"White Aura" (白闘気ホワイト・オーラ Howaito Ōra) is a series of WATER Fish Synchro Monsters used by Ren in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. It is focused on performing Synchro Summons and OTKs.


White Aura Origin
Bihamut Bahamut
Dolphin Dolphin
Monokeros Narwhal
Whale Whale

Playing style

Each member of the series except Bihamut has the ability to revive itself immediately upon being destroyed by banishing another WATER monster from the GY and also gets treated as a Tuner if revived using their own effect.

Bihamut instead only requires that you still control the token he summons by his own effect.

Dolphin halves the ATK of an opponent's monster and facilitates further Synchro Summons.

Whale destroys all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls and can attack multiple times while dealing piercing damage, facilitating OTKs and further Synchro Summons.

Bihamut summons a token with the same ATK as himself whenever you don't already have one, facilitating OTKs.

Monokeros summons a Fish monster from the GY, facilitating further Synchro Summons.