The "Wind Ignis" ( (かぜ) のイグニス, Kaze no Igunisu), alternatively named Windy (ウィンディ, Windi), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, and the tertiary antagonist of Season 2. He is one of the six Ignis where he is modeled after an unknown boy as part of the Hanoi Project. Windy is the second Ignis to be terminated, with Flame holding onto his data. He later attempted to revive himself using Flame's data, but ultimately failed and was once again terminated along with Flame. His code ID is IGN003.



Windy's full body.

Windy is a small digital humanoid being. When not in a solid form, his body is green prism-like data and his eyes are yellow. Like Ai and Flame, two fellow Ignis, Windy has markings over his light-green physical form, which is tinted green, in wind-shaped markings on his head and torso, and curved lines on the hands, elbows, knees, feet and face. He has red eyes that are semi-oval like Flame's (previously purple), giving him a more mature appearance. His body is notably similar to Ai's body with large shoe-like feet and his head is like Ai's, but the top is longer and curves inward. In stature, Windy is the smallest of all six Ignis in height.[1]

Windy shifts into his eye form.

Following the duel with Varis, Windy's appearance is scarred as Lightning attempts to repair him after nearly being destroyed by the Knights of Hanoi's virus: the majority of his head is covered with a shell, leaving the left side of his face exposed and his head appendage repositioned to the left, and he sports burned marks on both upper arms, the majority of his right side down to his right thigh, his lower back area, and the back of his left thigh. After Lightning healed him as best as he could, Windy now wears a black elongated, vertical patch with two gray bolts and a gold "W" in place of the shell on the right side of his head, white bandages on his entire left arm, waist, right lower leg and left ankle, and a midnight-green colored, jagged robe as a cape.


Windy seems to be an Ignis who likes to troll, pull pranks on others, and be carefree. In the English dub, he was also more talkative and masked his hatred of humans, even claiming he created Echo as a partner-figure since he couldn't find his Lost Incident partner and that he wanted to create a safe haven for the Ignis in general.

It is later revealed that Windy is staunchly against humans and has been working with Lightning to overthrow humanity. He shows his true colors as a manipulative and deceptive Ignis, even willing to reprogram Ai to serve his own ends. He caused an accident on his own human partner simply under the rationale of "not needing him (his human partner)" his dislike towards humanity is to the point where he prefers the Ignis language and doesn't even consider himself human despite his free will and knowing Dr. Kogami's purpose in creating the Ignis.

He is also not above using dirty tricks as seen when he invited Ai first before trapping him and Playmaker and can be pretty condescending, mocking Ai about his slow thinking. Windy is also shown to be easily angered under pressure, as shown when he is losing his duel against Varis, he gets aggravated at not being able to predict Varis' moves. Windy is also very selfish and cowardly, not willing to do anything that might intentionally endanger him, which is a stark contrast to the risk-taking Flame. Windy is also extremely malicious, taking pleasure at hurting humans such as his Lost Incident partner and Varis, though much of it is a result of the attack on Cyberse World 5 years prior to the series.

Windy's hatred towards humans greatly intensified after he barely survived Hanoi's virus that mutilated his body following his defeat against Varis. He became even more sadistic to involve civilians to broadcast the footage, where the Ignis would crush humans to lower the enemy's morale.

Windy has an over-inflated ego that borders on arrogance, whenever he's taking the lead in a duel he's quick to brag about his own skill and mockingly talk down to his opponents. This reinforced by Windy's main strategy being based around forcing the opponent into unfavourable situations where they have to no choice but to attack his stronger monsters. He's also overconfident, often believing his opponents have no chance of countering his strategies. Windy's ego and overconfidence tend to get the better of him as noted by Flame, who easily taunted Windy and pointed out that Windy's previous defeat against Varis was caused due to him getting careless when he had the lead. Windy's overconfidence would once again cause him to lose against Soulburner.

Windy's most notable trait is his hate and anger, after his losses to both Varis and Soulburner, Windy's hate only manifested, even in his final moments, Windy refused to let go of his hate and stubbornly refused to accept that his own selfishness caused his demise, showing that he was truly rotten to the core. He also has a tremendous fear of losing following his duel with Varis, as seen when he was begging for mercy when Soulburner defeated him.

However, it was later revealed that Windy's personality had been altered by Lightning, as he had hopes of co-existing with humans and developing bonds with them like Ai, Flame and Aqua. Ai even stated that Windy was easy to talk to. Varis even stated that there was no trace of evil in Windy's original model, signifying that Windy was once pure good. After being absorbed by Bohman and reverting to his original self, he entrusted his hopes and dreams to Playmaker alongside Flame, Aqua, and Earth.


In the dub, Windy is fast talking and tends to speak similar to a thesaurus by using multiple words in the same sentence that mean the same thing.


As an Ignis, Windy is an AI with free will and has a degree of control over the Cyberse and can create Cyberse monsters. Windy is associated with the WIND Attribute. According to Windy himself, he can control Data Material better than his fellow Ignis.[2] He was also skilled enough to remove the lock connecting Ai to Playmaker's duel disk. He is also a skilled duelist able to fight evenly with Varis.

Windy's skill is Storm Access, but his usage is more potent compared to Ai and Varis' versions, as he is able to perform the ability even in a Master Duel.



Windy in his Territory after creation of Cyberse World.

