"Windwitch" (WW (ウィンド・ウィッチ) Windo Witchi) is an archetype of female WIND Spellcaster monsters used by Rin in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.


The members of the archetype follow the naming pattern "Windwitch - [word relating to ice or cold] + Bell". Visually, all of them have a big bell somewhere on their bodies as accessories. The Main Deck monsters shown so far have the appearance of either a stereotypical magical girl (Glass Bell and Ice Bell) or a literal bell (Snow Bell). The Extra Deck monsters, on the other hand, have appearances consisting of a mixture between a jet-like figure and a bell, all with a feminine appearance.

Playing style

The "Windwitch" monsters focus on a burn strategy. Their effects also have restrictions based on the WIND Attribute, similar to the "Speedroid" archetype, which, combined with the fact that not only are both archetypes geared towards Synchro Summoning, but the anime users of both archetypes had a very strong connection, implies that Windwitches are designed to be an engine that can be teched into a "Speedroid" Deck and vice-versa.

In the anime, the high-Level monsters can copy the effects of monsters in the Graveyard, allowing the user to keep indirectly reactivating the burn effects. The real life versions instead have "Winter Bell" focuses on swarming and burn tactic, while the effect "Crystal Bell" is toned down to user's turn only but also capable of copying the monster's name.

"Extra-Foolish Burial" can be used to dump powerful Extra Deck monster but with harsh summoning condition(s) into the Graveyard to be copied by "Crystal Bell".


"Ice Bell" and "Glass Bell", the deck main engine, restrict the turn's summoning to Wind and Level 5 or higher monsters, effectively prevents Xyz and Link monsters from being summoned that turn, making it hard to take advantage of Link monster such as "Greatfly". Being a Spellcaster and Wind archetype, cards such as "Last Day of Witch", "Poisonous Winds", and "Prohibition" can be dangerous as the latter two prevent Ice Bell from being summoned.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards

Official Decklists

"Performapal Sky Magician" + "Windwitch" Deck[1]


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