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Hey, just wanted to be the first to welcome you. Dmaster (Talk Contribs Count) 00:42, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

Talk about my deck here!--ThePurps 18:10, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

My Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Wiki

Sounds like a very interesting wiki. To get the show/hide to work, you should copy the content from w:c:myyugiohdeck:User:Deltaneos/monaco.js to w:c:myyugiohdeck:MediaWiki:Common.js. When you've that done, could you please delete w:c:myyugiohdeck:User:Deltaneos/monaco.js and w:c:myyugiohdeck:User:Deltaneos/monaco.css.

I'd be interested in mentioning it on the Main Page here, alongside the card maker wiki. Is it alright if I wait a few more days before doing that? Just to see that the project doesn't get abandoned. -- Deltaneos (talk) 15:55, 26 August 2009 (UTC)

My Custom Ban List Chat

As we were talking about overpowered cards, it was great that you'd look at those cards I mentioned, since balancing yugioh is quite hard, especially with 1 person testing all sorts of decks and finding combos when there are all sorts of cards that copy things. The combo you mentioned with that Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu and Nightmare Archfiends given Mausoleum of the Emperor works better than Zombie World since it's an one-turn kill. I am on the fence about that Lava Golem I mentioned, given Volcanic Queen, but it would be great to talk more about these things when you finish reading that thing and looking at the list I put up whenever you got free time. I think I might ban Nightmare Archfiends rather than limit it with how using Just Desserts and Needle Ceiling/Giant Trap Hole will wipe the field and do over 4000 damage. At least Ojama Trio is more fair and it's really just a clone of Nightmare Archfiends that is at least balanced with piscu or needle ceiling, given you need a successful summon with piscu to get that off. Thanks for mentioning that.

In general, my attitude on OTK's are that it shouldn't create an infinite loop, and should have a way to easily stop it. In the format I have, I allow 2 Magical Explosion with 2 Destiny Hero - Dogma and 1 Grinder Golem, but that combo has flaws, like decking out, not having an empty hand, removing Dogma the turn it is summoned (while needing Destiny Hero Malicious on the field given you don't want to draw both and tokens like scapegoat, dandylion, or fires of doomsday won't let you summon the turn you play the card), or being locked down. The restrictions also slow things down too. Then of course having your Destiny Hero - Plasma lose its equipped monster or be turned to defense position hurts too.

Edit: Magical Explosion FTK had an edit without even using Destiny Hero Plasma/Dogma, drawing throughout on the 1st turn, so Magical Explosion should be limited imo (and of course ban Life Equalizer, but I did that beforehand). Amazing what you can learn about how broken this game is.

I feel the same way with Reversal Quiz OTK given how it can backfire and is mainly done due to Wall of Revealing Light or Backs to the Wall. I'm not sure if I'd allow Inspection or not since it doesn't have any kind of alternative purpose (plus Mirror Wall at 1 is fair to use instead, paying the 2000 life points). I'm just glad that the game has such a faster pace even when you balance it given all the draw power and special summons from deck/grave/remove from play; I created a whole lot of decks that still can work. I do think the most interesting part is to update the list when I find things that work too well or if I overrated them. --MrVariant 01:10, October 5, 2009 (UTC)

I had no idea limiter removal could be bypassed so easily.

It really is pitiful, honestly. At least seeing that happen let me put it for card tips under Limiter Removal. Power Tool Dragon and Morphtronic Scopen to synchro summon or Morphtronic Celfon to special summon Morphtronic Boomboxen to practically make it an OTK (if not you just get Power Tool Dragon to bypass the cost as easily as those six samurai revival cards) should you get an equip pretty much lets it go by much easier than Heavy Mech Support Platform. Anyway at least that's probably the end of any updates I have for that list I made up; you can email me or talk to me via youtube as the same username if you want to contact me; it's in my profile.

I do admit dueling by chat or yvd on yugioh's wikia is better than xerocreative but advance format still is ridiculous, whether it's heavy storm/lightning vortex turn one or 3 black whirlwinds/icarus attack every start pretty much making whatever I draw worthless; and I thought using Raiza on consecutive turns or using Compulsory Evacuation Device on every synchro summon or spell/trap removal was abusive. At least it's better than facing some infinite loop I suppose. At least making that list did teach me a lot about how to salvage the game, even if I still find out things that need to be banned like Limiter Removal, and even if I couldn't really get anyone to play it.