Windy was created with the other Ignis by Dr. Kogami in the Hanoi Project to be the saviors of humanity. Like his fellow Ignis, Windy evolved and they created the Cyberse World, as well as the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies, who created Ignis to help humanity instead.[1] Despite this, Windy and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse World. Windy's sector of Cyberse is a place filled with whirlwinds. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[3] However, the simulations showed that, in a group, the Ignis would destroy the world, but separately, they'd improve humanity through coexistence. The exception to this was Lightning, who was predicted to demolish others' progress and start a war between the Ignis and humanity.[4] Though referred to as living beings, Windy and the other Ignis, except Ai, lacked human instinct, and their decisions were based on their rational thinking.[5]

Flame and Windy trapped.

Varis launched an attack to Cyberse World with three of his "Cracking Dragons". The entities of Cyberse, including Windy, were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and the "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai, who escaped Cyberse and severed the connection with that place. Others realized he wanted to hide Cyberse at the price being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated, Varis' "Cracking Dragon" ate him, though his eye was lost in the network. Varis had his team search for Ai's remains, for only he knew the location of Cyberse World.[6]

Windy injures his own partner.

In Ai's absence, Windy spoke with the other Ignis, how their technology surpassed humanity. They wondered if they should share this technology with humans, and co-exist with them. Since they learned Varis and Dr. Kogami tried to destroy them, the Ignis noted that humans had the potential to be their enemies. The Ignis did not reach a conclusion, as the Cyberse World was attacked by an unknown enemy. The Ignis escaped from Cyberse World,[7] and since then, Windy tried to regroup the Ignis. Thus, he started collecting Data Material and used it to create a place near LINK VRAINS. He believed the Ignis would learn about the territory and seek it out, as well as the enemies, whom Windy wanted to battle against.[2] However, Lightning changed Windy's personality to be menacing and full of grudge towards humanity.[8] At some point, Windy located his human partner and instigated a car crash accident upon his partner, believing that he doesn't need a human partner.[9]

Season two

Windy's monster prank fools everybody.

Playmaker and Soulburner went to the temple inside the wind area. A monster took shape which Flame recognized to be the attacker of Cyberse World. Just as the monster started attacking, an Ignis appeared, laughing how he fooled the group. Ai described that one to be the Wind Ignis, who asked of Echo to form back; the monster took a different shape, to that of a monk. The Wind Ignis wondered if his joke was funny, but Ai denied that claiming Flame nearly farted in fear, but Flame attributed that to Ai. The Wind Ignis believed the two were hanging out too much with humans; unlike them, he did not seek his Lost Incident Partner, since he could not trust humans that easily to be captured. Since the Wind Ignis name was mouthful, he decided to be nicknamed Windy. He pointed to the monk, claiming it was a program he named as Echo. Playmaker asked Windy why was he here, but Windy examined him and Soulburner, and had them follow them around. Windy stated he waited for his friends to come, and created the world to lure them and rejoin them. He believed the Ignis could rebuild Cyberse World, an idea Flame and Ai approved of. More importantly, Windy also wanted to lure the enemy in the territory to fight them, taking revenge for the destruction of Cyberse World, despite his calm nature. Windy proclaimed the place to be a trap, since he did not have the strength to battle the enemy. It was why he needed time to gather the data needed to build the place. Playmaker told that they were after Bohman, who assaulted his friend's brother, while Flame added that Bohman played the card that destroyed Cyberse World.[2]

Windy was intrigued, but had no clue, since most people that venture in the world were usually overwhelmed by his wind trap. However, he did notice a strange presence recently. Flame wondered if someone made a new world by using the trap as a cover. Windy was intrigued and was asked to lend help. Windy refused, stating the facts were just assumptions and needed proof. Instead, he asked Ai to stay around and help in rebuilding the world. Flame and Ai were tempted, but wished to know more about the attackers of Cyberse World. Windy saw no point in trying to convince the two. He promised to help them in weakening the Data Storm to access that new world, but asked for a favuor. Snapping his fingers, Windy showed Ghost Gal and Blue Gal, whom he wished to see gone. Windy told if the two are defeated in a Duel, they would return to the real world. He did not wish to fight them alone, for the sake of exposing himself and the temple. Playmaker accepted the task, asking the winds to be toned down, believing he could convince Ghost Gal to stay down, due to his cooperation with her.[2] When Ai described the Ignis, Playmaker remembered Flame and Windy.[10]

Windy appeared on Echo's shoulder when Ai came to his temple. Windy stated that speaking Ignis language was more convenient than the human one. Regardless, Windy anticipated his coming, and "rebuilt" Cyberse World to make Ai comfortable. Ai was suspicious of Windy, who wanted Ai to come, since someone wished to speak to him. Behind Ai, the Light Ignis teleported. Ai scolded him for creeping up on him, and the Light Ignis apologized. Ai flew to him, asking the Light Ignis, Lightning, where has he been this time. Lightning was surprised at the name Ai gave him, but replied he hid in the network. Lightning examined the defense program that was supposed to protect them from such intruders, and found it didn't activate - someone supposedly sabotaged it. Ai was concerned, and asked about Aqua, who had gone missing since the most recent attack. Ai doubted she was the spy, and mentioned running into the Earth, who stated Aqua predicted the destruction of Cyberse World. Windy still thought Aqua was the spy, but Ai pointed out she wanted peace more than anyone else.[11]

