The Return of the Ancients

This is a wonderful novel story by Tyrant Dragon Slayer and Dimitri-the King of Copycats:

  • Protagonists(in the order of their appearance):'Babycerasaurus→Jim's dueling spirit,Tyrant Dragon Slayer(Tyrant_Slayer) a.k.a. Dragon Slayer & Ty Drake,Decoy Dragon→Ty Drake's dueling spirit,Kisara→Seto's girlfriend,Unas,the Slayer and Eater of Gods"→Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who regained his power by defeating Zorc Necrophades and Great Leviathan
  • Antagonists(in the order of their appearance):Jim(Yugi Muto) a.k.a. Dimitri-the King of Copycats,Food Prevention→A food preventing warrior,Aetos the Mightiest→Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who lost his power to a duel with Atem,The Creator of Darkness→A monster combined by the Wicked Gods and Aetos the Mightiest

One sunny day,Babycerasaurus opened Jim's PC, so he can connect with Ty and Decoy Dragon

Babycerasaurus:Hi, Ty Drake. Long time,no see. How do you do? Is Decoy Dragon fine?

Jim: Grrr....

Babycerasaurus:Come on,tell me!I want you to tell me all of your news. Please?

Jim:Babycerasaurus,do u want to gossip again with your friends,about Ty's news.


Jim:So,you don't have to say anything else.Now,it's time to ...





Babycerasaurus:I want to eat!

Jim:Grrr.Now you are in trouble!

Great Beast of the Food,pleaze call on Robin Wood.

I want to stop everyone from eating,and I want to go out for the meeting.

Don't leave Babycerasaurus to eat,and let me in the chair to sit.

Appear in this time,before I execute my crime.

Come Forth,Food Prevention!!!


Jim:Now,I activate Monster Reborn to bring back the Hungry Burger.

Babycerasaurus:Oh no!This stupid hamburger revived.

Hungry Burger:What did u say?


Jim:I sacrifice my Hungry Burger to activate Food Prevention's ability.

Babycerasaurus:Ty,help me.I swear!I won't gossip again with my friends about you!I promise!HELP!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:....(He's sleeping)

Jim:Now my gladiator,end this madness!Attack with Poisoning Food!!!

Babycerasaurus:What will be happened,if I click here!

Jim:Don't do that!

Babycerasaurus:Very late!

{Click}(Babycerasaurus gets through Jim's PC and gets out from Ty Drake's PC)

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:zzz...zz...zzzzz...

Babycerasaurus:Come on!Wake up!

Decoy Dragon:What's up pal?

Babycerasaurus:Hi buddy!It's a long story.(Babycerasaurus tells Decoy Dragon about what happened)

Decoy Dragon:Don't worry!Ty wake up!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:zzzz...zz.....Hum, what's going on?

(They tell him all the story)

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: So Jim became mad... and you came throught the computer? I am dreaming isn't it?

Decoy Dragon: No, you aren't.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Let me see, I summon, Lesser Dragon! Now, Lesser Dragon, bit my arm...

Lesser Dragon: Okay

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Argghh! Ok, I'm not dreaming. What can I do?

Decoy Dragon: First, drink a coffee because you are... WAKE UP!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Sorry, I haven't slept in a while and zzzzz...

Decoy Dragon: Grrr, at some points I hate this guy!

(Ty Drake is still sleeping)

Babycerasaurus:What shall we do?Ty is still...

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Snorrrrrreeee!

Decoy Dragon:What is this noise?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Snorrrrrreeee!

Decoy Dragon:My ears.I can't stand it!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Snorrrrrreeee!

Decoy Dragon:Whenever u r,appear now.We r not afraid of u!

Babycerasaurus:Decoy Dragon,this sound comes from....

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Snorrrrrreeee!

Decoy Dragon:Oh my God!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Snorrrrrreeee!

Decoy Dragon:I activate my spell card:Awakening from Beyond.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn!

Babycerasaurus:Phew!Now let's get to the point!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:What do you mean?

Babycerasaurus:I need your help.You should defeat Jim!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:And why?

Decoy Dragon:Do u remember what we said u before?

{A flashback in the past}

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Hum, what's going on?

(They tell him all the story)

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:So Jim became mad... and you came throught the computer?

{The flashback ends}

Decoy Dragon:Did u understand?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Yes,but I can not defeat him in a duel.

Decoy Dragon:But,you are the master of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Not anymore.

