White Night (ホワイトナイツ Howaitonaitsu) is a series of cards used by Alexis Rhodes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. They are both powerful, ice-themed monsters.

A White Night is a climatological phenomenon in Northern countries in which the Sun doesn't set until 10 P.M. and the twilight lasts almost the whole night. The name of this archetype may parallel Alexis being represented by The Sun card in Sartorius' Tarot readings.

Playing style

"White Night Dragon" is a powerful and splashable beatstick that can easily be Special Summoned by "Big Wave Small Wave" or "Decoy Dragon", making it a very good option for any Dragon or WATER Deck. It is also immune to cards like "Compulsory Evacuation Device". It also has an ability to manage attack targets which can be used to protect monsters with low attack such as "Raging Flame Sprite" or low DEF such as "Dancing Fairy" or protect "White Night Queen".

"White Night Queen", while it cannot be Special Summoned, can be Tribute Summoned easily in combination with "Photon" support spells and "Gellenduo", "Kaiser Sea Horse" or use "Star Blast" to summon it to the field quickly in one turn. The ability to destroy any face-down card each turn is powerful and can combo with "Anti-Spell Fragrance" or "Swords of Concealing Light" to control and destroy your opponent's cards or you can target your own "Dark Coffin" or "Statue of the Wicked".

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