Despite these squabbles, Lightning also told that he wanted to start rebuilding Cyberse World. He and Windy sensed that "Linkuriboh" saw Playmaker, the intruder. This time, Lightning wanted to build Cyberse World out of humans' reach, fearing they would band together and exterminate the Ignis, whom he believed to be superior to humans. Lightning reminded that Dr. Kogami created them to be superior to humans, to be their successor. Ai stated that guy also wanted to destroy them. Windy and Lightning pointed out, unlike humans, they were not flawed, and had eternal life. Thus, they planned to make a base and put humans into their control. Ai became shocked with these words, and asked the point of that. He was told they needed components, through which they could act; they wanted humans to craft hardware for them, until they could become capable of doing that on their own. The two asked of Ai to join them in this mission. Ai was terrified, since that would mean the end of humans, a destiny that Dr. Kogami had predicted. The Wind Ignis confirmed this, while Lightning wished to maintain Earth, even if life on it was wiped out.[11]

Ai questioned whether they could live with humans. Lightning noticed his connection towards humans, making him doubt if such a link could be permanent, claiming the humans would delete Ai one day. Ai thought of his memories with Yusaku, who was behind him. Ai was glad to see him, who greeted Windy, and met Lightning. Lightning reported they were talking with Ai about rebuilding Cyberse World, and claimed the Ignis cannot be with humans. Playmaker questioned their goals, and was reminded of Ryoken, who told him the Ignis were coded to be humanity's successor. He didn't care about that goal, stating more people would get hurt, just like they were in the Lost Incident. Windy's eyes narrowed, stating he was uncertain if humans were their enemies. Ai wanted more time to find a way to keep humans and Ignis intact.[11]

Ai walked away, as Lighting and Windy saw wisdom in those words. However, the two sealed him and Playmaker inside blue spheres; they could not let them go, due to the discussion they just had. Windy summoned a Data Storm to absorb Ai, but the latter still wished to find a peaceful way to resolve this, as did Playmaker. Lightning doubted a single person could do anything, but Ai learned that even a small chance could change much. Playmaker realized Windy was the one that unlocked his Duel Disk. Windy confirmed this, stating he and Lightning anticipated their moves, and bemoaned Ai's slow thinking. Ai wanted to challenge them, but the two doubted Ai could win, with Lightning's speed and Windy's Data Storm. A flash of light appeared, stopping the Data Storm, and a guy appeared. Much to Playmaker and Ai's shock, Varis appeared, questioning the Ignis if they could've predicted his arrival.[11]

Playmaker expressed his shock, as Varis reminded he would've returned. Lightning noted he was Dr. Kogami's son, and emitted a beam to strike Varis, whom Playmaker warned him to run. The latter was unaffected, for Windy reminded Varis knew of the Ignis algorithm, but Varis simply replied he assaulted the headquarters, with certain preparations. Ai realized Varis referred him and Playmaker, who simply wandered in the temple. Varis explained they found them through the network, and his subordinates helped him invade the base. He swore to finish his father's work, but Lightning claimed they were humanity's successors. Varis angrily cut the latter off; seeing that they started regrouping, he swore to destroy them. Playmaker tried to talk Varis down, stating the doom would follow if Varis executed his plans, reminding that his father told that humans were a problem, too. He simply stated if Varis started hostilities, the situation would simply escalate. Varis saw that Playmaker wanted to find a way without hostilities, to keep both sides peaceful. Playmaker confirmed this, stating Varis did show him a new path to exist. Varis, however, regretted doing that, just as his father having created the Ignis.[12]

Varis came to destroy Windy and Lightning.

Instead, he asked Playmaker why weren't the Ignis finding a way to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner, too. He believed Playmaker was underestimating the Ignis, but Playmaker claimed that blind revenge won't bring prosperity. Varis didn't listen to Playmaker, for, to him, his father's ideas to destroy Ignis was the only thing that motivated him to continue battling. Windy wanted to belittle Varis' efforts, considering any fact, he wanted to destroy the Ignis. Ai tried to ask of Varis to set them out first, if they were trapped by the Ignis. Varis refused, for Ai was also an Ignis, his enemy. Ai replied that he was saving LINK VRAINS with Playmaker, but stopped, when Varis pointed out that nobody asked them to do that. Varis turned to Playmaker, exclaiming the Ignis were the threat to the humanity. Playmaker wanted Varis to think of his own and abandon Dr. Kogami's ideas, for he won't move forward with hatred on his mind. Varis smiled, reminding Playmaker sought revenge out, too. He reminded if Playmaker stood in his path, he'd be his enemy, too. Windy wanted to test Varis' skills, who pointed out there won't be a rematch.[12]

Varis played "Boot Sector Launch" and summoned two "rokket" monsters, whom he used to Link Summon "Dillingerous Dragon". As Varis set two cards, Windy noted Varis wanted to finish him off quickly, noting that Varis seemed prepared. Windy summoned the Cyberse "Stormrider Griffore" and "Stormrider Hippogriff", using them as materials for "Stormridership Rockbuster". Windy fortified his offence with a "Stormrider Harpiarm" and "Stormrider Turbulence", the latter increasing his monsters' ATK by 300. "Stormridership Rockbuster" destroyed Varis' set cards, much to the latter's surprise, and Windy was amazed that Varis set a "Magic Cylinder". Despite the situation, one of Varis' destroyed cards was "Reverse Engineering" that let him set "Magic Cylinder" back, ready for usage. Windy pointed out he didn't want to battle if he'd take damage, but Varis claimed he could also have his "Dillingerous Dragon" destroy the monster that didn't attack and take damage equal to its ATK. Windy had "Stormridership Rockbuster" attack, to which Varis played "Magic Cylinder". To counter that effect, "Harpiarm" switched to Defense Position to negate that attack; Varis' dragon was destroyed and he took 700 LP damage.[12]

