The Best Friends

This is a wonderful novel story by Tyrant Dragon Slayer and Dimitri-the King of Copycats:

  • Protagonists(in the order of their appearance):
  • Antagonists(in the order of their appearance):

Ty Drake fixes his car and burns his food by mistake. Babycerasaurus gets to Ty's home by Jim's PC the previous night and eats his food. Ty realises it and gives a kick to Babycerasaurus into his PC, so he can return back.The other day, Babycerasaurus wants to apologise to Ty for that.

A Long Travel




Jim:I think,he wants to tell you something.


Jim:Come on!Tell it!


Jim:Get away from the screen,silly dynno!


Jim:I told you to get away!


Jim:What's happening?(Babycerasaurus becomes red)


Jim:What shall I do?Should I call a doctor?(Babycerasaurus becomes normal again)

Babycerasaurus:YEAHH!!!I'm fine!


Babycerasaurus:I ate some of Ty's burnt food,so that's why I was red.

Jim:What?But how?

Babycerasaurus:I just clicked in here...

Jim:Don't do it again!

Babycerasaurus:Don't worry!I won't!Well,I clicked and when Ty has gone out to take his car,I ate the cake he made.But,I didn't know that it was burnt.I thought that it was a chocolate cake.

Jim:My god!Did Ty see you?

Babycerasaurus:Si!And he thought that he was dreaming.

Jim:And what happened next?

Babycerasaurus:I got out from the house and guess what!


Babycerasaurus:I met her.


Babycerasaurus:She was very beatiful and her emerald eyes were glistening.

Jim:What means "glistening"?


Jim:And did you know who was?


Jim:Tell me!

Babycerasaurus:She was Leticia Calderon!!!


Babycerasaurus:YES!It's quite possible!!!

Jim:And then?

Babycerasaurus:I ran to her for an autograph and everybody in the road started screaming.

Jim:My goodness!!!

Babycerasaurus:So,I went inside Ty's house and guess what!


Babycerasaurus:He kicked me to the screen of his pc and then I came here again.

Jim:Let me try.

Babycerasaurus:What are you gonna do?

Jim:One question.Where was Decoy Dragon?

Babycerasaurus:I don't know.

Jim:Forget it.Now,let's see if my kick works.


Babycerasaurus appears from the screen.

Me: So you are the one who ate the food...

Babycerasaurus: Yes but...

Me: Now prepare to the consequences...

Babycerasaurus: Nooooooooooo!

(Nothing happens)

Babycerasaurus: What?

Me: Thank you!

DD: You saved us from eating that horrible cake!

Babycerasaurus: Ah, okay.

Me: Thanks to you we could order some tacos instead. Want some?

Babycerasaurus: Yay, thank you, they are delicious.

DD: Made with the best dog meat!

Babycerasaurus: Wha...

(Babycerasaurus becomes red again and faints)

Tyrant Dragon Slayer and Decoy Dragon:We did it!We get rid of this crazy dynno.Yeahhh!

(Jim appears in Ty's house)

Jim:What did you do to my lovely dunno?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Say hello first.

Jim:Grrrrr.Babycerasaurus,are you fine?

Decoy Dragon:No,he isn't.He ate our special food and...

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:...he will be in great danger!

Jim:Sniff!!!(Jim is crying)What have you done?

Decoy Dragon:We have already told you.

Jim:You will pay for this!Both of you!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Come on!He will be fine!

Jim:Let's transfer this madness to the next level!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Madness?

Decoy Dragon:Next level?

Jim:Yes!And now prepare for your doom!

Decoy Dragon:Ty,help me!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Don't worry!You have nothing to be scare about,when I'm here.

Jim:It's time to offer you a treat,that you can not refuse.

Decoy Dragon:He means......the Shadow Realm?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:I'm ready for this.Let's duel!

Jim:No.It's time to eat!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer and Decoy Dragon:What?

Jim:You heard me.Let's go to the nearest restaurant and eat.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer and Decoy Dragon:Yeahhh!!!

Babycerasaurus:Don't forget to take me with you.

