Video Girl

The Video Girl♡ VHS.

Video Girl♡, known as Hard-On❤Paradise (ボッキン❤パラダイス, Bokkin❤Paradaisu) in the Japanese version, is a pornographic video Jonouchi had in the manga.[1]

Jonouchi was disappointed that some parts were censored. He squinted to try and see them through the pixelization, but failed. He promised to lend the video to Yugi, but when he handed it to him, Anzu snatched it. Trying to embarrass the boys, she acted naive and asked what it was and if she should watch it.[1]

When Jonouchi's VHS player was repaired, he asked Yugi if he could have the video back. After reminding Yugi what video he meant, Yugi implied that Grandpa had taken it.[2]


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