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Vol.3 or Volume 3 is a Japanese Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. This booster pack introduced Effect Monsters into the game.

Like other cards printed early on in the game, the cards have no printed set numbers, and lack the distinctive Eye of Anubis Hologram in the lower right-hand corner of each card.

Of the 50 cards in Vol.3, all but 7—"Akihiron", "Binding Chain", "Eldeen", "Ganigumo", "Kamakiriman", "Mabarrel" and "The Wandering Doomed"—have since been printed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


The set contains 50 cards, consisting of:

Previously featured cards

Vol.3 introduced 26 cards to the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise:

The other 24 cards were previously featured in the manga, anime, video games, or other real-life games or products:



English nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
"Left Leg of the Forbidden One"「封されし者の左」Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Beaver Warrior"「ルイーズ」CommonNormal Monster
"Gaia the Dragon Champion"「竜騎士ガイア」Secret RareFusion Monster
"Rogue Doll"「ホーリー・ドール」RareNormal Monster
"Giant Soldier of Stone"「岩石の巨兵」CommonNormal Monster
"Red-Eyes Black Dragon"「真紅眼の黒竜」Ultra RareNormal Monster
"Reaper of the Cards"「カードを狩る死神」Normal RareFlip monster
"Barox"「バロックス」CommonFusion Monster
"Sleeping Lion"「眠れる獅子」CommonNormal Monster
"Ansatsu"「アサシン」RareNormal Monster
"Witty Phantom"「魔人デスサタン」CommonNormal Monster
"Akihiron"「カクタス」RareNormal Monster
"Frenzied Panda"「キラーパンダ」CommonNormal Monster
"Mabarrel"「マキャノン」RareNormal Monster
"Skull Stalker"「デス・ストーカー」CommonNormal Monster
"Rare Fish"「レア・フィッシュ」CommonFusion Monster
"Fireyarou"「炎の魔神」CommonNormal Monster
"Giant Mech-Soldier"「機械の巨兵」RareNormal Monster
"Metal Dragon"「メタル・ドラゴン」CommonFusion Monster
"Spike Seadra"「スパイクシードラ」CommonNormal Monster
"Tripwire Beast"「地雷獣」CommonNormal Monster
"Skull Red Bird"「スカイ・ハンター」CommonNormal Monster
"Armed Ninja"「青い忍者」CommonFlip monster
"Ganigumo"「ガニグモ」CommonNormal Monster
"Flower Wolf"「フラワー・ウルフ」CommonFusion Monster
"Man-Eater Bug"「人喰い虫」Super RareFlip monster
"Sand Stone"「サンド・ストーン」CommonNormal Monster
"Eldeen"「エルディーン」CommonNormal Monster
"Kamakiriman"「カマキラー」CommonNormal Monster
"Skelengel"「スケルエンジェル」CommonFlip monster
"Hane-Hane"「ハネハネ」Super RareFlip monster
"Misairuzame"「ナイル」CommonNormal Monster
"The Wandering Doomed"「さまよえる亡者」CommonNormal Monster
"Steel Ogre Grotto #1"「鋼鉄の巨神像」CommonNormal Monster
"Lesser Dragon"「レッサー・ドラゴン」CommonNormal Monster
"Wretched Ghost of the Attic"「屋根裏の物の怪」CommonNormal Monster
"Darkworld Thorns"「魔界のイバラ」CommonNormal Monster
"Anthrosaurus"「恐竜人」CommonNormal Monster
"Drooling Lizard"「生き血をすするもの」CommonNormal Monster
"Binding Chain"「封印の鎖」CommonNormal Monster
"Armored Starfish"「アーマード・スターフィッシュ」CommonNormal Monster
"Succubus Knight"「サキュバス・ナイト」CommonNormal Monster
"Silver Bow and Arrow"「銀の弓矢」CommonEquip Spell Card
"Dragon Treasure"「ドラゴンの秘宝」CommonEquip Spell Card
"Electro-Whip"「電撃鞭」CommonEquip Spell Card
"Mystical Moon"「魔性の月」CommonEquip Spell Card
"Stop Defense"「『守備』封じ」Super RareNormal Spell Card
"Follow Wind"「フォロー・ウィンド」CommonEquip Spell Card
"Pot of Greed"「強欲な壺」CommonNormal Spell Card
"Gravedigger Ghoul"「墓掘りグール」CommonNormal Spell Card