Jim:So,you are fine.

Babycerasaurus:Fine than ever!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Jim,did you forgot something?We can't take our dueling spirits together.Everyone will scream when they see them.

Jim:Come on,Ty!It's okay.Let's go for this!

(So,everybody went to the restaurant to eat)

The strange cook

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:It seems strange.There is noone here.

Jim:And it is also dark.

Cook:Prepare for your doom!

Babycerasaurus:Who are you?

Cook:I'm the Cook of this restaurant.

Decoy Dragon:Ok.We want to order some potatoes and...

Cook:I activate Hamburger Recipe and I sacrifice my 5 tomatoes and my 3 lettuces to summon Hungry Burger!!!

Me: No problem, I can get rid of it! Exploder Dragon, attack the Hamburger!

(Both are destroyed and the place gets filled with the hamburger remains)

Cook: Oh, my master creation! You'll regret this crime! (Goes to the kitchen)

Decoy Dragon: Ok, lets eat!

Jim: What?

Decoy Dragon: The Hamburger remains.

Babycerasaurus: You do realize that that was alive two minutes ago?

Decoy Dragon: Meat too and I can eat it without problems.

Babycerasaurus: Is not so easy when you watched it dying.

Decoy Dragon: Is because your a crying baby!

Babycerasaurus: You too!

Decoy Dragon: Truth hurts...

Me: Stop it! Isn't suspicious, this was too easy...

Jim:Yes,it was very easy...

Cook:(He is coming from the kitchen)Prepare for your final meal!

Decoy Dragon:..?

Cook:I summon Uria, Lord of Searing Flames {ATK/3000}!!!

Jim:Very well.I summon my...

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Let me handle this,Jim!I summon my Blizzard Dragon and by his special ability your monster can not attack until the end of your next turn!

Jim:Sweet move!

Babycerasaurus:Oh yeahhh!!!

Decoy Dragon:Not exactly!I was waiting for something better than this.

Cook:Hahahahaha!!!My turn!And it's time for this....I summon Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder!!!Destroy this Blizzard Dragon!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Ahhhhhh!!!(Ty Drake's LP4000→2200)

Cook:And don't forget his special ability...

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Ahhhhh!!!(Ty Drake's LP2200→1200)

Jim:Ty,r u fine?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Don't u see?

Cook:I have not finished yet.I activate Phantasmal Burning and I select my Uria.Now,I can attack again with my Uria.Destroy him!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Nooooooo!!!

Cook:Hahahahaha!U lost.

Jim:I'm afraid that you've mistaken.


Jim:U heard me!By sending Kuriboh to the graveyard,Ty Drake is safe from your attack.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Thank you,Jim.

Jim:U r welcome.Now,let's finish this!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Ok!!!

Jim:I summon Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning!!!And by his special ability I can remove Hamon from the game.

Cook:Have you been prepared for this?

Jim:What do u mean?

Cook:I summon Raviel, Lord of Phantasms!!!

Decoy Dragon:This is not good.

Babycerasaurus:And why?

Decoy Dragon:I'm sure,that he's preparing for something.

Babycerasaurus:For what?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:It can't be true!Am I dreaming this?

Cook:Raviel,destroy his monster!!!

Jim:Ahhhhhh!!!(Jim's LP4000→3000)

Cook:And now,which of you two?Let me make my final move!Uria attack Jim!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:I shall protect you!I activate Spell Textbook....and I play this Foolish Burial and I send my ace card to the graveyard..Tyrant Dragon!!!

Cook:Hahaha!!!That does not make any sense!

Decoy Dragon:Maybe not.But this one makes...

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Attack Guidance Armor,will redirect your attack to the Decoy Dragon.

Decoy Dragon:And by my special ability,I can redirect your attack to the Tyrant Dragon.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:But I don't lost any LP,because it was in defense.

Jim:I confused from all this,but I thank u Ty.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Come on!U don't need to thank me.You helped me before and I helped you now.

Cook:U'll pay for this!!!It's time to transfer our duel to the next level!To the Shadow Realm!

