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"Watt", known as "Elec" (エレキ Ereki) in the OCG, is the second Thunder archetype after the "Batteryman" archetype. It was introduced in The Shining Darkness, with further support in Duelist Revolution, Starstrike Blast, Storm of Ragnarok and Photon Shockwave, and is used by Misaki in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus.



Visually, the basic monsters of this archetype are colorful, electrically-themed animals (except "Wattkid", "Wattaildragon" and "Wattsychic Fighter") while the Synchro Monsters are based on mythical creatures.


Each card's name starts with "Watt", and its Japanese name is a portmanteau of Ereki with another word that always contains the katakanaki.


English name Japanese name Basis for the Japanese portmanteau Basis for the English name
Wattaildragon エレキテルドラゴン Erekiterudoragon エレキテル erekiteru
テール tēru[1]
ドラゴン doragon[2]
Wattberyx エレキンメダイ Erekinmedai (キン) () (ダイ) kinmedai[3] Beryx
Wattbetta エレキンギョ Erekingyo (キン) (ギョ) kingyo[4] Betta
Wattchimera エレキマイラ Erekimaira キマイラ Kimaira[5] Chimera
Wattcobra エレキングコブラ Erekingukobura キングコブラ kingu kobura King cobra
Wattdragonfly エレキトンボ Erekitonbo () トンボ kitonbo[6] Dragonfly
Wattfox エレキツネ Erekitsune (キツネ) kitsune Fox
Wattgiraffe エレキリン Erekirin () (リン) kirin[7] Giraffe
Watthopper エレキリギリス Erekirigirisu キリギリス kirigirisu[8] Grasshopper
Watthydra エレキリム Erekirimu キリム Kirimu[9] Hydra
Wattkid (formerly Oscillo Hero #2) エレキッズ Erekizzu キッズ kizzu[10] Kid
Wattkinetic Puppeteer (でん) (そう) () (じん) エレキネシス Densō Gijin Erekineshisu キネシス kineshisu[11] Kinetic
Wattkiwi エレキーウィ Erekīwi キーウィ kīwi Kiwi
Wattlemur エレキツネザル Erekitsunezaru (キツネ) (ザル) kitsunezaru[12] Lemur
Wattmole エレキンモグラ Erekinmogura (キン) モグラ kinmogura Golden mole
Wattpheasant エレキジ Erekiji キジ kiji Green pheasant
Wattsquirrel エレキタリス Erekitarisu (キタ) リス kitarisu Red squirrel
Wattsychic Fighter エレキック・ファイター Erekikku Faitā サイキック saikikku Psychic
Wattwoodpecker エレキツツキ Erekitsutsuki キツツキ kitsutsuki Woodpecker
Wattcancel エレキャンセル Erekyanseru キャンセル kyanseru Cancel
Wattcannon エレキャノン Erekyanon キャノン kyanon Cannon
Wattcastle エレキャッスル Erekyassuru キャッスル kyassuru Castle
Wattcine エレキュア Erekyua キュア kyua[13] Vaccine
Wattcube エレキューブ Erekyūbu キューブ kyūbu Cube
Wattjustment エレキャッシュ Erekyasshu キャッシュ kyasshu[14] Adjustment
Wattkeeper エレキーパー Erekīpā キーパー kīpā Keeper
Wattkey エレキー Erekī キー Key

Playing style

The "Watt" archetype consists of low ATK LIGHT monsters with effects mostly revolving around attacking and the Battle Phase. "Watts" have effects that activate after attacking directly, being destroyed by your opponent's cards, or just simply battling. These secondary effects can restrict the opponent's ability to activate effects, although many other types of effects also exist. The two main strategies of the Deck are: an aggressive Deck relying on the Level 4 "Watts" to inflict damage through direct attacks, or using a lockdown by assembling two face-up copies of "Watthopper", which prevents the opponent from targeting all "Watt" monsters for attacks and card effects.

Recommended Cards

Official Decks


  • Archetypes and monsters like the "Ally of Justice" monsters benefit from the many LIGHT monsters "Watts" have.
  • King Tiger Wanghu can shut down a "Watt" deck with its effect to destroy monsters Summoned with 1400 ATK or less. Other than the Synchro "Watt" monsters, "Watt" monsters have less than 1400 ATK, so they will be destroyed by his effect.
  • Since most "Watts" have effects that revolve around the Battle Phase, cards that prevent attacks, like the Mirror Trap series and Battle Fader, can easily stop the deck.
  • Cards that negate effects, such as "Brain Golem" or "Skill Drain" can leave your "Watt" monsters useless. "Light-Imprisoning Mirror" hurts any Deck centered around LIGHT monsters.
  • "Spirit Barrier" prevents your opponent from taking battle damage while they control a monster. Since "Watt" monsters have low ATK, it can be difficult to deal with.
  • "Des Counterblow" destroys monsters after they inflict battle damage by attacking directly, so it can destroy some of your key "Watt" monsters.