Set page properties

Do you have any comments/suggestions/additions for the properties listed on Project:Set Details (can you point out any that are used but aren't listed there yet)? I'm wondering in particular if there's really any reason to have set-specific properties for various-language names, as opposed to just using the same properties we already use for card names; if we should prefer "Worldwide English" or just "English" for properties dealing with Worldwide English info; and what your thoughts are on the Set Prefix/Set and Region Prefix distinction. The Name and Prefix properties, in particular, are going to be used on {{Set}} (as you can (partially) see with {{Set/Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon}}), and the Prefix properties are being demoed on Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon. Thoughts? ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 06:20, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

I think that page should be in the project namespace at least.
I can't think of or find anything that's missing. Do you know what the difference between "Language Set Names" and "Actual Language Set Names" is? I'd have thought one would be for the name in the language's native writing system and the other would be for it translated to or wrote phonetically in English, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
The naming is just the way TwoTailedFox set it up. I guess it was to avoid getting cards appearing in set queries and vice-versa. Although other items could be easily added to the query to make that distinction.
I would say just use "English" rather than "Worldwide English" in the property names.
I don't quite understand the need for the individual set subpages of Template:Set. Is it not possible to get all the necessary information automatically? -- Deltaneos (talk) 17:18, January 30, 2011 (UTC)
I stumbled upon that page already existing there; I didn't think about moving it, but in retrospect, that makes a lot of sense.
No idea. TwoTailedFox is the one who set them up, as you said, and since he's not around anymore, we can't really ask him (do you have any idea why he up and left, or what may have been occupying his time more recently?). Since I'm suggesting changing property names anyways (that's what the arrows signify), we could simply replace "Actual X Set Names" with "[Phonetic/Transliterated] X Set Names" and "Translated X Set Names". Are we at all interested in unofficial set names, BTW (and, if so, in what languages)?
How expensive is it to query a concept which uses two properties, as opposed to just querying the raw properties? If it's less expensive, we could use concepts for those queries (and we should start using concepts for other complex queries as well).
That sounds reasonable. Would you prefer "English" or "Worldwide English" as labels on {{OCG-TCG set table/block}} (that's still really rough BTW; I have yet to add any conditional hiding or most of the properties)?
I've been learning about SMW pretty much concurrently with the development of {{Set}}, and recently came to the realization myself that I could probably replace the whole subpage system with one compact template, depending on how complex it is to achieve arbitrary property-property pairings (since I want to allow users to pass in a set's name in any [official, currently] language and be able to get that set's name or its set prefix/set+region prefix for any language, or the raw pagename). At this point, the two main advantages to the subpage system are, since the value passed to {{Set}} is converted pretty much straight into a subpage name, being able to use common misspellings ("Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is probably a pretty common misspelling, for instance) once the necessary redirect is created; and having an auto-generated table displaying all that available info in a straightforward, compact manner. ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 19:04, January 30, 2011 (UTC)
Back when he left, I think he didn't have a steady internet connection. I'm not sure why he still doesn't edit, not that he should be obliged to. If you want to try contact him, he seems to have logged in earlier this month. (Sorry, that page isn't working in Monobook right now.) I don't know what's occupying his time more recently, but he seems to be playing some World of Warcraft.
I don't think there's much need to add properties for unofficial set names. I can't think of many unless you count mistakes, such as mistranslations or adding the hyphen to Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon.
I don't think query expense can be determined just by the number of properties in the query. If you add |format=debug to the a query, it gives you some information. The Query-Size and Query-Depth that that gives are the true measures. I think we were told that anything close to 12 and 4 respectively are too high.
The naming on the labels of {{OCG-TCG set table/block}} may depend. Will North American/European/Australian English be displayed if they are the same as English? -- Deltaneos (talk) 20:37, January 30, 2011 (UTC)
I may try emailing him at some point (assuming he has an email address associated with his account); it'd be cool seeing him around again.
That's what I was thinking. We could have an "Alternate X Names" parameter for such mistakes/mistranslations/etc. if you think they're worth noting.
I didn't think it'd be that straightforward. Do you know if the "stay-under" values for Query-Size and Query-Depth have changed any between the old SMW version and the one we just got upgraded to?
I haven't decided that just yet. No matter what, if NA/EU/AU names aren't specified, they'll probably default to the EN name, at least in the respective properties (especially since I don't know of any case where these names differ; on the other hand, maybe we don't want to set properties for sets that haven't been released in the corresponding region?). The main reasons they have separate parameters at all is for consistency across parameters, and just in case there is a set with different English-region names.
This would be a good time to spell out exactly when a given region release of a set should get its own "block", as opposed to being combined with other regions in a single block. A minimal OCG-TCG distinction is a good rule of thumb, but we don't have absolute assurance that releases will maintain that distinction, when it comes to set release dates and contents (which are the backup metrics I'm considering). At this point, I think the main argument for continuing to separate set info into region-based blocks at all is only for the ability to display more than one region's version of a set's box/pack, and since I'm planning on proposing a set equivalent to Card Galleries, that may end up being a moot argument as well (there may still be a strong argument for separating the info simply to keep everything more understandable and distinguishable at-a-glance, though). ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 21:43, January 30, 2011 (UTC)
I think the permittable Query-Size and Depth are something Wikia sets. The first time SMW was causing major problems, we were told that they set the max sizes for them to 12 and 4, but I couldn't find any pages that went that high, so I assume the safe values are lower. I'd estimate 5 or 6 for Size. Depth doesn't matter, because I've never seen it go above 1. -- Deltaneos (talk) 02:18, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