Babycerasaurus:Oh no!It's another Shadow Game!

Cook:I haven't finished yet!I activate Dimension Fusion and I return Hamon back to our game.And I remove my Sacred Beasts from the game to summon Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos!!!Also,I activate the spell card Phantasmal Effect and with this,Armitael will keep forever his 10000 ATK points.I place one card face down and end my turn.

Jim:What shall we do now?

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Don't worry Jim.I have the card,we need.I summon Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End and by paying 1000 LP,I can destroy every card in the game and inflict all damage to you!


Tyrant Dragon Slayer:It seems,that u don't have to say something.(Ty Drake's LP1200→200).This is the end.



Cook:I activate Phantasmal Surprise.Now,as long as this card is on play with Armitael any effect on the game is negated,but I have to pay a little cost(Cook's LP4000→2000)

TDS: Ok, I can handle this!

DD: How?

TDS: By simply... Don't know, I have nothing stronger than that... Jim, you'll have to use your Egyptian Gods.

Jim: They're useless without effects!

TDS: Then... Decoy Dragon run!!

Jim: You aren't going any further!!

TDS and DD: Sorry.

TDS: Come on Jim, we can't stand that thing!

Jim: Don't you want to be a Hero?

TDS: Yes, but a living one! We stand no chance!

Jim: Giving up is not for me!

Cook: Armitael, attack!

Babycerasaurus: Run all of you!!!!

TDS: This is our end Jim...

Jim: No, we must fight!

DD: He is right, we have faced worse things.

TDS: An example?

DD: Can't think in any...

Jim: Doesn't matter, we'll win!

TDS: Ok, I summon Buster Blader.

Jim: Here goes, Dark Magician!

Babycerasaurus: That's the attitude guys!

Decoy Dragon:That doesn't make some sense.

Jim:Here,goes!Dark Magic Attack!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:R u crazy?Y r u attacking him?


Jim:I'm not attacking him.I activated a spell card.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:That makes some sense.Phew.

Cook:Hahaha!!!My spell card Phantasmal Effect,cannot be destroyed.That means,Armitael's ATK points will remain 10000.And it's not only this.Also,u destroyed Phantasmal Surprise.That means Armitael's attack is now doubled.Hahaha!!!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Ok.Let's go.

Jim:I haven't finished yet,so I'm not leaving from here.I activate my Spell card Painful Choice.I select 5 cards from my deck and then u select which card to add to my hand.(Dragonic Knight,Gandora the Dragon of Destruction,Mirage Dragon,Dark Horus and Diabolos, King of the Abyss

Cook:I select Dark Horus.


Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Jim,how did u fill your deck with Dragon cards.I knew that u haven't got so many.


Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Come on,tell me..

Jim:I saw them near your pc and I....

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Stole them?


Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Oh my god!U r a thief!

Jim:I'm not.The truth is,that I printed them and made a real set.

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Ok.Let's continue.I activate this...Future Fusion.I send 5 dragons to the graveyard and in two turns,I'm gonna summon the Five-Headed Dragon.

Decoy Dragon:COOL!!!


Tyrant Dragon Slayer:Next stop,the spell card...Polymerization.

Jim:Let's do this!

Tyrant Dragon Slayer:I fuse my Buster Blader with Jim's Dark Magician to create Dark Paladin(Dark Paladin's ATK2900→8900)

Cook: No problem, I activate Tribute to the Doomed, destroy Dark Paladin!

TDS: I activate Dark Paladin's effect, I discard Darkblaze Dragon to negate Tribute to the Doomed and boost Paladin's ATK to 9400.

Cook:That's your best, how pathetic!

Jim: Hey, don't forget I'm here too! I activate Card Destruction, with TDS and my cards in the Graveyard Dark Paladin has now 10400 ATK points!

TDS: Now I equip Armitael with Megamorph, since Jim's and my LP combined are higher than yours, Armitael ATK is back to 10000.

Jim & TDS: Dark Paladin, Attack!!!

Cook: Aaaaaaaaargh!

DD: Its over...

Cook: In your dreams.

TDS: But how?