Edit: I realized that deck bouncing and removing from play easily bypass most protection (power tool dragon, prime material, etc.), thus I'd have to hit Back to Square One to 1 (and get rid of Phoenix Wing Wind Blast since it can chain to anything, especially given a face up spell/trap like endymion (which would lose all its counters) or a crystal beast in a spell/trap zone (being a too good copy that you'd use on your opponent's turn, or your turn should their be a face down, and it also screws over gladiator beasts). Though to be honest, those are good ideas for advance dueling to use deck bouncing with gadgets (to practically double your draws while they get zilch) and thunder dragon (even throw in elemental hero stratos for an extra draw with another elemental hero).

I'm also contemplating touching those remove from play cards as they practically bypass any protection, like Karma Cut or Dark Core though at least Dark Core is more balanced given it won't remove copies (unlike Karma Cut or possibly Nobleman of Crossout) and is a normal spell rather than a chainable trap, and we know how important that graveyard is. Hope to chat with you soon. It's amazing how many cards have the same cost (being 1 discard) for more powerful effects. --MrVariant 04:32, October 7, 2009 (UTC)

I think I finished updating my list.

Only card I think is questionable now is probably Evil Hero Dark Gaia but seeing how it can't revive itself unlike Destiny End Dragoon, I'd take it off my list. I do think new rules help things, like 8 maximum traps to get rid of annoying clone cards that having 3 of one copy wouldn't work (considering they work on your opponent's turn, like Waboku and it's nearly impossible to negate them unless you use Royal Decree or Mystical Space Typhoon). Plus it balances a lot of cards so I could take it off the list (like Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord, Rite of Spirit, or Dream Clown/Blade Rabbit (which Stumbling made overpowered, turning them into Exiled Force and Twin-Sword Marauder into a trampling/piercing version of Hayabusa Knight) given if you stack your traps, you'll have less protection, with 8 being more than enough for any deck, even trap decks like Bad Reaction to Simochi or Uria, Lord of Searing Flames). I'd also say a 15 card side deck without any copies of the same card (though if one is a copy of what's in your main deck, that wouldn't be a problem given it fits that total rule about not having multiple copies of restricted cards/more than 2 semi-restricted/more than 3 unrestricted in both). I also decided not to touch Dark Core given how Karma Cut wipes out copies and can work on your opponent's turn.

I would like to play against you some time by this though you haven't contacted me about it. If 70+ decks can work fairly well against one another most of the time (though some obviously have weaknesses but nothing really breaks the game), it does work well. It is also interesting to note how many cards I found overrated over time, like Light and Darkness Dragon, which isn't even worth using given how even a stall deck's Treeborn Frog can cripple it, and it shuts you down as well, and upon destruction it makes you wipe your own field just to special summon a monster in your graveyard. If I wanted to wipe my own field, I'll just use Kuraz the Light Monarch and combine it with Dark Coffin, Blast with Chain or Geartown to draw 2 bonus cards while getting extra effects. --MrVariant 14:07, October 13, 2009 (UTC)

Your Halloween Horror Deck

Interesting theme though I think you went for the general theme of using zombies, since you're using call of the mummy rather than soul exchange or reasoning with other self-milling cards with book of life/mezuki. Please feedback me on my talk page about how much I improved that list I showed you earlier given Stardust Overdrive. I never thought Dark Simorgh would make such a difference, changing things since it isn't that overpowered but has quite a bit of power to it. I saw the next set that will be released in Japan, Absolute Powerforce, and it looks like absolute crap to me given how many worthless cards are in there (though to be fair yugioh is generally composed of worthless or overpowered cards/decktypes though there are some exceptions like Dark Magician which is fun but fair although it is crippled due to how overpowered the game is with its cheap field clears and drawing/graveyard recycling/special summoning) so far. At least Gravekeeper's have a bit more support and there was that ritual monster that wipes the field of monsters whose defense is less than its 2500 attack. --MrVariant 02:31, November 3, 2009 (UTC)

Re: HELP!!!

Did you actually get banned or did you just join the wrong network? If you joined the wrong network, just change back to freenode. How to do that will probably vary between clients. If you actually got banned, why did you get banned? -- Deltaneos (talk) 23:35, December 29, 2009 (UTC)

PM me: /query DemonGodAsura DemonGodAsura 23:41, December 29, 2009 (UTC)
Are you just banned from that channel? Have you tried typing /join #wikia-yugioh while on freenode? -- Deltaneos (talk) 23:43, December 29, 2009 (UTC)
Try joining from the gateway. What chanel did you join that got you banned anyway? -- Deltaneos (talk) 23:48, December 29, 2009 (UTC)
Send an e-mail to explaining the problem, including your IP address and they should unban it for you. -- Deltaneos (talk) 00:03, December 30, 2009 (UTC)
I don't know that, sorry. -- Deltaneos (talk) 00:07, December 30, 2009 (UTC)
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