Babycerasaurus:What do u say?You are our only hope for victory.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Maybe I was.Since he won me,during the previous Shadow Games we had,he took the Egyptian God Monsters and used their powers to unlock Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon!

Decoy Dragon:Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon?Who is he?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:This monster was created by Aetos in the Ancient Egypt.Although,his powers are still uknown.

Babycerasaurus:So,what shall we do?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Our only hope is Victory Dragon.....But I can't summon him! I sweared to never do so again and sealed him after I defeated Zorc Necrophades and the Great Leviathan with him.

Decoy Dragon: Did you do so?!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Yes, but those were just nicknames of two guys, anyway, they were hard to defeat.

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus: Ah.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Anyway, I'll have to lift the seal, but now... I must find Jim! Now I activate Dragon's Mirror to summon: THE ALMIGHTY GOD WITH FIVE HEADS! THE LEGENDARY FIVE-HEADED DRAGON!

Decoy Dragon: What?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: FGD for short.

Decoy Dragon: Ah.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Now, Five-Headed Dragon take us to Jim on your back!

Babycerasaurus: Its not necessary.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: What do you mean?

Babycerasaurus: Just click here and...

(They are all taken throught the computer to Jim's side)

Jim:I was waiting for u!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Who are u and where is Yugi?


Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Yes!

Jim:I'm afraid that you've mistaken.I am.....

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:What is this shine?

Aetos the Mightiest:Hahaha!I am back!

Babycerasaurus & Decoy Dragon:He,he is....

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Can somebody explain me,what is happening here?Ah!U r Aetos.I know u!U've lived 5000 years ago and you gathered the legendary powers of the Egyptian Gods to unlock Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon.

Aetos the Mightiest:That's right and finally I've returned.And now,it's time to destroy the whole world!Hahaha!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:I shall stop you.You'll not harm everyone!!!

Aetos the Mightiest:And who do you think,that you are?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:I am...

Babycerasaurus & Decoy Dragon:What is this shine?

???:I am the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh ..... I can't remember my name.

Decoy Dragon:I'm glad that u came back,again my Pharaoh!

Aetos the Mightiest:....?


Aetos the Mightiest:Great Beast of the sky,pleaze hear my cry.Appear in the Shadow Game,when I call your name...Come Forth Winged Dragon of Ra!!

???: Okay, I can handle him, Five-Headed Dragon, Attack!

Aetos the Mightiest: Your Dragons are no Match for my Gods! Ra counterattack him!

Babycerasaurus & Decoy Dragon: Wow!

(FGD stops the Attack)

Aetos the Mightiest: What?

???: Ha, you didn't know it? FGD can't be hurted by non-light attacks!

Aetos: Hahahahaha! So you mean we will have an infinite battle! Ra, now transform to your Phoenix form!

???: Sigh...

Babycerasaurus: Ra in phoenix mode can't be destroyed by battle!

Decoy Dragon: So this will take long... Why didn't I took my Gameboy?!

Aetos the Mightiest: And now you will fall before me!


Decoy Dragon: What?

???: Is to look cooler, because now, I'll summon, this: THE ULTIMATE CREATURE OF LIGHT, WITH A POWER GREATER THAN THAT OF THE GODS I summon three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and fuse them all to form... the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

Babycerasaurus: This is getting interesting.

Aetos: You can't match me!

???:I haven't finished yet.Come forth Black Luster Soldier!And I fuse him with my Blue-Eyes.Appear,Dragon Master Knight!!!

Aetos the Mightiest:I pay 1/4 of my current Life Energy.Ahhhhh!Phoenix,eliminate his monsters with Blaze Cannon!


Decoy Dragon:My Pharaoh,are you all right?

???:Thanks.I am fine.

Aetos the Mightiest:And now the best of all,comes!

Babycerasaurus:Be careful Pharaoh!

Aetos the Mightiest:Since Ra is back let's go for a wide-open attack!Ra,attack!Blaze Cannon!!!

Babycerasaurus:I'll protect you!


Babycerasaurus:My Pharaoh,I can bring....back the...light(Babycerasaurus disappears)

Decoy Dragon:What did you do to my friend?You'll pay for this.

???:And now,it's time to stop Ra!

Aetos the Mightiest:Ummm...

???:I'm summoning my Gandora the Dragon of Destruction.Eliminate him!

Aetos the Mightiest:Have you forgotten that Ra is not harmed?