Cook: I activated the Trap "Poison Shot". Your attack was negated and Dark Paladin will lose 500 ATK points every turn. Hahahaha!!

Babycerasaurus: I hate when they laugh in that way!

TDS: I didn't want to do this but you have obligated me!

Jim: What are you gonna do?

TDS: I activate the legendary Forbidden Card: "Dragon's Rage Curse". All of my dragons have their strenght doubled and are protected from my opponent's effect, but I lost half of my life points everyone of my turns.

Jim: Where did you got that?

TDS: I found it in an Ancient Temple, it said that I must never use it, but I don't have any option left.

DD: Argh!! It feels so... It makes me furious!!!

Babycerasaurus: Decoy Dragon, are you ok??

DD: I feel the rage in my veins... Its... so... hard... to control!!!

Jim: I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to drestroy Megamorph.

TDS: And I activate this: "Rise of the Dragon Lords" It allows me to summon Tyrant Dragon, Felgrand Dragon, and Darkblaze Dragon! And I fuse them to form: King of Dragon Lords (5000/5000). And by my card's effect his ATK is doubled. He also can't be destroyed by battle!

Cook: I activate Kishido Spirit, now my monster can't be killed by yours. And your famous card is slowly destroying you.

TDS: Argh… Jim, this is my ultimate move, anything else is up to you. I won't last much in this way.

Jim: I'll do my best! No matter what we won't be stopped.

Decoy Dragon:This can't be the end.

Cook:It's my turn!(Dark Paladin's ATK9900→9400)Armitael,destroy the Dark Paladin!!!

Ty:Argghhhhh(Ty's LP200→0)(Jim's LP3000→2400)

Jim:Ty!Oh no!!!

Cook:Hahahaha!!!I won!!!

Decoy Dragon:What did u do crazy cook?My friend....



Jim:I activate this!Wish of Final Effort.That means that Ty gains 9400 LP:)

Ty:Thx.(Ty's LP0→9400)


Babycerasaurus:Not again.

Cook:Since your combined LP are higher than mine,that means Armitael's ATK is back to 20000!!!Hahaha!!!

Decoy Dragon:What r we going to do next?

Ty:My body.I cannot feel it....

Jim:What is happening?

Decoy Dragon:The same happens to me,but I feel stronger.

Babycerasaurus:Oh no!!!

Cook:Hahaha!!!U feel the pain...Hahaha!!!

Jim:Crazy Cook,it's time to end this duel now!!!

Cook:I activate 3 Excaliburs and I equip them to my Armitael.Hahaha!!!(Armitael's ATK10000→20000→40000→80000)And since I do not draw cards,these cards won't be destroyed.Hahahaha!!!

Ty:Come on,Jim!End!!!

Jim:But how?His Armitael is invincible.


Jim:If I play...this' good...

Ty:What....r u doing?Arghhhh...

Jim:I activate my trap,Spirit Barrier.As long as this card is on the game,u cannot harm our LP.It's time for me to end this duel now!!!Dinosaur's Rage Curse

Ty:This card is same with the card I played.Where did u find it?

Jim:I also found it in an Ancient Temple and it said that I must never use it,except for combining with the other card u played before. u mean?

Babycerasaurus:I'm stronger than before.

Decoy Dragon:Wow.Mee too.I don't fell the pain anymore.

Ty:I have been healed.Cool!We restored our LP.

Jim:Now,I activate this:Dinosaur's Rage.It allows me to summon Super Conductor Tyranno and Ultimate Tyranno!And I fuse them to form:King of Dinosaur Paradise(4000/4000).Not only his ATK is doubled,he also can't be destroyed by battle.

Cook:Fool!Since u have two monsters,I can reduce your LP to zero.

Ty & Jim:We combine our monsters to create this:Come forth,The Great Lightning King of Justice(25000→50000→100000/25000→50000→100000).

Decoy Dragon:Wow!!!


Ty & Jim:King of Justice,attack!!!

Cook:I activate this:Serial Trap.Now,I can copy your Spirit Barrier's effect(Cook's LP2000→1000).Hahaha!