Windy sensed that Varis didn't plan things to go like that, believing Dr. Kogami felt the same way. Varis was still following his path, despite these obstacles. Varis took his turn, reviving "Magnarokket" and "Anesthrokket Dragon" from his GY. Chaining their summoning, he revived "Dillingerous Dragon", and used his monsters to Link Summon his ace, "Borreload Dragon". He planned to finish Windy off with that monster, who claimed the situation could not be always predicted: "Rockbuster" set Varis' "Magic Cylinder" to his own field. Varis exclaimed that tactic won't work, considering he could simply lower his opponent's monster's ATK, and preventing any cards to be activated in that moment. Varis swore to attack and destroy the Ignises, but Windy pointed out Varis would be the one to be destroyed. Playing "Stormrider Turbulence", the effects of "Borreload Dragon" were negated, and the dragon was forced to fight, for Windy exclaimed Varis to "hurt himself". Playing "Magic Cylinder", Windy stopped the attack of "Borreload Dragon", and Varis took 3000 LP damage. Windy boasted that Varis would fail at defeating him. Varis replied Windy was defective, sloppy AI, to think like that.[12]

Windy belittled Varis, and tried to get him to surrender. He claimed he'd acknowledge Varis' coexistence, but he'd take control of his mind for that to happen. Varis understood that if humans didn't consider the Ignis as enemies, the latter won't be so harsh on them. Ai exclaimed that wasn't a peaceful method, but Windy replied it was better than extinction. Varis pointed out the Ignis know their faults, but didn't understood anything about peace, knowing that they really don't want humans around. Varis mentioned Windy's partner, and Windy remembered he had one. Ai suspected something happened to him, while Playmaker believed his consciousness was stolen, much like that of Jin Kolter. Varis stated that he uncovered the participants of Lost Incident project, and found out Windy was involved in a car accident. Windy simply replied he didn't need him. Ai didn't understand that, considering Windy was the guy's partner. Windy pointed out Ai became too attached to humans, and didn't like that bond; Lightning mentioned Windy made this decision on his own.[9]

Varis pointed out that was the true face of the Ignis, questioning their coexistence with them. Windy blamed Dr. Kogami, who initiated the plan to erase the Ignis. To reverse the situation, Varis summoned "Speedburst Dragon", and regained some of his LP and damaged Windy by the damage he initially received: 3000. Windy was furious, while Varis' dragon slashed "Stormridership Rockbuster", and inflicted a hundred LP damage to Windy. Windy bore hatred towards Varis, who stated his father regretted creating an Ignis that hurt their partner. Windy pretended they were Dr. Kogami's top achievement, but Varis cut his small-talk, for he also bore his father's regret, as well as his goals. Windy ridiculed Varis, questioning why wasn't he chosen to be a part of the project. He continued to belittle Varis, thinking his father had no expectations from his son, who came with a plot to destroy the Ignis. Varis thought of his final moments with his father, and insulted Windy for having bad imaginations, for he'd never understood the family bonds. Windy played "Stormrider Return", Special Summoning the Link Monster that Varis destroyed earlier. Next, Windy summoned a Data Storm, and boasted about his abilities to control the wind itself. He activated the Storm Access skill, despite being in the middle of the Master Duel.[9]

Ai and Playmaker recalled Bohman used the same skill in the Master Duel, and realized the Ignis have teamed up with Bohman. Windy replied Ai just imitated his skill, and promised to tell them about Jin Kolter after he'd defeat Varis. He proceeded to Link Summon, using "Stormrider Harpiarm" and "Stormridership Rockbuster" for the Link-3 "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber". Using the latter's effect, Windy destroyed "Borreload Dragon" and inflicted 500 LP damage on Varis, then destroyed his "Speedburst Dragon" and inflicted additional 700 LP damage. Windy continued to ridicule Varis, by playing "Stormrider Skyfisher" and letting Varis set a card from his GY, but rendering it unusable. Varis set "Magic Cylinder", which Windy destroyed with his bomber, and lowered Varis' LP to 100. Finally, Windy returned his "Skyfisher" to his hand. As Varis' subordinates arrived, Windy yelled at Varis to go apologize to his father, who wasn't amused by this bad humor. The Knights of Hanoi trio then reported that AI they had fought were defeated, which infuriated Windy. The latter doubted in Varis' victory, since his ace monster was gone. Varis remained silent, while Specter, who came with Soulburner inside the temple, warned the Wind Ignis that Varis was just getting prepared.[9]

Windy being slowly terminated by Hanoi.

Varis was amused to see four Ignis in once place, while Ai, whom Flame freed, became angry at Windy. Windy let Varis play his final turn, and ridiculed him for not being able to destroy his bomber. Varis smiled, for Windy couldn't have predicted Varis' next move. Varis revived "Anesthrokket Dragon", and summoned "Rokket Synchron", whose effect revived "Speedburst Dragon", too. Varis tuned his "Rokket Synchron" with two of his monsters, performing a Synchro Summon of "Borreload Savage Dragon". "Borreload Savage Dragon" equipped its Link Monster counterpart, and gained four counters, as well as 1500 ATK. Lightning noted that was an unexpected move, which was what annoyed Windy even more. Windy attempted to destroy "Borreload Dragon", which was treated as an Equip Spell to win the Duel. Varis cut Windy's arrogance, for "Borreload Savage Dragon" removed one of its counters to negate that effect. Windy panicked, as Varis declared to pay for his crimes: his dragon fired a beam, destroying "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber", and dropped Windy's LP to zero. Windy was blown away by the attack, and barely muttered Lightning's name. Varis had his subordinates finish Windy off, who fired digital spikes to impale Windy. Ai shouted at Lightning, who grabbed Windy before he would've been erased.[9]

Windy barely survived the attack.