???:I pay 2/4 of my Life Energy.Ahhhh!Attack,with Giant Laser Beams!!!(Gandora the Dragon of Destruction disappears)

Aetos the Mightiest:No!What have u done?(Ra disappeared)U'll pay for this!I activate Dark Revive.With this card I can sacrifice one DARK monster,one LIGHT monster and one FIRE monster.I sacrifice Skilled Dark Magician,Skilled White Magician and Royal Firestorm Guards to summon Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon!!!

Decoy Dragon:This monster had the legendary powers of the Egyptian Gods,before 5000 years!

???:No way!

Aetos the Mightiest:Since Ra is in the Graveyard,my dragon gains his powers.

???:No,this can not be the end....

Aetos the Mightiest:Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon,attack!Hahaha!I won!

Decoy Dragon:Not so fast!

Aetos the Mightiest:Ummm...

Decoy Dragon:I have got my special ability!I can return one dragon and switch your attack to him.Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon,return in defense!

Aetos the Mightiest:But,my attack continues.(Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon disappears)

???:Thank u,Decoy Dragon.I don't know what,whould I have done without you!

Decoy Dragon:You are welcome!

Aetos the Mightiest:Let's see what you will do without him!

???:What do you mean?

Aetos the Mightiest:I reduce my Life Energy to 2/4,so I can destroy your Decoy Dragon!

???:Decoy Dragon,noooo!

Decoy Dragon:Believe in the light.....find..your true name....and beat him...!!!(Decoy Dragon disappears)

???:I'm gonna win.I promise,my dearest friend!

???: Aetos, you will pay for this! My name is... Atem!

(Nothing Happens)

???: Is not like in the show :( Still I can't be beaten! I summon Felgrand Dragon and Tyrant Dragon. Attack him!

Aetos the Mightiest: Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon! Destroy them both!

???: Not so fast, I activate Waboku! Now your my Dragons are safe from your your monsters attacks! And now, I activate Monster Reborn to call back my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

Aetos the Mightiest: You tried that before and failed!

???: I must do it! I activate De-Fusion to summon my three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and Tribute them to summon, the almighty Victory Dragon!

Aetos the Mightiest: What? Impossible!

(Laughs like a madman)

???: What's going on?

Aetos the Mightiest: You are so pathetic!

???: What?

Aetos the Mightiest: Because you don't know how to use Victory Dragon.

???: Of course I know! I summon Hyozanryu, Luster Dragon and Luster Dragon #2. Now my friends attack.

Aetos the Mightiest: Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon, crush them! Surrender your soul... to the Darkness!

???: Argh! My Dragons! They're gone.

(Victoy Dragon rises)

Aetos the Mightiest: What? He still alive?

???: Victory Dragon will never fall towards you!

Aetos the Mightiest:Hahahahaha!

???:Now,Victory Dragon end this madness.Attack!

Aetos the Mightiest:I activate this....A Hero Emerges.Now,I can special summon my Ice Master and I activate the spell card Spell Textbook.Let's see.I play Dragon's Mirror!


Aetos the Mightiest:I remove Ice Master and Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon from the game to special summon this....Come Forth Chaotic Metalized Brilliant Thundercrashed Dragon of Snowstorm!!!

???:Impossible,but my Dragon is stronger than yours.

Aetos the Mightiest:Chaotic Metalized Brilliant Thundercrashed Dragon of Snowstorm,remove this monster from our game.


Aetos the Mightiest:And now,end this duel.Attack with Chaotic Blast!!!

???:Not,so fast!

Aetos the Mightiest:Ummm..?

???:Victory Dragon,rise!!!

Aetos the Mightiest:Very well.My fearsome dradon repeat your attack!!!

???:Victory Dragon,attack and stop him once and for all!!!

Aetos the Mightiest:What is happening?(Chaotic Metalized Brilliant Thundercrashed Dragon of Snowstorm disappears)My Life Energy is reduced to 1/4!

???:Make your final move!

Aetos the Mightiest:Hahahahaha!Come Forth,Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor!!!Attack with Force of the Thunder and Fist of Fate!!!


Aetos the Mightiest:Your soul is mine now.Hahahahaha!!!

???:(Life Energy is reduced to 1/4)....(He stands up)

Aetos the Mightiest:What?UYou are still standing!

???:Victory Dragon rise!!

Aetosthe Mightiest:Slifer,crush him!!!(Victory Dragon disappears)And now,that he is destroyed by an effect,he can not be back again.The only chance you had for victory,is now disappearing.Hahahaha!!

???:..... I... can't... lose!