Ty:That means we r gonna have an infinite battle.

Cook:I activate this,Dark Justice.Hahahaha!!!(Cook's LP1000→1).Say good-bye to yourselves.

Ty:Not again!Arghhhh....

Jim:Oh no!Argghhhh...

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:What is happening?

Cook: Dark Justice is a legendary card, it allows me to Tribute 1 monster to Special Summon a Lord of World's Destruction (Infinite/Infinite). Now you all will fell, Lord of World's Destruction can destroy 1 card on the field, and I choose Spirit Barrier. And now my monster will end this! Crush The Great Lightning King of Justice for eternity and end this Shadow Game.

Jim: I still having this, The Last Chance of the Duelist. Our LP can't go lower than 1 this turn! And now I...

TDS: Wait, I have the card that will bring us victory, Knight Resurrection Activate!! Return The Great Lightning King of Justice in the form of a Knight (0/0).

Cook: 0 ATK points? That's so useless.

Jim: I know what you'll do! and I activate Inferno Tempest. In response to your monster attack, all monsters in both player's deck and Graveyard will be removed from play!

TDS: And for every card removed, the knight will win 1000 ATK points! 0 -> 100000

Cook: It still so useless against me, duel is mine!

TDS: Not so fast, I activate my last card on the field: Last Turn!!

Cook: What?? I thought that card didn't exist!!!

Jim: And of course, we select the Justice Knight for its effect!!

TDS: And since you don't have monsters in your deck the duel is over!

Cook: No, you can't...

Jim and TDS: Justice Knight, you know what to do, destroy the cook!! Light of Justice Slash!

Cook: Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghh!

You.. might have win this time but... this is not... over...

(The cook dissapears)

DD: How good, I'm hungry.

Jim: I don't want to see food after passing throught this.

TDS: What a person, this explains why this place has so bad reputation.

Babycerasaurus: Lets go to another place, I'm also hungry.

DD: Hum...

Babycerasaurus: Is something wrong?

DD: Why did that madman attacked us, and why did he said this wasn't over?

Babycerasaurus: All villains say so at least once and they never acomplish it.

TDS: That's a fact.

DD: Still... I feel there's something we are not aware of.

Babycerasaurus:Ok!Let's go outside!

Decoy Dragon:Yeahh!!!

Jim:Ok.Let's go to eat!



Ty:I mean that it would be better if we went somewhere for a day-trip.

Jim:But it's already afternoon.

Ty:Come on!It won't be so further.

Jim:Ok!Where shall we go?

Ty:To the lake Chapala!!!

Jim:What?To a lake?

Ty:Yeahh!!!Let's go to catch some fish.

Jim:Do u know fishing?

Ty:No.But I'm gonna learn.

Lake Chapala and Woserit

[1 hour later]

Babycerasaurus:Phew.We arrived.

Decoy Dragon:Come on!It wasn't so further.

Babycerasaurus:What do u mean?In all the way,u were flying.I was the only one that was walking.

Ty:Where is Jim?

Ty:We have just arrived.


[A Shadow woman makes her appearance]

Fisherwoman:Hi kids.

Ty:We r not kids!We r men!

Jim:Of course!

Decoy Dragon:Babycerasaurus,look her looking.

Babycerasaurus:It's a Shadow looking.

Fisherwoman:And now prepare,because you'll duel with me!

Ty:Get your game on!

Jim:It's time to duel!

Decoy Dragon:I have one question.How can you both duel without your duel disks?

Babycerasaurus:Have u forgotten?They are in their bags.

Decoy Dragon:Whoops.Ok!

TDS: No problem, I have... Wait, I don't have my DD.

Decoy Dragon: I'm here.

TDS: No, I meant my Duel Disk.

DD: Ah.

TDS: I'll be back soon, don't worry.

Jim: Ok.

(9 hours later)

TDS: I'm back.

Everyone else: Zzzzzzzz

TDS: I'll have to use the hard way. I'M BACK!!!!!!.

Jim: Why did you left for so long?

