"Utopic", known as "Hope" (ホープ, Hōpu) in Japan, is an archetype of cards related to "Number 39: Utopia". Due to its Japanese name, it encompasses the entire "Utopia" archetype, and consequently includes its sub-archetypes "Number 39: Utopia" and "Number C39: Utopia Ray".

In the TCG, due to several "Utopic" cards including "Utopia" in their TCG name instead (and "Utopia" cards exclusively being "Utopic" cards), "Utopic" is considered a separate archetype from "Utopia". However, in the TCG, all support for this archetype also supports "Utopia" cards.

Due to their Japanese names, a number of cards, such as "Dystopia the Despondent", "Worm Hope", and "Fifth Hope", also fall into this archetype. However, because TCG and OCG support for this archetype only works on Xyz Monsters in the Extra Deck, this is not an issue. Number 98: Antitopian is an Xyz monster that also falls into this archetype, but since support for the archetype involves either Xyz summoning using 3 monsters or specifically Xyz summoning a LIGHT attribute Utopic monster, this has not been an issue.

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