V Jump Edition 2 is the nineteenth installment of the Limited Edition series. It could be pre-ordered with the August issue of V Jump magazine in 2010. It includes members of the "Gem-Knight", "Vylon", and "Laval" archetypes.

The V Jump Edition 2 Token Pack was released alongside it, that pack being exclusive to customers who purchased V Jump Edition 2 and won a lottery.


Each pack contains 3 cards: 3 Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rares.



Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
VE02-JP001"Gem-Knight Emerald"「ジェムナイト・エメラル」Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
VE02-JP002"Vylon Ohm"「ヴァイロン・オーム」Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel RareEffect Monster
VE02-JP003"Laval Dual Slasher"「ラヴァル・ツインスレイヤー」Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel RareEffect Synchro Monster
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