TDS: I couldn't remember why I returned home, so I meditated for many hours until I could remember I was there to eat. So I ate my lunch and came back.

Jim: You went there to go for your Duel Disk!

(Wind passes behind)

TDS: ... I'm... sorry...

TDS: I'll be back.

DD: No, I'll go this time!

(5 hours later)

TDS: Where have you been all this time?

DD: I was in the way to the home when I saw her...

Babycerasaurus: Her?

DD: She was the most beautiful girl in the world, she was in someone's deck.

TDS: How did she looked like.

DD: Like this: (hands a photo).

TDS: That card, come on I have it, you want it, take it, its yours.

(Gives him a Magician's Valkyria)

DD: Oh, thanks!!!

Jim: And the Duel Disk?

DD: ... Forgot everything about it.

Babycerasaurus: Grrrrrrrrrrr!

TDS: O_OU ... I... will... come... back...

Fisherwoman: Argh! You guys are so... go ahead, use one of mines. (Gives TDS a Duel Disk).

TDS: Thank you, now get your...

Fisherwoman: Stop saying that, just duel.

Ty:Just a minute to change my deck.....Very well!I'm ready and now I'm summoning my Rancer Dragonute in defense mode and play this:Horn of Light and equip it to my monster(Rancer Dragonute's DEF1800→2600).Also,u can not destroy my monster because their power is equal.

Jim:Oh my God!!!What r u doing?

Ty:Come on Jim!I have my strategy.

Jim:Ok.I understood.My turn and it's time to summon my ultimate creature...

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:What is happening?

Ty:This yellow air.It seems familiar.

Jim:Great Beast of the sky,pleaze hear my cry.Appear in the Shadow Game,when I call your name...Come Forth Winged Dragon of Ra!!

Fisherwoman:Hahahaha!!!Do u believe that Ra can do sth against me?U r so pathetic.

Jim:I don't care about u.I sacrifice Ty's monster to give all his strength to Ra(Ra's ATK 0→1800,Ra's DEF 0→2600)

Ty:What r u doing Jim?

Jim:I'm not Jim anymore.

Ty:What do u mean?


Babycerasaurus:What is this shine?

Aetos the Mightiest:Finally,I'm back.Hahahaha!!!

Decoy Dragon:I hate the guys who laugh in that way.

Fisherwoman:Welcome back,Master Aetos.

Aetos the Mightiest:Hahahaha.And now my lovely Woserit let's destroy Ty.

Ty:2 against 1?That's not fair.

Aetos the Mightiest:Who cares?I reduce my LP from 4000 to 1(Ra's ATK 1800→5799).Ra,attack Ty.Blaze Cannon!!!

Ty:Nooooooooo(Ty's LP 4000→2000)

Aetos the Mightiest:What?U r still standing up.Impossible.

Ty:I discarded my spell:Cutting in half and I'm safe now.

Woserit:Hahahaha!U r not.


Woserit:Terrorking Salmon,attack.Destroy him,once and for all eternity.

Ty:I'm discarding my Kuriboh from my hand and I'm safe from your attack.

Babycerasaurus:Another shine?

Unas:I'm also back.


Unas:I activate my spell Quick Power.And now I can switch every monster's ATK with it's DEF.

Aetos:Oh no!Ra is unsafe.(Ra's ATK/2600,Salmon's ATK/1000)

Unas:I'm summoning my Light and Darkness Dragon.Attack Ra!!!

Aetos:Nooooo(Aeto's LP 1→0)Arghhhhhhh.I will return someday.(He faints)

Decoy Dragon:Oh no!Another shine.

Babycerasaurus:Look!It's Jim.He's back.

Unas:Ok.And now,I'm gonna win this duel!!!

Woserit:What did u do to Aetos?U'll pay for this.

Jim:And don't forget me.We r going to team up again Ty.

Unas:I'm not Ty.


Babycerasaurus:Will these shines ever stop?I have been bored by this.

Ty:Now,I'm Ty.

Fisherwoman: I'll start, I activate A Legendary Ocean and summon Terrorking Salmon.

TDS: Its your turn.

