Dharc Trivia

Well, it's true that Dharc is being male. I have speak to Wheeler, and he approved this charmer as male. Ever he told me that the creator of this charmer confirmed him to be male. I am sorry that you have to let it go for now. --FredCat T.P.F.R.J.R.W.S. 20:56, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Psychid Welcomes YOU to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki!

Salutations, KrspaceT! My name's Psychid, and I'm kind of old here on this very Wiki (old enough to get familiar with most of the Wiki's rules and regulations, at the least). In case you're wondering how I found you, I noticed your username underneath the "Recent Activity" section. However, I see that you haven't received an official welcome as of yet! In that case, let me be the first to welcome you to the official Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki!

The purpose of this very message is to inform you about some activities you can participate in on this very Wiki, besides editing mainspace articles (i.e. Evil Dragon Ananta, Storm of Ragnarok, Jack Atlas, etc.). One of such activities includes editing your own userpage! By that, I mean including some information about yourself (i.e. your age, your gender, your location, etc.), just so that the rest of us users can get a better idea of the kind of user you really are.

Another activity you can participate in on this very Wiki is messaging other users (not much of a surprise there, if you ask me)! To do just that, simply go to another user's talk page, type in your message, and presto! You, my friend, have officially mastered the art of messaging other users!

However, when participating in this very activity, it is highly recommended that you:

  • Leave your message on another user's talk page, and not your own. In that manner, we will be notified that we have received a new message(s) on the Wiki.
  • Leave what is called your "signature" at the end of your message (being the following code: --~~~~). In that manner, we can easily keep track of which message is coming from which user.
    • Of course, you can customize your own signature, if you'd like. To do so, simply click on the drop-down menu bar in the upper-right-hand corner (right where it says "MORE"), then scroll down to where it says "Preferences". Better yet, go to this page; it's much faster, and much easier to do. In either method, you can customize your signature from there, and you can do so in any way your heart desires. I suggest that you look at the coding for some sample customized signatures such as mine, just so you can get an idea. If you have any further questions concerning this topic, don't hesitate to ask.
      • Before I forget, while customizing your signature, make sure the check box where it says "Custom signature" is checked off, or else your soon-to-be customized signature will not work properly.

I hope you have fun on this Wiki! :D --Yes, it's PSYCHID! He talks! He does stuff! 02:22, October 12, 2010 (UTC)

Card Trivia

Dude, your card trivia is meaningless. Pot of Greed was used against all villains during the show's run. No one notes that because it's not worth noting. No one cares what cards were played 1st, 2nd, etc except for when summarizing episodes. --MasterMarik (talkcontribs) 01:33, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

Trivia overall is frankly just a set of facts and points. What I have posted are in fact trivia. Minor trivia, but trivia none the less.--KrspaceT (talkcontribs) 01:34, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

Yes but we don't note just any old fact. If it's more than 1sts, we don't mention it, nor do we mention trivia that is just dumb. Noting what cards a duelist uses is not worth putting up on trivia for any card's page. --MasterMarik (talkcontribs) 01:35, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

Things like 'card was used for first summonings of X', 'time between use was #', and the like are trivia, and minor trivia is still trivia. Cease the edit war. --KrspaceT (talkcontribs) 01:36, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

It's not GOOD trivia, which is what we note here so it doesn't matter. We don't note effect-based comparisons either. Your trivia has no purpose here. --MasterMarik (talkcontribs) 01:37, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

Trivia pages have speculation, under-updated information, and worse here. At least I corrected a mistake on mine. Now cease edit war behavior and leave harmless information alone. --KrspaceT (talkcontribs) 01:39, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

You didn't read what I said earlier did you? We can't be there to recall info on all pages at any given time. There's no way to possibly remember what pages even have trivia, let alone pages that have notable trivia. Your arguments are as weak as the trivia you're putting on the page. There's no justification for your trivia on those cards. They're 100% meaningless and I'm sure anyone else here would agree. --MasterMarik (talkcontribs) 01:41, September 21, 2018 (UTC)

You exaggerate. At it's worst is has no value, and I'd be pressed to even say it hasn't even half a value. This site spams people suggesting Sangan for everything, and I'd say the use of Sangan to search 'All Seeing White Tiger' is more useless than noting card useage bits that is a tad atypical of the show in question.

Um no. Sangan is usful as it's a viable card to use in duels and helps improve the use of the cards it's noted in. Your trivia adds nothing to the wiki as a whole. --MasterMarik (talkcontribs) 12:38, September 21, 2018 (UTC)
Please cease the edit war. Or face the consequence. (I am not an admin)0123456789 The Great (talkcontribs) 13:04, September 21, 2018 (UTC)
The pages have been deleted. The trivia has not been something notable or interesting (comparing disks to wool is not really a good comparison). You could at least browse the pages, see what makes trivia interesting. Energy X 08:45, September 22, 2018 (UTC)

I do look around. I am not exactly a 5 edit user here. --KrspaceT (talkcontribs) 10:01, September 22, 2018 (UTC)


hey, i would like to apologize for yesterday. I should not have been so rude with you. Politically and historically speaking, my country is taking a step backwards, being about to elect a president that if was monster card, he would certainly be a poorly designed fusion whose materials are Trump and Hitler. That's nerve-racking. But, anyway, it doesnt justify mistreatments to people that dont have nothing to do with it.

Have a nice week

GustaphMax (talkcontribs) 13:46, October 8, 2018 (UTC)

As a guy who voted for Hillary in America, I can feel your pain. --KrspaceT (talkcontribs) 21:56, October 8, 2018 (UTC)

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