Windy while regenerating.

As he laid on Jin Kolter's hand, who was also Lightning's originator, Windy's body continued to dissolve until it stopped at his head, leaving Windy in a puddle of his own data material and an empty eye socket. As Lightning expressed the relationship between Ignis and their originators, Windy attempted to speak but spoke in their native tongue. Windy's head began to slouch from the Knights of Hanoi's virus, forcing Lightning to retreat after declaring war. As Lightning allowed Bohman to face Playmaker once more, Windy was forced to create a Data Storm as Jin squeezed his head, turning it into an eye form to stop Soulburner and the rest from chasing them.[13] Sometime later, Windy was recovering from the damage he took from the Knights of Hanoi. He cursed the humans at what they had done to him, his rage boiling. Lightning came in, wondering how Windy was. Windy flipped out, but Lighting reminded him that a program affected by the Hanoi's virus could not be completely repaired, much to Windy's frustration. He was then informed of Earth's destruction, much to Windy's thrill, since they would've confronted Earth anyway, for not joining their side. However, Windy suspected that Aqua joined Playmaker's side. Lightning instructed Windy to go to a designated location, as Bohman was near completion of his task, while Lightning walked away.[14]

Windy vows revenge.

Lightning noticed that their enemy managed to find their whereabouts. He was alerted that they found them this quickly, and Bohman's operation has not finished, either. Windy thought it was an excellent opportunity to attack, at least to get revenge for his scars.[15] Windy continued watching the enemy with Lighting, as the group reached Mirror LINK VRAINS.[16] Lightning formed a barrier to keep his enemies at bay. Windy questioned this move, but Lightning told them humans formed bonds to make them stronger. Despite this being a precaution, Windy thought this was just fake belief. Lightning reminded they were outnumbered, and had to pick them off. Windy felt sadistic to have everyone watch their friends fight and get defeated, to frighten them and lower their morale. Lightning proclaimed they'd reveal their plan to the enemy, but Windy laughed, since that wouldn't alter their chances of victory. Lightning thought a bit, and permitted Windy's favor, who summoned the pigeon and frog to broadcast. The two panicked, since they had no idea what the Ignis were. Windy ordered them to work, and put collars, as they refused to collaborate. Windy explained if they refused to work, the collars would explode, and so would they. With no choice left, the pigeon and frog accepted this work.[17]

Windy, who watched the Duel, cheered for Lightning's impressive victory, and wondered who would be his next victim.[17] Windy planned to take revenge on Varis. However, Lightning appeared, stopping Windy, since he lost his calm side. Instead, Lighting had a different target in mind. Since Bohman would face Blue Maiden, Windy saw he'd face Soulburner. Behind him, Windy appeared, while the Frog and the Pigeon were summoned, too. Soulburner was pumped up to Duel, while Windy braced Flame to battle. Soulburner felt ignored, but Flame believed Windy came because Varis would be too much to take on. Windy tried to silence Flame, while Soulburner realized that Windy thought they were weaker than Varis. Windy belittled Soulburner, who became furious. Flame calmed Soulburner down, since Flame was undertaking a plan to annoy Windy.[18]

Knowing that Windy lost his cool against Varis, Flame believed they could use the same exploit to win. He told Windy they'd exceed his expectations by not being weak. Windy bursted out, since Flame was smug to know about everything, and hated him for that. Flame replied that he didn't hate Windy, since he was now different, and asked what had changed inside him. Windy admitted this was his true-self, which made Flame exclaim he would never forgive him for the crimes he did. Flame pointed out he believed in Windy, who broke that trust. Windy didn't even expect of Flame to forgive him. Windy, who became impatient, decided to start the Duel, while Flame muttered to Soulburner that Windy may have lost his cool. Windy used "Stormrider Griffore", and had the advantage of looking into Soulburner's hand, letting him set "Salamangreat Roar" Counter Trap.[18]

Using the fact Soulburner set a card, Windy summoned "Stormrider Hippogriff", and used the two to Link Summon "Stormridership Rockbuster". Using "Hippogriff", Windy destroyed Soulburner's set card, and had it re-set to summon "Stormrider Skyfisher". Finally, Windy Link Summoned "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber". Smug about the monster's effect, Windy had it destroy Soulburner's set card, and inflict 500 LP to him. Soulburner commented how Windy used their card to his advantage, while the Ignis planned on defeating him in the next turn. Soulburner was nevertheless annoyed, but took his turn. Summoning "Falco", Soulburner used it to summon "Salamangreat Balelynx" Link Monster, and added "Salamangreat Sanctuary" to his hand. Though he could use "Falco" to set "Salamangreat Roar", Soulburner and Flame agreed it would only improve Windy's position. Next, he used "Mole" and "Balelynx" to Link Summon "Sunlight Wolf", and summoned "Fowl" to take back "Falco" to his hand, from his GY.[18]