Category:Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Why was this cat deleted? We have similar categories for the DM and 5D's, so why not GX? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 04:10, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

I see. Well, I guess we can re-create it when there are enough pages that would fit into it. I'll take a look at the 5D's cat sometime and see if that gives me any ideas for pages that GX could use. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 17:40, February 1, 2011 (UTC)
Upon re-reading your response, I think I may have misinterpreted it. You said that the 5D's cat still exists because there are pages in it. Did you mean that it shouldn't have pages in it and it should be removed? Or did you mean that the GX cat did not have enough pages to be useful. If it is the latter, I think we do have enough articles for it, assuming the 5D's cat has valid pages in it currently. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 01:46, February 2, 2011 (UTC)
I meant the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's categories should both be removed. In my opinion anyway. -- Deltaneos (talk) 22:39, February 2, 2011 (UTC)
Just a heads-up. has been adding category to quite a few pages. I left him a message about it, but he either ignored it or is unaware of how talk pages work. Not sure if I should revert his edits or not. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 19:59, February 9, 2011 (UTC)
I honestly don't care that much either way. I do think that if the GX one was deleted, the 5D's one should be as well, with the pages it's in currently recategorized. I can see merits for keeping both cats, and merits for deleting them both. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 20:17, February 9, 2011 (UTC)
If you're planning on creating more GX location articles, I have a suggestion. How do you feel about an article on the island as a whole? "Duel Academy" can really refer to the institution, the island and the main building itself. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 01:03, February 10, 2011 (UTC)


Leon need your help to get his episode appearance back, it's absent. --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 21:50, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

Ah, it updated but missed them. So should I put them in then? --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 22:25, February 1, 2011 (UTC)


Sorry, I didn't know that it did this.BobaFett2 (talk) 01:45, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

Yea, that. I thought it was ok since it's used in many other wiki(a)s, and that I didn't see anyone comment on this being done.
If it drains the already overdrained servers, then I agree on the deletion. -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 02:06, February 2, 2011 (UTC)
It's okay. Many people are unaware of the excess strain. It isn't a large amount, but is unnecessary and can build up. You can see Wikipedia have even forbidden unsubstituted signature templates. -- Deltaneos (talk) 02:09, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

History Edit Not Showing

I know that's annoy you since we are in different skin page. But I just wanna information ya that the skin I am using (Monoskin or something) has it history page viewing disable. --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 23:49, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

That is what I am aware, but it won't revealing the list of user who had editing the article. It just not opening to "show the further history" or something like that. That is what I mean. --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 00:50, February 3, 2011 (UTC)
It was on List A-C of decks, so other, I don't know. Since on my skinpage, it never ever show history page droplist (whatever you called it) on User/User Talk. --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 01:06, February 3, 2011 (UTC)
I went to Bri Synchron and clicked the history dropdown, it worked now. So at least I informed ya would do any good. --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 01:35, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Forgive me, D-Neos

But Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus is having problem to keep the site off. Lock it for couple days? --FredCat Ta.P.F.P.J.R.W.S.Th.P.S.C. 02:43, February 3, 2011 (UTC)


Because there's a glitch with some genders and some random characters just show up. I don't know if you just need to refresh it or move it one space, but it fixed the glitch. Master D (talkcontribs) 12:30, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Episode staff

脚本/Kyakuhon > Screenplay
絵コンテ/E Konte > Storyboard
作画監督/Sakuga Kantoku > Animation director

-- III (talkcontribs) 12:33, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Delete these, or are they salvagable?