Aetos the Mightiest: Without your name you are doomed!

???: No... The light of hope will destroy you!

Aetos :the Mightiest You have no chance, Obelisk, Slifer, attack!

???: Exploder Dragon, stop the attack!

Aetos the Mightiest: Arghhhh!

???: Now they are gone!

Aetos the Mightiest: Not so fast, I activate Dark Divine Calling

???: What? You cannot mean...

Aetos the Mightiest: Now, it returns my gods in their dark forms, the Wicked Gods!

???: No!

Aetos the Mightiest: And I fuse with them to become: The Creator of Darkness!

???: Impossible! A creature with power that matches that of Horakhty!

The Creator of Darkness: This is our last battle, I'll finally have my revenge!

???:Every hope that I had for victory has been lost...Arghhhh!....I cannot feel my body.....

The Creator of Darkness:Now,shadows surround him!

???:.....Arghhhh!(he faints)

The Creator of Darkness:Hahahahaha!Finally,I won.With Unas's faint,now I'm ready to destroy the whole world!Hahahaha!


The Creator of Darkness:Impossible!

???:I fainted for fake and I heard my true name!

The Creator of Darkness:No way!

???:My name is Unas,the Slayer and Eater of Gods!!!

The Creator of Darkness:No.I won't be beaten!

Unas:Victory Dragon rise and fuse with me to destroy that darkness!

The Creator of Darkness:What?

Unas:U heard me.Now,my dragon let's attack together!(Unas and Victory Dragon attack united the Creator of Darkness.The Creator of Darkness disappears and Aetos appears fainted in front of Unas's eyes).

Aetos the Mightiest:Arghhhh........

Unas:What?You are still alive..

Aetos the Mightiest:Of course!And now it's time to...


Aetos the Mightiest:No!It's time for me...,to rest in peace....!

Unas:But what will be happened to the others?

Aetos the Mightiest:They will return....,except Jim.

Unas:Why won't he return?

Aetos the's.....meee......Arghhhh!(Aetos faints)

Unas:No way!(Decoy Dragon and Babycerasaurus returned)Welcome back,both of you!

Decoy Dragon:Are you allright my pharaoh?

Babycerasaurus:Well,what is your name?

Unas:I'm fine and my name is Unas!

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:We forgot something to mention.THANK YOU!!!

Unas:You are welcome.

Decoy Dragon:Why are you acting so strange?What happened?

Unas:Jim won't return...


Unas:Come on!Don't cry.He'll be back!

Jim:Unas has right.Don't cry.

Babycerasaurus:U r back!!

Unas:R u fine?(Unas becomes Tyrant Dragon Slayer)

Jim:Fine than ever and now it's time to....

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Not again!

Jim:Duel!And now I'm gonna become my darkest form,the Dark Magician!!!

Decoy Dragon:Oh no!It's another Shadow Game!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Ok, its time to duel, Victory Dragon, attack Dark Magician!

(Dark Magician destroys it in one second)

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: What?!

Babycerasaurus: Everything is back to normal, here Victory Dragon has only 2400 ATK while Dark Magician has 2500.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Awww, even with that, I'm happy everything is back to normal.

Decoy Dragon: So, will you duel now?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer: Only if the "Shadow Realm" doesn't disconnect us.

Dark Magician:It's time to transfer our duel in the next level.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:No way!I thought u were joking.

Dark Magician:It's time to destroy you.The Shadows are waiting for you!It's time for me to attack!Let's go!Dark Magic Attack!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Arghhh....What are you doing?Where is Jim?

Dark Magician:Hahahaha!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Blue-Eyes White Dragon rise from my graveyard and fuse with me!

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:WTF!!!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon:Let's go for this!White Lightning!

Dark Magician:Fool!If you destroy me,Jim will be lost for ever!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon:I don't care about him!


Decoy Dragon:Not again!Ty knows what to do!

Babycerasaurus:U, I....became angry!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon:Come on,Babycerasaurus!I was joking.I won't harm Jim.


Blue-Eyes White Dragon:White Lightning!!!

Dark Magician:Noooooo!!!(Jim defuses by the Dark Magician)

Jim:Thank you!Ypu saved me!And now we are going to return in our world!(Ty defuses by the Blue-Eyes White Dragon)

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:I'm glad that u came back!


Decoy Dragon:Can anyone stop this dinosaur?

As friends r together again,nobody can do sth about that.Everybody is happy now!Happy,because we can return in our age

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