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Manga images

Hey ^^, do you know anywhere to access high quality scans of ride 24? The opening page has full body views of Rua and Ruka, and it has several images I want to use on their biographies, but I can only find low quality ones online. There's none on Neo Arc Cradle (that I can find), other than a Chinese one, but I can't use that due to Chinese scanlations. And I don't have access to a scanner, so any images I can take myself would be poorer quality than the ones i've used now. Thanks! TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 23:47, June 16, 2013 (UTC) EDIT: Nevermind xD Found some!. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 23:48, June 16, 2013 (UTC)

There was a raw one on NAC (I think k-w made the topic). TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 00:09, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
It's on NAC (in English and the raw) Haha. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 00:36, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
Hey, i've been going over the manga biographies, adding stuff from the English chapters, but I don't know a lot about the later ones (specifically, things said). Could you help me fill out the later chapters for biographies please? Thanks. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 19:53, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
Oh damn, thanks anyway. Also how come you're removing the Kanji and romanji from the characters? I've been adding them since the majority of other Japanese-focused show wikias do that. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 22:03, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
Oh xD Never mind. Also I have a question... What exactly is miasma? You seem more knowledgeable about the manga then I am haha. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 23:24, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
Ah thanks! I was going to create a page about it, but I didn't really understand how or what to classify it as xD TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 23:42, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
Haha thanks. I started doing it before, but i've had a lot on lately so I completely forgot about them xD It's just a shame the volumes take forever to be released in English so I can fully understand what's going on Dx. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 00:56, June 18, 2013 (UTC)
Ah cool, thanks! Yeah we will xD It'll be nice to have more focus on the manga. I just wish I had more knowledge of Kanji etc. I've only really ever translated Deck lists before. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 01:14, June 18, 2013 (UTC)
Oh xD Thanks. Do you have any knowledge on name meanings? I know sometimes, Japanese names are made up of a cluster of different meanings. Sometimes I can Google the meanings of some, but some (like Kiryu), I can't find xD. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 01:22, June 18, 2013 (UTC)
I wasn't using Google Translate xD The translations it gives are extremely poor and odd. I usually type "X name meaning" and/or add Japanese name meaning if needed. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 01:29, June 18, 2013 (UTC)
Hey, I brought up the recent influx of unneeded series pages in the forum, and I understand you think they're annoying too (I think you said so anyway, I remember talking about it with you when the whole "Hell"-"Chthonian" thing popped up. Anyway i'd appreciate some input, thanks.

TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 12:44, June 20, 2013 (UTC)

Number 48

By the way, it's "Shadow Lich," not "Rich." This is "Fushioh Richie" all over again. (talk) 00:33, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Series

Nope, Dinoguy and Fox are adamant to keep things the way they are. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 10:04, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah it is. Ah well, I still deem them useless and unofficial xD. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 16:33, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Hey, were you for deleting the "Gardna" series? Could you post on the talk page that you're in favour for deletion if so please ^^, Golden Key's counting up those for and against deletion. Thanks! TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 17:22, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

Oh xD, fair enough. TheScarecrow14 (talkcontribs) 11:27, July 22, 2013 (UTC)


Hi, Asari. Hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna go ahead and upload images of the cards in the latest D Team chapter. I can work on the chapter page as well if you'd like. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 00:33, July 5, 2013 (UTC)

Just wanted to make sure I didn't upload them while you were cropping them out or something. Don't want to waste your time. Alright, thanks. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 00:42, July 5, 2013 (UTC)
Oh, looks like Scarecrow beat both us this month, then. XD. I guess I'll work on the chapter article then. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 00:48, July 5, 2013 (UTC)
Yeah, sure. That's fine. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 00:53, July 5, 2013 (UTC)
Alright, pages are up. If you could add the Japanese and phonetic chapter name, that would be great. I'll work on the Featured Duel in a bit. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 01:34, July 5, 2013 (UTC)
I realize that, I just assumed Ark had already romanized it. Anyway, thanks. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 17:00, July 5, 2013 (UTC)

