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"Wight" (ワイト Waito) or "Skull Servant" (limited TCG usage) is a series of Zombie monsters.

The most famous "Wight" monster is "Skull Servant", a Normal Monster with low ATK and DEF that appears in several card artworks.

Some "Wight" monsters appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.


"Wight" refers to a spirit, ghost or any other supernatural being.

Playing style[]

This Deck's main strategy is to populate the Graveyard with "Skull Servant", "The Lady in Wight", "Wightmare", "Wightprince", "Wightprincess", "Wightbaking", and "King of the Skull Servants" to Summon a "King of the Skull Servants" with up to 23,000 ATK.

Cards like "Armageddon Knight" and "Dark Grepher" are used to populate the Graveyard with "Wights" to increase the ATK of "King of the Skull Servants". Powerful Zombie support such as "Zombie Master", "Goblin Zombie", and "Mezuki" are required. "Wightmare" can be discarded to either return a banished "Skull Servant" or other "Wightmare" to the Graveyard, or to Special Summon "The Lady in Wight" or "King of the Skull Servants".

The advantages of this Deck include its ability to produce extremely high-ATK monsters very quickly (which may not be affected by Spells or Traps if "The Lady in Wight" is on the field), as well as its resilience in Summoning said monsters repeatedly.

A major weakness is its total reliance on the Graveyard. If "Macro Cosmos" or "Dimensional Fissure" is in play, it can easily ruin your ability to power up "King of the Skull Servants". This was partially solved thanks to "Wightmare", which is capable of returning "Wight" monsters that are banished back to either the Graveyard or Summoning them to the field in exchange for discarding itself - especially helpful as it does not need to reach the Graveyard itself to work.

The "Wights", other than "King of the Skull Servants", tend to have different uses that ideally use their effects for the benefit of the theme:

  • "The Lady in Wight" is great for protecting the others from battle and destruction effects. The user can also play "Dark Hole" or "Torrential Tribute" soon after "Lady" hits the field to clear the opponent's side of the field.
  • "Wightmare" allows the use of the revival effect of "King" while resisting the ATK loss of banishing the "Wights". It also allows access to the "Wights" if they get banished by the opponent.
  • "Wightprince" has two effects. The first effect doubles up with milling cards, which allows the user to send a "Skull" and "Lady" to the Graveyard when it goes to the Graveyard. The second effect has "Prince" banish itself and two other "Skull Servants" to be able to Special Summon a "King" from the Deck.
  • "Wightprincess" can send a "Wightprince" from the Deck to the Graveyard, allowing the activation of its effect, and also Tribute itself to decrease the ATK/DEF of the monsters on the field equal to they own Level/Rank x300 (which won't be a problem to your Level/Rank 1 monsters).

Recommended cards[]