Weevil Underwood, known as Insector Haga (インセクター羽蛾 Insekutā Haga) in the Japanese version, is the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses incarnation of Weevil Underwood, from the anime and manga. He is a member of the White Roses, located at Chester.

Weevil is the first opponent faced by the player, if they chose to side with the Red Roses. After beating him, the paths to Keith and Pegasus Crawford appear.

A player can obtain "Eradicating Aerosol" by using the Find ability on square "D7" against Weevil.


Weevil's plays an Insect Deck. Among his strategies, he equips "Petit Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution" to evolve it to the stages "Pupa of Moth", "Larva of Moth", "Great Moth" and "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth". To ensure that his ultimate monster can come alive, he keeps his Deck Master next to it in order to build up defenses. It is advised to summon powerful monsters as soon as possible and have plenty of Trap cards ready in case it's too late to stop the evolution of "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth".

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