Welcome! =)

My name is Psychid and I'm kind of both old and new here to the Wikia community (meaning that I've been here plenty of times before, but there may be some rules/regulations, and/or new Wikis that are completely brand-new to me). And even though I'm not much of an administrator to this Wiki (nor do I intend to be one), I still welcome you to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, and I hope that you make plenty of new friends, as well as have fun! =D

And in addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, I can also be found on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Wikia, the Total Drama Island Wikia, and the Total Drama Island Fan Fiction Wikia (God, am I on a lot of places! =O). I also have a FanFiction.Net account, which you can also check out, if you'd like. ;)

And one of the stories I have written on that site is entitled Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Busters, which is a crossover fic between Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and Total Drama Island. Unfortunately, I have decided to rewrite it (which probably doesn't surprise you in any form of way, seeing that this is pretty much the first time you've heard about it). =( Fortunately, though, I'm working on the remake as we speak, and it should be out relatively soon. And I hope youe enjoy it, once it comes out! =)

But in addition to posting my remake on FanFiction.Net, I also plan on posting it on the Total Drama Island Fan Fiction Wikia, which is where I can make links to any obsceure pop culture references I include in my story (it's kind of like how they do it on Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, in a way...). =P

Anyway, have fun on the Wiki! =) --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks! 18:10, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Things You Should Know

I saw your recent edit to this page, and it looks like you got my message! =D And once again, I say welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia! =)

However, there are some things you should know (also being things that I suggest):

  • First off, I don't mind that you're a girl. ;D
  • For your contact addresses, I suggest that you put a "<nowiki>" tag at the beginning and end of each of your addresses, and make sure that you close them with a "</nowiki>" at the end of each address.
  • On your user page, you should probably include some information about yourself (i.e. your interests/hobbies, your hometown, your goals, your friends, etc.), just so we get a better idea of who you really are. ;)
  • I'm afraid to say that you're not allowed to post any fan-made cards you create on this Wiki, seeing that they'll automatically get deleted due to this Wiki's deletion policy. However, you can get a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Wikia account, and post your creative cards there (and I, for one, am quite interested to see the kinds of cards you create! =D).

And here are some things I kind of want to ask you:

  1. Did you get my message about my upcoming story, Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Busters (I'm probably guessing that you did)? If so, are you looking forward to the remake?
  2. Are you on any other websites?
  3. Can we be friends, even though we just met? 'Cause you seem like a nice person to talk to. ;D

...And that's pretty much it (for now)...

Oh, and if you plan to respond to this message, can you leave it on my talk page, just so that the computer lets me know that I got it? Please, and thank you. ;)

Great talking to you (kind of)! =D --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks! 18:22, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

yo whats up

Leaving Messages on Talk Pages

First off, I'm sorry that I didn't respond to you in a while; I just didn't know you sent me a message. MY BAD THAR =P

And speaking of which...

It's not that I didn't appreciate the messages you sent me, but I think you should leave them on my talk page, since you leave them on my user page. Just giving you something to remember in the future; that way, the computer will let me know that I got the messages you sent me.

Also, observe at how I have mastered the art of color tags! =D --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks! 01:18, September 20, 2009 (UTC)

Just so you know

I moved the messages you originally left on my user page to my talk page. --Psychid45, a.k.a. Psychid; real pen name, no gimmicks! 15:53, October 7, 2009 (UTC)

Rise of the Busters - Progress so Far

I've just finished writing the first chapter of my remake to Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Busters about a week ago; but that does NOT mean that I will be posting it right away; I kind of want to write a couple of more chapters after that, just to see where I'm at in the game, if you know what I mean. ;D

Plus, I sent you a message, which kind of relates to this.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fic! =) --Yes, it's PSYCHID! He talks! He does stuff! 00:59, November 12, 2009 (UTC)


It's been a while since I lasted talked with you! How have you been! :D

In case you're wondering what I have been up to recently, well...

  1. About three months ago, I posted a new YGO fanfic entitled CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!. Its purpose is to express my thoughts on how the 5D's series' main features of the Duel Runner and Turbo Duel both came to be. I am sure you will find it very humorous, if you read it. :P
  2. About a year go, I have joined another Wiki known as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction Wiki, obviously being a place where you can post your own Yu-Gi-Oh!-related fan fiction. Unfortunately, it is not as popular as most other Wikis, and we are really low on users. If you could please join, that would be benefitial to us all. ;)

Please respond! :D --Yes, it's PSYCHID! He talks! He does stuff! 15:21, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

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