Re:Kento's D-Gazer

I don't see any harm in using both. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 18:07, July 5, 2013 (UTC)

Phantom Effect

Does Phantom Effect use PSCT in the manga? Aberration (talkcontribs) 01:01, July 21, 2013 (UTC)

Tri-Edge Levia

"Tri-Edge Levia" banished "Number 39:Utopia" because it destroyed it by battle. However, is that because it just "destroyed it by battle"? Or is it because it destroyed "Utopia" by battle and sent it to the Graveyard? What I'm hopefully looking for is an explanation from Shark (if you can find one) and how he worded it. --UltimateKuriboh (talkcontribs) 02:16, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

Broken Image

Could you try and upload this picture again (File:Playmat-JP-DVD-ZX6.jpg)? I guess when you uploaded it, it didn't upload correctly in the process. I took the liberty of deleting it, but if you can find the image again, that'd be great. --UltimateKuriboh (talkcontribs) 02:47, August 31, 2013 (UTC)

Re:Fake scans

I got them from chapter 33 and I can upload all of chapter 33 if you want them. (Bring it 'em --- User:Avatarr) 19:58, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

Your welcome (Bring it 'em --- User:Avatarr) 22:17, October 14, 2013 (UTC)

Dragococytus, the Impure Underworld Dragon

Can you re-upload "File:DragococytustheImpureUnderworldDragon-JP-Manga-5D-NC.png", please? IgorThunderMaster (talkcontribs) 23:13, October 21, 2013 (UTC)

Random Question

Yup, a random question! Do you know what the manga had for the name of the manga version of "Power Tool Dragon"? Was it the original or "Power Tool Mecha Dragon"? --UltimateKuriboh (talkcontribs) 03:49, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

Wonder Wings

Hey there. Have you heard anything about the full version of Wonder Wings? I can't seem to find it anywhere, and it's obviously been out for at least a week now. I'm asking you because you're normally the guy who gets them first.--YamiWheeler (talkcontribs) 02:45, November 20, 2013 (UTC)

Infernity Barrier

I'm not seeing any evidence of this in any of the other relevant articles, but I figured I'd check with you first. The page for "Infernity Barrier" says it appears in a 5D's chapter. Random vandalism addition or is this true? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 06:02, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

Nah, it definitely doesn't appear in that chapter. (I know you asked LAU to check, but I had the volume at the moment, and figured I'd mention it.) Maybe the person who put it thought it was anime? Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 06:40, November 23, 2013 (UTC)

Number 28 Owner?

Hi, I was wandering if you happened to know if Yagumo gave the blank version of Number 28 top Haruto, and would you say this would be sufficient to list him as a previous owner of said Number? Thanks. Photonkrios99 (talkcontribs) 20:33, November 24, 2013 (UTC)

Ok, thanks for that. Photonkrios99 (talkcontribs) 21:04, November 24, 2013 (UTC)

Machina Gearframe

When does this appear in D Team 20? I can't seem to find it. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 05:32, December 17, 2013 (UTC)

Manga HERO Fusions

I'm looking at the mangalores for "Absolute Zero" and "Great Tornado". Why did you add specific materials for them? The cards themselves don't give any indication, but if you look at the last Duel in the manga, the materials for all of them match up perfectly with the TCG materials. Am I missing something? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 19:05, January 10, 2014 (UTC)

In that case, I'm going go ahead and revert them. The materials were never specified in any capacity, but their use in the last Duel was consistent with the TCG (actually, every use of them technically was unless I'm misremembering). Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 21:24, January 11, 2014 (UTC)
"Gaia" and "Inferno" are debatable. Every use of the former was with "Knospe" and "Woodsman", while the latter always used "Heat" and "Lady Heat" (except for when "Construct Element" was used). In any case, those would still technically be "1 Elemental HERO" monster + 1 Attribute monster", anyway. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 21:39, January 11, 2014 (UTC)
Sorry to spam your talk page, but I was wrong about "Gaia". He used "Woodsman" and "Ocean" for it in the final chapter. In any case, I've changed all the lores back. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 21:43, January 11, 2014 (UTC)
That's true, but I think its tricky. Personally, I'd rather just list the materials based on what we know. Its just going to look odd to not have materials listed for any of them. That would be the exception to "only put what is on the card itself". Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 23:06, January 11, 2014 (UTC)