I was looking for any proxy images which weren't deleted yet, and apart from the ones in the history of File:TheCreatorGodofLight,Horakhty-JP-Manga.jpg, which aren't deleted, but probably should, I have yet to come across one.
Anyways, I also checked for other images, and so far, here's a list of the ones where I'm not sure if they should be deleted, or are salvagable.

File:SJ V6 I7-Page362.jpg
File:SJ V6 I7-Page370.jpg
File:SJ V6 I7-Page366.jpg
File:Dark World.png
File:Gorilla Thing.png
File:Yugioh costume.jpg
File:Who's that Pok... card?.png
File:Sol Chevolsky.png

-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 13:04, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

I've added a few more to the list, If you have time (and don't mind), can you check them as well? Thanks.
I've blocked someone for these reasons. Now he's abusing the fact that I didn't block his ability to use the talk page, what should be done? Block the talk page, or Block the troll indefinitely, for trolling, continuous vandalism and attention seeking.
Also, there's a User:Cheesedude2; although, after that one incident, it seems like they stopped vandalizing, but according to this "Usernames that are designed to impersonate or attack legitimate users will be blocked immediately and indefinitely." Should they still be blocked, and what should be blocked? -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 23:50, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
Well, there's a high possibility that 'Cheesedude2' is, because that user registered just after Cheesedude locked the page. -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 02:15, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Help with the watchlist!

Hi Deltaneos! Once again I need your help with the Wikia's mechanics. Say that I want to watch every Ruling Page in my Watchlist (so I can prevent vandalism, fake rulings, ect. as soon as possible). I can watch the current existing Ruling Pages simply by having every Ruling Page watched in my Watchlist. But how can I watch also the newly created Ruling Pages? Like how can I note that someone has created Firegrass's Rulings with unofficial/fake Rulings? Is there a way to do this (except to have all those uncreated pages also watched in my Watchlist)? Thanks! ATEMVEGETA (Talk) 09:07, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

I see! Thanks a lot man! ATEMVEGETA (Talk) 12:46, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

Machine Imperial Gods

Hey! i was wondering if we could add info from the above page, to the main Machine Emperor page. I left my thoughts on the talk page, and i also contacted Dark-Shimy, who said to contact you. There's already a deletion notice, so I think we should just delete. —This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs) 22:01, 4 February 2011 (UTC)

I wouldn't say merge them with the "Machine Emperor" article. Maybe with the "Machine Imperial" one. -- Deltaneos (talk) 22:14, February 4, 2011 (UTC)
I think either is fine. they're basically all the same archtype, but I think since the info. on that particular page is so little, we could just add it to another article. ( (talk) 22:20, February 4, 2011 (UTC))

File move

Could you please move the File:VortexTheWhirlwindSTOR-SP-UR.jpg to VortextheWhirlwindSTOR-SP-UR-LE.jpg? I'm making the Gallery page. Siguiendo la luna no llegare lejos, tan lejos como se pueda llegar ♫ 23:42, February 7, 2011 (UTC)


In what instances is it best to use each of these: <br clear=right />, <br /> and {{-}}? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 16:18, February 11, 2011 (UTC)

