Todays Hated Card: Fog King ( Why can't i have u?) Todays Favorite card: Arcana Force 1 - The Magician Well Ello, there, ok enough with the Abridged Bakura online accent, Im Primewallofdestruction which is a mix of Prime material dragon, Wall of revealing light, and ring of destruction. My favorite cards are as follows ~ The Calculator ( + Yubel, Blue Eyes, and Red Eyes, its unstoppable) ~Wall of Revealing Light ( of course ) ~Yubel ~Marshmallon ( nat as cheap as you think ) ~Power bond ( hello OTKs ) ~The cards needed for Gate Guardian ( They can take down Blue Eyes) ~Grinder Golem ~Relinquished ( is he really a kirby knock off?) Least Favorites include~ ~Spirit repear ( stupid drawback ) ~The God cards ( CHEAP ) ~Wave Motion Cannon

Random favorites: ~Yu Gi Oh the Abridged series ~Ebay ( Hardly get the cards I want in packs ) ~Wikis ~Warcraft 3 ( Forget you, WOW )

Random Hates: ~WOW ( World of Warcraft, steal my mony will you?) ~Me not having cable yet ~Not knowing the difference besides costs and effect damage ( see below )

Card Tips:Prime Material Dragon


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