Louvre ushebti

Real life ushebti in the Louvre.

In Ancient Egypt, an ushebti, also spelled ushabti, is a funerary figurine of a dead person, which is placed in their tomb to do their work for them in the afterlife. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, they have been used by Shadi in a Shadow Game against Yugi.

Shadi's game

Ushebti supporting the key and Anzu

Anzu supported by the ushebti.

When Shadi tested Dark Yugi, he used four ushebti to represent Yugi's heart and one larger one to represent his own. If a weakness in either of their hearts was shown, their ushebti would break.

Anzu, who was possessed by Shadi was made stand motionless on a board suspended over the side of the university roof, by a series of ropes. The ropes were string through the Millennium Key and tied through a fence to Yugi's ushebtis. The Millennium Key was held up by a rope tied to Shadi's ushebti.

In order for Shadi to win the game, he must cause Yugi's ushebtis to break, by exposing weaknesses in his heart. This would remove Anzu's support ropes and cause her to fall to her death. For Yugi to win, he was to similarily cause Shadi's ushebti to break, which would allow the Millennium Key to slide along the ropes and touch Anzu's hand, hence releasing her from Shadi's spell.

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