{:User:Wasn't/Archives} "Rules"/"Facts"(I think)

  • I like it like this; it's a lot easier.
  • You can say whatever you want: regardless of language (use) since it's only "humans" on this.
  • Sign and date your post (talks).
  • I'm still researching on "Fairy Archer", "Ally of Justice Catastor" so far...
  • "Little-Winguard"'s effect is Ignition or Trigger.
  • I don't have [multi-(sub)accounts] like "FredCat", "Dinoguy", etc..
  • People with unusual names like "FredCat", "Dinoguy", "Wasn't", etc are also "humans"
  • Don't edit on, above, and under "{:User:Wasn't/Archives}..." ▲2 "Card Rulings talk:Phantom of Chaos"
  • No false and/or fake claim(s), complaint(s), idea creditor(s).
  • God knows.
  • I don't know too much about "yugioh.wikia.com" nor do I know how to change colour(s), font(s), style(s), background(s), etc.

● These idea Credits goes to "FredCat"; i got it from him without asking him...

Welcome 2 2020 so far

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