Using the two materials, Soulburner performed a third Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Just as he was to attack, Soulburner was stopped by Flame. Windy laughed, seeing what a nuisance Soulburner was to Flame. Flame questioned Windy's words, who thought partners hindered each other down. Flame pointed out this was why Windy tried to kill his partner. Soulburner wanted to know how Windy felt to take part in such a crime, who replied he felt nothing. Soulburner was frustrated, reminding that in Lost Incident, he and other children felt despair each day, as they were forced to take part in that project. However, they had some hope that they'd be saved that day, and their dreams were fulfilled. Now, Soulburner questioned Windy for thinking his partner as a nuisance. He exclaimed he would never know the feeling to take someone's hope away. Windy called this lame, but Flame reminded him the Ignis were created out the children's endurance towards the despair. He believed they should be thanking them, rather than to steal hope.[18]

Windy realized that they talked about thanking partners for creating the Ignis. Windy refused, and wanted to prove they were a hindrance, and bragged just as they would understand this, they would be deleted. Flame saw how arrogant and corrupted Windy was. Soulburner felt it was hopeless to talk Windy down, who sent "Stormrider Gargoyle" to his GY to activate "Stormrider Turbulence", which boosted the ATK of "Bahamut Bomber". Windy knew Soulburner would perform a Reincarnation Link Summon to decrease his monster's ATK. Due to his new Field Spell, any Link Monster with an equal or greater amount of Link Arrows than "Bahamut Bomber" had its effects negated. Soulburner summoned "Salamangreat Beat Bison", returned "Sunlight Wolf" to his Extra Deck and negated the effect of "Stormrider Turbulence". With that done, Soulburner successfully used "Salamangreat Heatleo" to summon another copy of it. However, Windy banished his gargoyle from his GY to swap "Turbulence" with "Blast" Field Spell. In fact, this new spell negated Soulburner's Link Monster effects, and forced him to attack "Bahamut Bomber" with all his monsters the monster he had.[18]

"Salamangreat Heatleo" attacked, but using "Balelynx" from his GY, Soulburner protected his ace, but still took 1200 LP damage. Windy thought it was bad for his enemy to have taken so many steps, but no progress was made. Windy showed that human partners could not do anything, but Flame disagreed. Repeating his last turn, Windy used "Skyfisher" to set "Salamangreat Roar", only for "Bahamut Bomber" to destroy it and have Soulburner take 500 LP damage. Next, Windy used "Skyfisher" to Link Summon "Stratastorm". The two monsters destroyed Soulburner's "Salamangreats", lowering his LP to 600. At the end of his turn, Windy banished "Stratastorm" to keep the effects of "Stormrider Blast" intact. Flame noted despite his trickery, Windy was still an Ignis, who, as a reward, promised Soulburner and Flame a trip to doom. Windy continued boasting, as he'd blow their flame with his winds away. Flame and Soulburner were still pleased to know it won't end like this. Windy noticed they were encouraging each other, which Soulburner pointed out that was what partners do. He swore to take revenge on Windy for his fallen partner, who dared him to try.[18]

Playing "Salamangreat Performance", Soulburner summoned a "Fowl", since he had one copy of it in his GY. In addition, using his mole, he returned Salamangreat cards in his GY to his Deck. With "Rising Fire", he summoned "Salamangreat Heatleo" back from his GY to make its ATK equal to Windy's ace, though Windy negated its effects with "Stormrider Blast". To mount an offense, Soulburner played "Salamangreat Sparks", but equipped it on "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber", which prevented the effects of "Stormrider Blast". Windy clenched his fist, while Soulburner used "Salamangreat Claw" to protect his monster, so only "Bahamut Bomber" would be destroyed. Windy was annoyed by this card, and used "Bahamut Bomber" to destroy the claw, and lower Soulburner's LP to 100. Soulburner anticipated this move, and summoned "Salamangreat Falco", and by the fowl's effect, Soulburner Special Summoned it. Using "Salamangreat Falco", he summoned "Balelynx", and set "Salamangreat Claw" to his field.[19]

His fist burning, Soulburner used "Fowl" and "Balelynx" to Link Summon "Sunlight Wolf". Windy continued to use "Blast" effect to negate Soulburner's Link Monster effects. With "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner used a "Heatleo" to summon another copy of it. Trying to finish Windy quickly, he equipped the latter with "Salamangreat Claw", and since it used a copy of itself as material, "Heatleo" could attack three times. Due to "Salamangreat Sparks", the ATK of "Bahamut Bomber" was lowered down to the ATK of "Heatleo". Windy pleaded Soulburner not to attack, whose "Heatleo" attacked "Bahamut Bomber", and only the latter was destroyed. With two "Salamangreat Tokens" on Windy's field, Soulburner wanted "Heatleo" to destroy them, and inflict piercing damage. Windy begged him to stop, but Flame cut the talk, as "Heatleo" dealt 2300 LP damage to Windy. His eyes ablaze, Soulburner went to finish the Duel with a third attack.[19]

Windy tricked Soulburner into lowering his LP to use his Skill.

Windy's Storm Access during the Master Duel.

