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Welcome!! I am the true Copycat!!

Let me introduce!

My real name is Dimitri, but I don't have any relationship with the character in Yu-Gi-Oh!GX anime who copied Yugi Muto's characteristics and deck. You can also refer to me as Jim, Mitch, Mitchell and as Ace of Return. Do not refer to me as Yugi. I decided to have this User Name, because he is my favorite character in the whole animes.

In my country my friends have given me the title of "King of Games".

I prefer collecting Ultra Rare Cards and playing Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME with the decks I created,against my friends, so the most of these decks are not created for the tournaments. For example, in 100 duels I have won the 93 of them(1 year ago). Recently, I copied Yugi's voice. Oh yeahh!!! I like Dinosaurs, Spellcasters, Dragons and Machines. I mainly use these 4 types of decks. Below, I have everything that I like. So check them out and tell me your opinion.

[Hey!It's me, Dimitri!]

My latest news in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia

17 June 2008

I returned. I am now known as "Ace of Return".

About for now

I continue to search more things in this wikia. And I can tell to all of you,that this wikia is WONDERFUL.

My favorite Characters and Cards

TOP 10 of Characters

  • Seto Kaiba - He is a serious guy and the strongest of all guys in the anime.
  • Dartz - He wants to create a new world.
  • Dark Zane - He likes victory(Actually, he isn't the only one)
  • Atem - He never surrenders until the end.

TOP 10 of Cards

Words and Expressions that I have created in English

Hit your head to see, if it moves=I do not agree with you

I painted it=I am in a bad situation

I made the bread less than usual=I did sth else instead of that I want(bad use of the time)

What thing?=1)I can not understand you 2)Rephrase the meaning

You will eat well=I'm going to harm you

Let's get to our adventure!=Let's get to the point!

Other Things

Talk Achives

A guide for beginners

Are you a new user? Just click on here and read what you can do in Wikia.

Some cool websites

Yu-Gi-Oh! Stories

  • The Best Friends:a wonderful novel story by Tyrant Dragon Slayer and Dimitri-the King of Copycats

The Final decks of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Protagonists in the 4th season(of my story:Yu-Gi-Oh! TC)

Here they are:

Check out Jaden dueling Dimitri in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited List about the tournament I have created with my friends

Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited List about the tournament I have created with my friends

Titan Firestorm!!!

This deck is based on summoning the three egyptian gods more easily and beating your opponents. Enjoy it!

Titan Firestorm


This deck is based on summoning Exodia the Forbidden One. Enjoy reading and copying it(lol)!



I would like to thank Wikia, because I learnt a lot about Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, cards, characters & Structure Decks, and I was able to contribute here with my way.Now, I am the real King of Games, since I found an overwhelming strategy to beat my opponents. Thanks!

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