Actual usage is a bit more nuanced than this, but generally, the first and third should be used after floating content (infoboxes and such) if they are breaking the page layout (overlapping with text or other page elements). The second should be used anywhere else a single line break is wanted. ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 17:31, February 11, 2011 (UTC)
<br /> adds a linebreak.
{{-}} (which on this site is <div style="clear: both;"></div>, unlike other wikis) adds extra whitespace such that any headers or tables used below floating content (e.g. images and infoboxes) appear below them and use the fullwidth of the page, rather than appear beside them or overlap them.
<br clear=all /> is a mixture of the above two. "all" can be replaced with "left" or "right" to only apply it to one side of the page.
{{-}} is usually used to stop images and headers interfering. It's placed just above the header.
<br clear=right /> and sometimes <br clear=left /> are usually used to add a space between infoboxes or record boxes and navboxes or Decklists. They're also sometimes used instead of {{-}}, since it can't be used for one side only.
-- Deltaneos (talk) 02:52, February 12, 2011 (UTC)
Just a markup note, "clear=[right/left/both]" on br tags is deprecated markup; it has been replaced with the "clear: [left/right/both]" CSS attribute as seen in the div tag used for {{-}}. The "clear" CSS attribute can actually be applied directly to any block-level element (tables, images, divs) in addition to brs. (and it'd be trivial to change {{-}} to allow clearing the specified side; in fact, I'll go make that change now) ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 03:01, February 12, 2011 (UTC)
Can you go into a bit more detail about what the above means. I'm not familiar with CSS, so I'm not quite sure how to use what you told me about. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 13:22, February 18, 2011 (UTC)
In HTML and CSS, some markup becomes deprecated. This means newer software and upgrades won't necessarily support them. e.g. the <center> tag is considered deprecated. It may still centre text, but when combined with other newer code, it can cause things to break. So alternatives like <div style="text-align:center"></div> should be used instead.
In this case the "clear=" in <br clear=right /> is deprecated, so <br style=clear:right" /> should be used instead. -- Deltaneos (talk) 13:45, February 18, 2011 (UTC)
Alright, got it. Thanks. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 16:16, February 18, 2011 (UTC)
Hmmm, I usually use <br /> to separate decklists or navboxes. And by usually, I mean all the time, in any given article I edit with multiple decklists. Thanks to both of you. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 03:11, February 12, 2011 (UTC)
<br /> is fine for separating Decklist and navboxes from each other. It's separating them from infoboxes or result boxes where the clear is necessary. -- Deltaneos (talk) 03:14, February 12, 2011 (UTC)
Check. Any other instance when the clear is a better option that are likely to be encountered? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 03:33, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

World Championship Sprites

Should they be uploaded somewhere, like the galleries? For example: [1], [2], [3].
They are official Sprites, used in the World Championship games, and quite a few of them show more of the monster than the card itself. -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 02:09, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

Ok, I'll also add a note to the Trivia if the image contains something surprising (like what was already done for Card Trivia:Timeater). Two other things:
1) Is the file name extension (VG-WCS-EN.png) alright?
VG-WCS being Video Game - World Championship Sprites (Although WCS by itself is already used for a TCG set);
and since the games should share the same sprites, and that I'm not entirely sure which WC game the sprites are from (in a mixed folder, so it's not WC09, WC08, etc) (Then again, the Tag Force card images are shared, yet we split them into TF03, TF04, TF05)
2) On the topic of VG images, I've noticed this for a while (since WC09 images), but never really thought about it.
Is there a reason for uploading slightly resized images (e.g. File:Jack-TF05.png, File:Cheerleader-TF05.png)?
compared to images in their native resolution (e.g. Jack, Cheerleader)
-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 13:39, February 14, 2011 (UTC)
With that in mind, the image names could be like MysteriousPuppeteerVG-WC-EN-NC.png with a screenshot fair use licence. The NC bit should take care of the bit about them being sprites.
I'm just gathering a bunch before I start uploading them.-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 13:28, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
I just noticed that WC11's sprites will be slightly different from the rest. For example, Nitro Warrior's Sprite in WC10 (Using Nitro since he's in that WC11 image).
The WC11 sprites seem to be the same pose, and are bigger, but only shows the head.
Is the 'WC' abbreviation part of the name still usable? As (I think) we probably won't need to upload the WC11 sprites anyway, since they just show a fraction of the past sprites. -Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 13:16, February 25, 2011 (UTC)

Tech Genus -> T.G.