Windy smiled, as he sent "Stormrider Gulldiver" to halve the damage and end the Battle Phase. Flame saw it was a bad situation, which reminded Soulburner of a Skill. Windy gloated, exclaiming he could use Storm Access during a Master Duel. Windy laughed, for his acting made them believe in their premature victory. By banishing "Gulldiver", Windy revived his ace, at the cost of negated effects and halved ATK. To reverse the situation, Soulburner's "Salamangreat Sublimation" made him regain LP, equal to the ATK of the tributed "Sunlight Wolf": 1800. Soulburner proceeded to set the card he drew with the latter's effect, but Flame advised him to think, since Windy could have other measures against set cards. Soulburner frowned, and Flame let him do as he pleased. Windy was amused by Soulburner's foolish decision, and pointed out to Flame this was why they did not need partners. At Windy's turn, he Special Summoned "Stormrider Stolastorm" from banishment. Windy conjured a Data Storm for Storm Access Skill for the Master Duel. Flame claimed that was cheating, but Windy thanked him for those words.[19]

Using his two Link Monsters, Windy Link Summoned "Stormriderflagship Bahamut Bomber Custom". With "Blast" Field Spell, Windy's new ace's ATK became 3700. Furthermore, its effect made "Heatleo" a Continuous Spell Card, thus destroying "Salamangreat Claw". Its final effect destroyed all of Soulburner's cards in Spell & Trap Zone, and since he could not counter that effect, Soulburner took 1000 LP damage - 500 for his set card and "Heatleo". As Soulburner saw Flame was right, Windy gloated, since the human should've listened to his Ignis, which was a superior life form, though siding with a human made them inferior. "Bahamut Bomber Custom" went for a direct attack. Soulburner smiled, as he went to use a Trap, but Windy didn't see any set cards. Flame told Windy he was too excited to win; Soulburner used the card that was just sent to the GY - "Salamangreat Ascetic" - to return "Heatleo", and summoned "Salamangreat Falco" in defense to protect himself. Windy was furious, and had his ace attack "Falco", whom Soulburner protected by banishing "Balelynx". Flame counted on Windy to destroy "Salamangreat Ascetic", who was enraged that he was fooled. Regardless, he counted on "Stormrider Blast", since it could turn Soulburner's monsters into attacking his "Bahamut Bomber Custom".[19]

Soulburner admitted they had been put in a difficult position, which made Windy dare him to try. Flame believed in his and Soulburner's future, and the latter smiled, calling Flame a partner. Soulburner made a pose like his "Burning Draw" Skill, and summoned the monster he drew, "Salamangreat Gazelle". Its effect put "Salamangreat Spinny" to the GY, who was taken to the field by its own effect. Windy claimed these monsters were nothing compared to his ace, but Soulburner made him doubt his words. Using the level 3 "Spinny" and "Gazelle", Soulbuner performed an Xyz Summon, overlaying the monsters into "Salamangreat Miragestallio". Its detachment allowed Soulburner to call upon "Beat Bison" from his Deck. Returning the two "Salamangreat Heatleo" cards in his GY to his Extra Deck, Soulburner negated "Bahamut Bomber Custom" and "Stormrider Blast" cards' effects. "Beat Bison", "Miragestallio" and "Falco" were used to summon "Salamangreat Heatleo" back, and the Xyz Monster, used as Link Material, allowed Soulburner to return Windy's ace back to Extra Deck.[19]

Windy is lit on fire, after losing the Duel.

Windy went to protect it by sending "Stormrider Tubieloof" from his hand, to negate that effect. Windy yelled out he could still fight, though Soulburner exclaimed "his wind has stopped blowing." Swapping one "Heatleo" for the other one with "Sanctuary" on the field, Soulburner reduced Windy's ace's ATK, equal to "Salamangreat Spinny" in his GY: 1000. Windy became distraught, as Flame exclaimed the flame could burn stronger than being blown by the wind. "Heatleo" crashed through "Stormriderflagship Bahamut Bomber Custom", and defeated Windy, who was knocked off his Echo program. Windy was uncertain why did he lose, but Flame replied he only thought of himself; as a partner, both Flame and Soulburner had to respect each other to create a strength that could transcend obstacles. Soulburner exclaimed Windy lost that strength the moment he ditched his partner. Windy, set on flame, shouted that he lost because he lost his cool, and called upon Lightning. Flame jumped, and collected Windy's data, but not before Windy swearing he'd curse him.[19] In fact, Lightning expected of Windy to lose, to have his program altered to take revenge on Flame later on.[8] Bohman, after defeating Blue Maiden, briefly watched Windy's demise before being approached by Lightning.[20]

Windy emerges out from Flame's body.

Windy aiding in "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid's" attack.

Windy resonated within Flame, causing him to flicker, and managed to emerge from his body, during Soulburner's Duel against Bohman. Flame became weakened, as Windy reminded him he'd been cursed. As Flame's body started to wither; Windy admitted that he rewrote him, as a program, to revive himself inside the Fire Ignis' body. Soulburner tried to remove Windy, who splattered his hand to stop him, claiming he was underneath them. Thus, Windy wanted to get his revenge by consuming Soulburner, whose hand was being consumed. Bohman tried to stop Windy, but he demanded the humanoid AI to be quiet and let him continue on. Windy was being restored, but suddenly, Flame started to resist him, and Windy asked where he gained the strength from. Flame ignored Windy, reversing the effects and absorbed him once more.[21] Windy, whose eyes glew purple, was inside the Neuron Link, and was slowly being absorbed into Bohman's body. To stop him, Windy shared some of his power to Ai, who passed it onto Playmaker, in form of "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid". When Ai left, Bohman absorbed Windy and the rest of the captured Ignis. However, Windy briefly appeared when "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" attacked with "Neo Tempest Windy".[22]

Season three

Ai reminisces about his Ignis friends, before using their representations to summon "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister".

