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My Synchros remain in continual flux! It's called Reincarnation Synchro!

— Ren on the "White" monsters.

"White" ( (ホワイト) Howaito) is an archetype of WATER Fish monsters used by Ren in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga; in the TCG/OCG it is a series. Various other Duelists have used "White" monsters in the past, but there is no support outside of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.


All "White" monsters used by Ren are sea creatures with white bodies.

Member Sea creature
White Aura Bihamut Bahamut
White Aura Dolphin Chinese white dolphin
White Aura Monoceros Narwhal
White Aura Whale Physeteroidea (probably based on Moby-Dick, a white sperm whale)
White Moray White moray eel
White Stingray Manta ray

Playing style

In the manga, the archetype focuses on using complex tactics to gather Synchro Materials to Synchro Summon while distracting the opponent during a Turbo Duel. Ren claims that the use of complex tactics is a basic Turbo Duel strategy, since the more distracted and worked up the opponent gets, the more mistakes they commit.

Furthermore, "White" monsters have the ability to revive themselves as Tuner monsters upon destruction, allowing the user to keep Summoning stronger Synchro Monsters when their monsters are defeated, which Ren calls "Reincarnation Synchro".