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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters) GX


The Volcanic series is a group of monsters designated by having "Volcanic" in their names. They are primarily used by Axel Brodie. Most of these cards resemble military arsenal and can be used well with "Blaze Accelerator" cards.

The main theme of the cards is to destroy monsters with Blaze Accelerator while dealing damage cards like "Volcanic Scattershot", "Volcanic Slicer" and "Volcanic Hammerer". Both effects are applied to the trump cards of the Archetype: "Tri-Blaze Accelerator" and "Volcanic Doomfire".

Strengths and Weaknesses

Volcanic decks hit an opponent on two fronts at once - their Life Points, and their monsters, which can be a very aggressive combination, and there are a number of searching options for searching out or recovering both "spent" Volcanic monsters used as ammunition for the Blaze Accelerator as well as the Blaze Accelerator itself. Volcanic decks are especially good at taking down opponents that use swarm tactics since Volcanic Scattershot and Volcanic Doomfire can annihilate all opposing monsters at once and inflict burn damage at the same time.

However, the Archetype relies almost entirely upon the use of the Blaze Accelerator and will be crippled if it is destroyed or sealed due to Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell, as it is necessary not only to destroy monsters but to summon "Volcanic Doomfire". A number of recent anti-destruction cards also make using Volcanics more difficult than previously, especially "Prime Material Dragon" which reverses Life Point damage and prevents card destruction at the same time.



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