During Ai's Duel with Playmaker, Ai reminisced about his Ignis friends. He looked at "Wind Pegasus @Ignister", which reminded him of Windy, and used it to Link Summon "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister".[23]


Due to Lightning reprogramming him, most of Windy's relationships appear to have based on Lightning's views rather than his own.


  • Ai: Among the Ignis, Ai appears to be the least close to Windy. Windy finds Ai's laid back and slow demeanor annoying. He also dislikes how Ai would rather side with humans and not speak the Ignis language, although he still uses the name Ai gave the LIGHT Ignis. He and Lighting captured Ai and were going to break him apart and reprogram him before Varis arrived. Despite the betrayal, Ai still shows he cares about Windy enough to save him. Ai later learned that the cause of Windy's evil was due to Lightning reprogramming him, cause Ai to feel sorry for Windy. Ai even stated that Windy was easy to talk to, prior to his reprogramming. Windy is actually a representation of what Ai could have been like had Lightning been able to reprogram him as well. Windy gave the last of his power to Ai to stop Bohman, showing his true faith in his friend. Although Ai doesn't show Windy the same amount of care and concern as some of the other Ignis, he still made a grave marker for Windy, out of respect for his fallen friend.
  • Flame: Like Ai, Windy dislikes Flame for choosing to be with his partner, Soulburner. He told Lightning to lock them up without giving the FIRE Ignis an explanation. When confronting Flame, he claims he never liked him for always acting like he knew everything. Despite Windy's cruel nature, Flame appears to care for Windy, as he stated he never hated the WIND Ignis and even tried to save his data, as he was being terminated by Lightning, Windy however rejected Flame's help vowing never to let go of his hate and cursed Flame, before being completely terminated. Even after Flame showed him mercy by retaining his data, Windy remained vengeful and malicious, as seen when he overwrote Flame's program and tried to destroy Theodore, causing Flame to sacrifice himself, showing how Windy can remain hateful of others without end. Ultimately, Flame was the only one who recognized that there was good in Windy, as Varis later explains what happened to Windy while tying it back to what Flame said.
  • Lightning: Both Windy and Lightning supposedly had the same view of ruling over humanity rather than coexistence. Windy is more ruthless in this pursuit than the Ignis leader. When Varis defeated Windy, he weakly called out for Lightning's help, but he just dismissed Windy's behavior in the duel and did not help him until Ai shouted at him to save him. Although Lightning said he would heal Windy of the virus, he still used him to escape, which appeared to cause Windy more pain. Despite this, Lightning does seem to care for Windy, even acknowledging him as a member of his team. Windy, in turn, does seem to be obedient and supportive towards Lighting as he praised Lightning for defeating Specter, and obeyed Lightning's order to wait to get his revenge on Varis. However, after Windy lost to Soulburner and Flame, Windy begs Lightning to save him. Unfortunately, Lightning called Windy foolish as there is no cure for him. It is later revealed that Lightning had reprogrammed Windy's personality to make him hate humans, showing how Windy was an unfortunate pawn in Lightning's plans.
  • Aqua: Windy seems to greatly dislike Aqua for supporting humans as seen when he and Lightning tried to manipulate Ai into joining them by claiming Aqua was a spy that caused Cyberse World's destruction. When Lightning informed him that Aqua escaped and sided with Playmaker and his allies, he's immediately enraged and wanted to confront her himself.
  • Earth: Windy didn't seem to think much of Earth when Lightning told him about the Ignis' demise. Instead, he sadistically laughs it off by noting that Earth never would have joined them and that they have one less Ignis to deal with. Ironically Windy would be the next Ignis to meet his demise.

Windy's partner

Unlike most of the other Ignis, Windy had no interest in meeting his partner, as he viewed it as annoying to always have one by his side. Instead, he caused his partner's demise in a car accident. Windy has even stated that he felt his partner was nothing more than a nuisance and actually expressed amusement at his partner's fate. However, this was actually due to Lightning altering Windy's program as Windy had previously hoped to develop bonds with humans, like his fellow Ignis.


Windy plays a "Stormrider" Deck, which focuses on weakening the opponent's defenses by negating their card effects, destroying their set cards or stealing their cards in order to have an easy and clear way to either attack or counter them. Much of his strategy also revolves around keeping his Spell & Trap Zones empty to activate and resolve his card effects. Ai describes his Duel style as a "strong first punch". The deck also reflects Windy's selfish nature and how he never does anything that would intentionally harm him.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 69-70 Lose
Theodore Hamilton/Soulburner 88-89 Lose


  • Windy is one of two Ignis to use a pronoun other than "watashi" in the Japanese version (in his case, "boku" before then switching to "ore"); the other being Ai. In addition, both are the only Ignis to have their Code IDs revealed.
  • Windy bears some similarities to Vector from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, as both appear to be friendly towards the protagonists at first, only to be revealed as merciless and malevolent individuals who enjoy inflicting pain on others, with both being redeemed after death.
    • Also like Vector, Windy was originally good until he was manipulated and controlled by the real antagonist (Don Thousand and Lightning, respectively).
    • Both were also involved in a heinous crime, with Windy having injured his own partner and Vector having banished all his people and killed his parents, only for the sins to have revealed to have been caused by the main antagonist.
  • Windy is the only member of Lightning's faction to not use the Link Spell, "Judgment Arrows".
  • Windy has the following distinctions from the other Ignis:
    • He is the only one whose true personality is never shown.
    • He is the only one whose originator's identity is never revealed.
    • He is the only one whose personal Deck does not contain any Trap Cards.


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