Hi Deltaneos, with Extreme Victory being added to Konami's product page the Tech Genus archetype has been changed to T.G. normally this would result in the Tech Genus page being moved (as you are well aware). However, the product page does refer to the T.G. standing for "Tech Genus" so should the Tech Genus page be moved to "T.G." or left as is with a sentence added that they are also known simply as "T.G." in the TCG? --Trivi-AM (talk) 11:00, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

Founder Admin

After see that Dino-Guy update the list, I am sure you're not the Founder of this site, eh? --FredCat 01:11, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Actually, User:TwoTailedFox is the founder of this wiki; that can be seen on Special:ListUsers/sysop (assuming it loads). ;) ダイノガイ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 01:22, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
If Two Tailed Fox is the founder why isn't he here. You would think that he would maintain this website every day? Irohanihoheto (talkcontribs) 03:48, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
When you start a wiki on Wikia, Wikia will take care of all the hosting and maintenance. Founders don't have much obligations, but are encouraged to start building up content to attract more readers and editors. He did that and was here almost every day for the first four years. That is far longer than the majority of people who start wikis on Wikia. -- Deltaneos (talk) 13:01, February 17, 2011 (UTC)
I see, TwoTailedFox is at the top of that list, while D-Neos is like 6th - 7th from the top from what I recalled. But at least, you're nice Admin so far I have known. (you is referring to D-Neos) --FredCat 13:40, February 18, 2011 (UTC)


It's spelled "Granel" in the TCG. However, the English video games spell it "Grannel". I know that the main card should be at "Granel", but what about the pieces like "Top" and "Attack". Should they be moved as well, or do we go with the video game name since they're not real cards? On another note, "Doma" is a disambiguation page. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 16:17, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Wow, that's one hell of a naming flub with "Archfiend Mirror". Terrible. Anyway, I'll leave them at "Grannel" for right now. I'll probably move them tomorrow when I have the patience to do so (and a three-hour gap between classes I have nothing to do during). Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 01:00, February 18, 2011 (UTC)


What tense are we supposed to use in storyline articles?BobaFett2 (talk) —Preceding undated comment added 22:00, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

I was talking about the characters mostly. It's just so confusing.BobaFett2 (talk) 16:40, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks a ton. I'll get right to fixing stuff then.BobaFett2 (talk) —Preceding undated comment added 16:50, 18 February 2011 (UTC)

Is this good? I fixed many, many, grammatical errors, and I set the tense to past for the storyline and background as it was in the past.BobaFett2 (talk) 17:08, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Card Appearances pages would be out-of-universe articles, correct? So present tense? Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 16:53, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

Video game decklists

Do you see any reason we should not add vg decklists to articles based on the FAQs at GameFAQs? Generally speaking, if something is blatantly wrong there, someone reports it and the FAQ gets taken down. So I don't have any reason to distrust the info in the FAQs, aside from capitalization and spelling issues. If you have no objections, I may begin doing this. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 16:16, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Heh, yeah I realize that they can't claim copyright on the lists. I wrote an FAQ for a game years back, and included one of those copyright notices myself. Years later, I look at it and it sounds very dumb, nor do I care if anyone copies the info. Alright then. I seem to have a very big tendency to start about five different projects and never finish any of them. So the video game decklists can be another one for that list. And thanks for the clarification on tenses at BobaFett's talk page. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 18:39, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Just wonder...

If you didn't notice that you put in "Skiel" instead of "Wisel" in that picture where Aporia failed to hit Z-one directly with his Machine Emperor/Meklord... I changed it to cover your mistake. --FredCat 23:20, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

You're welcome. It's my debt for your kindly in the past. --FredCat 11:56, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

*thumb over shoulder at LunaBangBang*

Should that user achieve the ban? Because that user have just shove in inappropriate image in Luna article, like once after the unregistered user (possible to be same one) shoved it in once. --FredCat 22:26, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

Drop the ban hammer on that pedobear, for good like. Thanonyx (talkcontribs) 22:29, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

Oh yes, and also can you please stop Pieman085 as well? He just shove in non-official rulings. --FredCat 22:37, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

Request for temporary adminship

I humbly request temporary adminship to delete the offensive image posted by LunaBangBang. After I have done so you can remove my admin status.--Thanonyx (talkcontribs) 22:58, February 19, 2011 (UTC)


