After a series of mistakes on this site, I've decided to leave FANDOM. It turns out my skill at this game was sup-par, and I want to get it to par. I need to improve at Yu-Gi-Oh, and that's what I'm gonna do. I apologize for the trouble that I have caused here.RedEyesBurn69 (talkcontribs) 12:15, July 29, 2017 (UTC)

Perhaps you over estimated a lot of the tips you provided, but we all start a bit like that - we see a set of cards and potential and say "wow, why has no one considered this yet?". Don't get too discouraged; just keep practicing, learning and enjoying the game. The best advice I could give is practice with lots of different Decks (even ones you hate playing against) it's the best way to come to appreciate the power levels and also helps see what makes one deck more 'powerful' than another. It's clear you really enjoy the game, so if you keep improving I am sure the rest of the wiki will welcome you back with open arms.
Kind regards, GoldenDragonRider (talkcontribs) 21:42, August 13, 2017 (UTC)


Those are tough questions because I don't know you personally and instead I am basing this off your message saying you were leaving and your past contributions.

  • Do I think that you could do well in Nationals? I don't know.
  • Do I think you can become a good duelist though? I don't see why you cannot.

Like I said I don't know you but I have seen a lot of your contributions, which suggest you; (1) love dragon decks & (2) love looking for potential interactions between the new and old. You deinately enjoy the game though - you wouldn't try and share ideas with the community as much as you did if you didn't. It's obvious that you are not here to try and troll, you are trying to be insightful but perhaps you're jumping the gun a bit. ;)

For someone that does enjoy the game I don't see any reason you would NOT become a good duelist. Provided that you remain open-minded about cards and Decks. One of the worst things that inhibit a Duelist's skill is a refusal to adapt and learn the new. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, practice is NOT the only factor a Duelist needs to become a "Good Duelist", being open minded is ESSENTIAL. Though, judging by your "Blasting the Ruins" tip on the "Rokket" page you ARE open minded to trying out the new. So, if you practice with a wide variety of Decks of different 'power levels', different 'player skill levels' and different amount of 'affinity you enjoy them' you WILL become a good player.

That's not to say every Good Player enjoys everything, it doesn't even mean that a Good Player is equally as skilled with everything. Every player has an Ideal Deck Type - a style of play that just 'fits' you. You don't need to love everything you play, as long as you learn how to think as a player of that Deck. And if your favourite Deck is not top tier, or meta - who cares? Love your favourite Deck and enjoy it regardless of power. Just make sure that you appreciate and learn to think as many different players.

eg The thinking of a "Qli" player is different to a "Metalfoes" player, same as "Blue-Eyes" vs "Red-Eyes" player or "Graveyard Dragon Power" vs "Lightsworn". Even know they are both "Pendulum", "Dragon" and "Grave Orintated" Decks respectively, a player thinks very differently when building and playing them.

The other important thing that separates a good player from a bad one is: Never think you know everything. A bad player will refuse to change because they're knowledge on a Deck or meta is perfect. A good player knows, understands and ACCEPTS they are not perfect. No player is. There are excellent players out there and I guantee you that none of them always win with everything, and they are OK with that because they learn from each loss.

I hope that answers your question. If you are who I interpreted you to be from your contributions, you will be a good player if you just stay open minded. Kind regards,GoldenDragonRider (talkcontribs) 23:03, August 14, 2017 (UTC)


Glad you're feeling better. And no I am not an admin. Anyone can see other people's contributions.
Anyway... it is very true that a lower tier deck can beat a higher tier deck but you do need to remember: Beating a deck consistently is very different to beating a Deck a few times. To consider your Deck as a good match up to another you probably want to beat that type of deck at least 75% of the time when you vs it.
Something I want to clarify you took away is that: REDD/BESD aren't great, they "show their age". But, that doesn't mean it is impossible to create fun and consistent ways to play them. Will they be meta? Probably not (feel free to prove me wrong!), but, that doesn't mean you should give up on it. Decks came in and out of relavence, and you're probably right with "Rokket" monsters they are probably better than they have been in a while.
Are decks all equal? Do they all have the same potential? Unfortunately no. But, that's when it becomes your job as a Duelist to learn and understand that: No Deck is perfect, everything can be defeated but most importantly how to play and win regardless of those weaknesses. Don't get too discouraged.
As for the the tips... I don't know what the admins have said and I can't interfere, but IF you do consider returning to that (1) don't rush back into it. Wait a while, let the dust settle. (2) Talk to one of the admins or something first. (3) try and trim as much fat as possible, work with as realistic scenerioes as possible and ensure they can be consistent. (4) Practice writing tips - instead of putting everything's you think is a good idea down. Write it up in a Word or Notepad document (or even use your sandbox page on the wiki) first, then come back to it in a day or so and really think hard about it. It can be tempting to show it to everyone right away, but we tend to get caught up in our excitement a little but it can especially cloud our judgement when thinking of our favourite decks (because we want to share how amazingly our Deck is!).
Regards, GoldenDragonRider (talkcontribs) 08:08, August 17, 2017 (UTC)

vs Magibullet

Well I haven't seen Magibullet's in action but S/T does seem to be their theme. From reading I would not predict a very good match up for a GY Deck in general because of "Magibullet - Dancing Needle" (especially in Matches where side Decking takes place). A searchable banish from GY card would be too much to handle, and even if you can fill the GY quickly, you can't use your cards to their max. potential.

Relating to the Horus/GYDP/Buster Blader Deck in general, I'd not recommend it. Though its true that "Buster Blader" does go well with Dragons in the GY, I'd probably recommend sticking to just "Buster Blader" and "Red-Eyes" together if you wanted to mix the themes.

Something important to understand is: "Less is more" often when designing Decks. You want to focus in on to one (two tops) win conditions and/or themes. Be it a grind game, OTK or anything in between. Here are links to some videos I watched when I was returning to the game ( and ( They really helped me improve my deck building and deck analyzing skills. :o) It takes time and a LOT of practice, but once you get the hang of it you'll be golden! :D Like I said before don't get discouraged - you're playing for fun after all! I know from experience, there's a lot of nice helpful people in the community that will be happy to look at a Deck and give constructive feedback and tips on how to improve it, or help you address what you did wrong in a Duel to be able to better learn from that loss.

Kind regards, GoldenDragonRider (talkcontribs) 08:15, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

a late reply

Hey, sorry for being late to get back to you. How's that Handless Dragon deck going? From the description of the Deck it did sound a bit convoluted - like you're trying to add too many features to the Deck. Though it does sound like there is a more synergy than there was in the earlier decks so it did sound like you were on the right track. Just remember, having search options alone doesn't make a Deck consistent, generally, you want as many interactions between as few different cards as possible so you can try and change your hand advantage into something useful. Hopefully I don't sound too negative, just trying to give constructive criticism. :)If my advice helps that's good but, if you don't need it and prove me wrong, even better! :D Kindly, GoldenDragonRider (talkcontribs) 03:55, September 20, 2017 (UTC)

Mastermark is such a foolish user, right--F88f (talkcontribs) 01:45, November 15, 2017 (UTC)

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