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Vol.4 or Volume 4 is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game.

Like other cards printed early on in the game, the cards have no printed set numbers, and lack the distinctive Eye of Anubis Hologram in the lower right-hand corner of each card.

Of the 50 cards in Vol.4, 11 are unique to this set in the Japanese OCG, and all but six—"Tao the Chanter", "Water Girl", "Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper", "Fiend Reflection #1", "Barrel Lily" and "Kattapillar"—have since been printed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


The set includes 50 cards, consisting of:



English nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
"Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1"「砦を守る翼竜」CommonNormal Monster
"Right Leg of the Forbidden One"「封されし者の右」Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Summoned Skull"「デーモンの召喚」Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Rock Ogre Grotto #1"「岩窟魔人オーガ・ロック」CommonNormal Monster
"Armored Lizard"「鎧蜥蜴」CommonNormal Monster
"Harpie Lady"「ハーピィ・レディ」CommonNormal Monster
"Harpie Lady Sisters"「ハーピィ・レディ三姉妹」Secret RareEffect Monster
"Kojikocy"「魔物の狩人」CommonNormal Monster
"Cocoon of Evolution"「進化の繭」Super RareEffect Monster
"Crawling Dragon"「地を這うドラゴン」CommonNormal Monster
"Mask of Darkness"「闇の仮面」Super RareFlip monster
"Doma The Angel of Silence"「死の沈黙の天使 ドマ」CommonNormal Monster
"Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper"「死神のドクロイゾ」CommonNormal Monster
"Dark Assailant"「闇の暗殺者」CommonNormal Monster
"Water Omotics"「水の踊り子」CommonNormal Monster
"Nekogal #1"「キャッツ・フェアリー」CommonNormal Monster
"Ground Attacker Bugroth"「陸戦型 バグロス」CommonNormal Monster
"Petit Moth"「プチモス」CommonNormal Monster
"Tao the Chanter"「陰陽師 タオ」CommonNormal Monster
"Ogre of the Black Shadow"「黒い影の鬼王」CommonNormal Monster
"Steel Scorpion"「鉄のサソリ」CommonEffect Monster
"Ocubeam"「エンゼル・イヤーズ」CommonNormal Monster
"Magician of Faith"「聖なる魔術師」Super RareFlip monster
"Water Girl"「ウォーター・ガール」CommonNormal Monster
"Ancient Elf"「エンシェント・エルフ」CommonNormal Monster
"Deepsea Shark"「深海に潜むサメ」CommonFusion Monster
"Bottom Dweller"「神魚」CommonNormal Monster
"Destroyer Golem"「破壊のゴーレム」CommonNormal Monster
"Kaminari Attack"「雷神の怒り」CommonFusion Monster
"Pragtical"「プラグティカル」CommonFusion Monster
"Barrel Lily"「マグナム・リリィ」CommonNormal Monster
"Morinphen"「モリンフェン」CommonNormal Monster
"Kattapillar"「青虫」CommonNormal Monster
"D. Human"「ドラゴヒューマン」CommonNormal Monster
"Mega Thunderball"「メガ・サンダーボール」CommonNormal Monster
"Tongyo"「舌魚」CommonNormal Monster
"Trakodon"「トラコドン」CommonNormal Monster
"Fiend Reflection #1"「アブソリューター」CommonNormal Monster
"Great Bill"「グレード・ビル」CommonNormal Monster
"Electric Lizard"「でんきトカゲ」CommonEffect Monster
"Hunter Spider"「ハンター・スパイダー」CommonNormal Monster
"Ancient Lizard Warrior"「古代のトカゲ戦士」CommonNormal Monster
"Trent"「トレント」CommonNormal Monster
"Flame Viper"「フレイム・ヴァイパー」CommonNormal Monster
"Elegant Egotist"「万華鏡-華麗なる分身-」Ultra RareNormal Spell Card
"Warrior Elimination"「戦士抹殺」RareNormal Spell Card
"Acid Rain"「酸の嵐」RareNormal Spell Card
"Eradicating Aerosol"「トゲトゲ神の殺虫剤」RareNormal Spell Card
"Breath of Light"「神の息吹」RareNormal Spell Card
"Eternal Drought"「永遠の渇水」RareNormal Spell Card