  • Hey, Delta. Hope you're doing well. I had a question about Archive pages. I noticed just now that almost all the old pages that me, you and other users had were deleted (i.e. this and this) while I've been on hiatus. Just wondering why this was, and if the content was moved anywhere before it was deleted? Thanks.--YamiWheeler (talkcontribs) 23:52, February 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • Just copy and paste them from your super ancient Current Talk Page into your newest, cute article with whatever name you want to create. I would suggest you to try this; User Talk:YamiWheeler/Archive02, but be sure to remember that it's User Talk, not directly User page. Archives is only for directly, while Archive ## is using for Talk Page only. So I fixed your links up above, Wheeler. --FredCat 00:02, February 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Oh, thanks. But does that mean whatever was in "User:YamiWheeler/Archive 01" is gone forever?--YamiWheeler (talkcontribs) 00:15, February 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Er, I think Wheeler mean the mistake of no "talk", as seen at that line; "User:YamiWheeler/Archive 01", instead of "User Talk:YamiWheeler/Archive 01". --FredCat 12:25, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

RE: Archives

  • Yeah, figured it out, but thanks anyway. Although, I have a strange issue now. The "Archives" template on my Talk Page automatically closes when the Talk Page is opened, which is what it's supposed to do, but then, when you click "Show", it fails to list Archive 01. I've updated the links and such, but still nada. Wondering if you knew what was up?--YamiWheeler (talkcontribs) 01:54, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

Re: Anime-Common.js

Well, there's no "problem", besides the reason it being centralized was so that any improvements could be shared by all the wiki importing it. I'm not even sure how anyone intends to fix that bug anyways, it's more of a known css issue with that kind of thing (in fact you could probably fix it with just a little cascading css). You either screw up the centering of the header, or you end up with a case where the text could overlap the show/hide. I guess I don't really care what you pick anymore (though you know, I could just give out a flag if necessary) Wikia has made working with scripts here nothing but annoying. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Feb 22, 2011 @ 16:57 (UTC) 16:57, February 22, 2011 (UTC)


its me again, back from the dead ;)

i as wondering if there were any particular/new restrictions to koa'ki meiru monsters? i use many but i use rocks to keep them on the feild as opposed to iron core of koa'ki meiru. if you could help me out with this that would be a great help. im also unsure about wether you need to revel a rock monster during the end phase of your opponents turn (for the effect of koa'ki meiru sandman). can sandman negate the effects of counter traps? and can koaki meiru guardians effect still work if they acttivte the effect of d hero malicious?

thank you very, very much for your time --Blazen8 (talkcontribs) 20:52, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

purgatory cards

these are used by kalin in the manga. should they be considered related to infernity since their effects are similar (no cards), or should they be considered another archtype by themselves? -Lpoi (talkcontribs) 10:26, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

Translation checks

Bushin1994 has been changing the translated names of several cards. I cannot confirm myself if the changes are accurate, but some of them look suspect, based the given romaji and what I know of phonetic Japanese just from watching YGO. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 13:23, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

He still seems to be at it. I'd leave him a message, but "stop changing the translations, btw I can't read Japanese myself" isn't likely to fly very well. He also seems to have a thing for adding the "trans" parameter when it's the same as the article name. I can see why, I actually. I don't think we actually clarify that anywhere. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 00:07, February 26, 2011 (UTC)
If he continues, I'll leave him a message with the concerns. The problem with a lot of the guidelines and rules is that we don't advertise them well. I wasn't aware CardTable2 had that documention page. I guess that's a different topic altogether though. Cheesedude (talkcontribs) 00:27, February 26, 2011 (UTC)


  • Hey Delta. Thanks for your help with the archives, but I have another issue. I just tried logging onto IRC and it's telling me that there's no such channel... Do you know what's going on?--YamiWheeler (talkcontribs) 22:34, February 23, 2011 (UTC)


WC11 probably has the official TCG names of the cards not yet released, as in WC10. Could you move them or letting me do it? I have a list of all the changes in my user page. Lon3wolf (talkcontribs) 18:54, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

Page Idea

Hi. I don't edit seriously here much, but I lurk here looking for new info and had an idea for a page. It occurs to me that obviously, the original series, GX, 5Ds and likely Zexal all occur in the same universe, and numerous references are made to events past and present. Perhaps, to keep it all in order, we could have some sort of timeline article so people can see where what events occur in relation to the rest of the series? DoreikuKuroofangu 06:36, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

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