Since Akiza(or Aki) is being offered as a sacrifice to the Ultimate God, do you think that there's a possibility that she could die, or do you think Yusei will be able to save her after he ends up saving Sect? I've been really anxious to find out what might happen to her since I saw an image from ride 52. I'm really hoping that she doesn't become sacrificed.--Craig.taylor.756 (talkcontribs) 06:56, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

I forgot the headline.

Sorry, I think I forgot to put a headline on the last post I left on your wall. It is under Manga HERO fusion I think and I didn't mean to get it mixed up with the other. I'm kinda new to this so forgive me if it seems like I'm trolling by putting something off-topic under a certain headline.--Craig.taylor.756 (talkcontribs) 07:55, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

Number Decklists

What do you think of replacing the "Collected Numbers" Decklists with a section like this? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 18:20, January 20, 2014 (UTC)

To clarify, this would be a section in the main character articles and be removed from the Decklists, then. I also responded to your other message on my talk page. The grammar was fine. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 01:46, January 22, 2014 (UTC)
Yeah, I only really thought of it as a result of the lists becoming so unwieldy and the whole issue with "do the Barians have the Tron family's Numbers now" and all that. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 20:33, January 22, 2014 (UTC)
Nah, only list when the Duel was shown. In my mind, two characters yelling "Duel!" and then it cutting out does not count as the Duel's start. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 20:41, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

R Manga

I'm loving your R manga pictures! Apologies if I'm being a nag, but are you still doing them? Rod (talkcontribs) 20:37, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

Nice job, Ugetsu! Can I make a request, once you get to it? The omake of Cedar Mill and his one monster. Thanks. Rod (talkcontribs) 01:20, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

D Team ZEXAL chapter 16

Hi LAU. Do you by chance have this chapter of the manga to get scans from? I'd like to know if there was a good shot of "Zubaba Saikyo General" and "Zubaba Buster" on the field together to use for the "Zubaba" page. --Golden Key (talkcontribs) 23:40, February 4, 2014 (UTC)

Yeah, that's not as good as I'd hoped it'd be. Thanks for taking the time to check. --Golden Key (talkcontribs) 00:10, February 5, 2014 (UTC)

Wicked God/Evil God

All right, it's time for me to swallow my idiocy and put this forward: which name do you think that we should use for the Wicked Gods in the summaries? I'm just asking because I've been using "Wicked God," despite the VIZ having "Evil God" in their volumes (which I refer to), and I'm hoping I'm not breaking any rules doing so. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 23:15, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

Cool, thanks for clearing that up. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 01:46, February 9, 2014 (UTC)

Regarding Kyoji Yagumo

All right. They just call him "Yagumo" in the English, so I kinda ran with it. I'll stick to Kyoji in future. (I did a similar thing with Ted Banias, calling him Banias). Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 23:02, February 10, 2014 (UTC)

You're most welcome. Thanks for putting the advice forwards. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 23:13, February 10, 2014 (UTC)

Re: Haruto

I'm afraid not, I only have access to the chapters through my local library - only just got hold of volume 4. I've been meaning to ask about that though, where do those screencaps (like the one for rank 38) that have English come from? Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 01:27, February 12, 2014 (UTC)

Ah, okay. Maybe I'll actually have to register for it at some point now... Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 01:45, February 12, 2014 (UTC)

