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"voice" (voice (ボイス) , Boisu) is the first Japanese opening theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime, performed by Japanese band CLOUD. It debuted on April 18, 2000, and aired during episodes 1 to 48. It was replaced by "S H U F F L E" in episode 49.



TV Version


Yu-Gi-Oh! Japanese Opening Theme Season 1, Version 2 - V O I C E by CLOUD

Full Version


Yu-Gi-Oh 1st OP - Voice by Cloud FULL

20th Remaster

Voice 20thRemaster.png

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 20th Remaster features an edited version of this opening. Like the series itself, the footage in the opening has been cropped to accommodate the HD resolution.

  • The logo screen has been redesigned, with "20th Remaster" added to it.
  • The montage of shots of Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor and Téa Gardner have been replaced by single stills of them from various episodes.
  • The shot of Maximillion Pegasus has been reduced in length, and various clips from the series have been added including Pegasus using his Millennium Eye, Yugi using Mind Crush and the summoning of "Dark Magician".


Duel Monsters


Todoketai todokanai kono omoi o
Karamawari shita mama no boku no jounetsu

Yomikirenai zasshi no peeji
Yomanakucha ikenai ki ni naru yo
Fuete iku terebi no channeru
Zenbu minakya okurechau no kana

Okashi na yume miru n da ie no mae no kouen de
Kimi ni nageta booru ga tochuu de ochichau n da yo

Heya no sumi tsumareta geemu sofuto
Yaranakucha imi ga nai no kana

Teeburu no mukou no kimi ni shaberi kakete iru no ni
Kimi wa hyoujou hitotsu kaete wa kurenai
Konna ni chikaku ni boku ga iru no ni

Todokanai todokanai kono omoi o
Hontou ni taisetsu na koto nani kana

Nandaka dareka ni ayatsurarete iru mitai
Kokoro wa honto ni boku no mono na no

Kikoenai todokanai kimi no koe ga
Zattou ni saegirare kiete shimau

Nani mo kamo ga yugande iku
Nani mo shiranai kokoro ni modoretara ii no ni na

I want to send you my feelings, but they can’t reach you
My passion for you remains futile

I didn’t finish reading a page of the magazine
It gets to me that I have to read it
The number of channels on the TV increases
Will I fall behind if I don’t watch them all?

I’m having a weird dream, where, at the park in front of my house
The ball that I threw at you falls down midway

Games are gathered in a corner of my room
Do they have no point if I don’t play them?

Even though I’m talking to you across the table
You won’t change a single expression for me
Even though I’m so close to you

My feelings can’t reach you, can’t reach you, so I wonder what’s truly precious to me

Somehow, it feels like I’m being controlled by someone else
My heart really belongs to me

I can’t hear your voice, nor can it reach me; it gets blocked by the traffic and vanishes

Just about everything might become distorted
If only I could go back to having an ignorant heart

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