Hi! You need to learn the difference between stealing and fair use. Runer5h 21:12, 25 July 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

Well when translations are posted on Janime forums, the are up on the wikia within a couple of minutes with no credit to Valon, the translator. And some images (not the ones with shriek's watermark) don't have a link to where they were originally from.


/Facepalm... create an account just to flame and bash the site... also if you bother to actually PAY ATTENTION AND LOOKED you would see SEVERAL sources cited (konami english/japanese;shriek, formor ude, the episodes themselves, etc.~MEOW~ Might of the BIRD Empire~~ 21:14, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

So you just assumed I made an account for flaming? Think before you do something. I made a wikia account for helping another wikia and decided to help this POS before coming to my senses. And there is no sources that have been cited except for shriek's because of his watermark. And how can you cite the episode if you don't know what's in it unless you watch TnKP's subs. >_>

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