Re: English names

Sorry, I just assuming that the Japanese translation is the same as the English one since there's some discrepancies on chapter 40. The furigana reads "Duels Sister" while the Japanese translation is "Duel Priestess". I haven't see the manga since volume 3 onwards so I do not know if it is intentional or not. Also, there is a small error on manga chapter listing & infobox. If a chapter's English name is missing then the link to that chapter in the chapter listing and other chapter infobox (e.g. next chapter) will be missing too. Please revert my edit it if you feel it inappropriate. -- Aeris Ventaile (talkcontribs) 14:26, February 13, 2014 (UTC)

Re: Duelist title pages

Nah, they're from the VIZ volumes. I'm not even sure I'm ALLOWED to use scan images anyhow. The easiest way to check is to see if the sounds effects are written in English. And it was a valid concern, there's nothing wrong with checking. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 22:15, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

Mosaic Manticore

Fusion Monster "Material Lion" + "Material Bat" + "Material Scorpion" This card is Summoned by uniting the above material monsters in your field (you do not use "Polymerization"). "Its materials are still treated as being on the field." When this card is destroyed, 2 of its materials remain on the field.

I'm not sure about that wording. It seems to be the case with all Fusion Monsters in the manga (hence why "XYZ Dragon Cannon" could be sacrificed for "Obelisk," and why "The Wicked Eraser" gained 3000 ATK from "Arcana Knight Joker" rather than 1000. Thus I'm also not sure whether Kaiba actually "de-fused" his Mosaic Manticore. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 23:52, February 25, 2014 (UTC)

I popped in a bit about that in the Fusion Monster article a while back, although it's a bit to the bottom of the main lot. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 00:46, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

Jeez, you're right. Whoops. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 00:58, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

Regarding R

Can I just say you're amazing? Seriously, that's way more R content than I've ever seen! Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 21:10, March 1, 2014 (UTC)

Hear, hear! I might have to slow down with the summaries is starting again. I'll keep creating the pages at the very least though, and add in the duels. It's a bit odd - I've started in a different place to Delta, so I have a feeling we might meet in the middle somewhere (not that I'm working backwards.) Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 21:15, March 1, 2014 (UTC)
Yeah...I think a lot of confusion can arise when VIZ paste in the lores from the cards - which is a nice touch when it works, especially with manga only cards, but when it doesn't...yeah. I am working on deciphering "Surprise Attack from Beyond/the Darkness based on what info is available. Still got volume 18 to finish, and I'm borrowing 19 and 20 from the library. I might not do much for 19, seeing as that is one that I've seen somewhere, but 20 I'll definitely cover completely. I'll help out with the others if I get the chance as well (when the next English volume come out/when I re-find the older ones in the library.) Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 21:25, March 1, 2014 (UTC)

Magic Cylinder stands out quite a bit. They have its TCG lore...then they add "The cylinders can also teleport matter." The actual effect is more like "Activate only while you control a Spellcaster-Type monster when your opponent declares an attack. Change the attack target to a monster your opponent controls." They alos had Vampiric Leech, but missed out it's "first turn attack effect." Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 21:41, March 1, 2014 (UTC)

I was about to say not quite until I realized that in volume 19 they call Remove Trap "Trap Jammer," then briefly in volume 20 it has De-Spell's art and is called Remove Trap (though the art thing I think is an original error), and finally, a chapter later, it is Remove Trap with the proper art. Usually, it isn't too bad, but sometimes they resort to buffy speak for more obscure cards like "Blast Held by a Tribute." Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 22:57, March 1, 2014 (UTC)

It's only a few examples. Don't let that stop you if you want to buy them, as reading the original manga is an excellent experience to see the differences with the anime (There's a couple of nasty examples in the volumes I have at the mo', both regarding Dark/Yami Marik. One of them is on the wiki, but two aren't yet.) Though it is your decision overall, of course. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 03:08, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

Ah, gotcha. Sanokal K-T (talkcontribs) 03:18, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

If i played a monster last turn a d i play photon sanctuary this turn can i ssummon a god this turnaswell

Say i have a monster on the field and i play photon sanctuary which special summons two tokens it says i can only normal summon a light monster that turn but being i get a normal summon each turn can i play a god card being its normal summon cannot be negated?

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