is destroyed by a card effect. Some parts have upgraded versions - "Wisel Top 3", "Wisel Attack 3", "Wisel Guard 3 and "Wisel Attack 5". Judging by Primo's usage of Skiel parts, Wisel Carrier does not appear to have an upgraded version. Still, he may have used them because they have better and more powerful effects than Wisel Carrier upgrades, if they exist at all.

When the "Wisel" pieces are combined, they form a human-like robot. There are two other "Meklord Emperor" monsters, "Skiel", which when combined forms a bird-like being, and also "Granel", a giant cyclops/ogre/golem.

There is a real-life Wisel card, which functions as a single Monster and does not have the Top/Carrier/Attack/Guard cards (also lacking the upgrades). The anime version of Wisel and all its "parts" appear in Tag Force 5 & 6.


Wisel parts.

Name Part ATK DEF
Meklord Emperor Wisel ∞ Body 0 0
Wisel Top Head 500 0
Wisel Top 3 Upgraded Head 600 0
Wisel Guard Right Arm 0 1200
Wisel Guard 3 Upgraded Right Arm 0 2000
Wisel Attack Left Arm 1200 0
Wisel Attack 3 Upgraded Left Arm 1600 0
Wisel Attack 5 Further Upgraded Left Arm 2000 0
Wisel Carrier Legs 800 600
Meklord Emperor Wisel Real-life version of Wisel Infinity 2500 2500
Meklord Army of Wisel Downgraded version of Wisel Infinity 1800 0