Woserit: I Tribute Terrorking Salmon to summon Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth, with A Legendary Ocean its ATK is 3000. Coelacath, destroy his LaDD. (TDS LP = 1800). And thanks to my Coelacanth effect, by discarding my card I can summon 4 fish monsters with level 4 or lower and I choose 3 Souleaters and a Flying Fish in defense mode.

TDS: But LaDD allows me to Special Summon 1 monster from my Graveyard once it is destroyed so I can summon my Rancer Dragonute back.

Jim: Its my turn, I summon Uraby and set 1 face-down card. Uraby, attack a Souleater.

TDS: And now its my turn, I activate the card Pot of Greed, and now I activate Foolish Burial to send Divine Dragon - Excelion to my Graveyard. And I summon a second Divine Dragon - Excelion and choose its effect for damage. Excelion, Rancer Dragonute, attack a Souleater each. (Woserit LP = 1300)

A ??? person

Woserit: Its my turn, and I attack Rancer Dragonute with Coelacanth!

Jim: Not so fast, I activate my card Sakuretsu Armor to destroy your Coelacanth.

Woserit: I tribute Flying Fish so Coelacanth is safe from your card, also your Dragonute is destroyed. (TDS LP = 500).

TDS: Augh. Why do you hate me?

Jim: Its my tu...

Woserit: Because you defeated my master, the person I love the most, I'll make you regret that.

Jim: Hey, its my..

TDS: If that will be your attitude, I'll have no option other than...

Jim: Listen, Now its my turn!

Woserit: I don't care about you. I'm at level much higher than yours and...

???: So you are Jim.

Jim: ?

Woserit: You? What are you doing here?

???: I was sent here to crush the famous Jim. How lucky I found him so fast.

Jim: What did you said Woserit? :)

Woserit: Shut up.

???: I didn't thought they'll sent a worthless duelist like you to defeat Dragon Slayer, Woserit.

Woserit: Grrr!!

???: I'll assist you for now. Jim, after your turn it will be mine, Ok?

Jim: If there's no choice.

???: Well done.

Jim: I tribute Uraby to summon Dark Driceratops in attack mode and set a face down card.

???: My turn, I activate Life Crusher, me or my partner can give up any ammount of points and one of my opponents will lose the same ammount. Sorry Woserit, but I give 1250 of your points to do the same damage to Jim!

Jim: Ouch! (Jim LP = 2750)

Woserit: Ack! (W LP = 50) Why did you do that?

???: Because you are just a problem for me.

Woserit: Aetos would be furious if he watched this.

???: But he has gone so I don't care.

Woserit: You are a fool, that card might have defeated TDS!

???: I'm here to defeat Jim, not him.

Ty:It's time for me to transfer our duel to the next level.

Jim:What do u mean Ty?

Decoy Dragon:Let him to continue.

Ty.Thanks.And now,I'm summoning my ultimate creature....

Babycerasaurus:Look at the sky.It becomes dark.

Woserit:What's happening?

???:What r these thunders?

Ty:Come forth,Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder.

???:Impossible.One of the Legendary Sacred Beast cards.


Ty:Hamon,attack the LP of the mysterious guy.End this duel,with Infinite Thunders.

Decoy Dragon:Yeahhh!!!Ty wins.

???:I shall refuse with u.I'm discarding my trap:Damage Off.Hahaha and now I'm safe.Hahahahaha!!!

Jim:Oh no!Ty would have won.



Ty:By activating your trap,u allowed me to play this:Transfer the Effect!!!.Now I can inflict 1000 LP of damage to u,Woserit.

Woserit:What?(Woserit's LP/50→0)Nooooooo!!!Arghhhhhh(she faints and dissapears)

Jim:I promise.I'll save u.

Ty:But,Jim.U hated that woman.

Jim:Maybe yes but maybe not.She wanted her love back.Boo-Hoo!!

???:Oh no!I'm gonna cry too.Hahahahaha!!!U surely r a crying baby.Hahahahaha!!!

Ty:Shut up!!!My friend has my support.That means,u r going to lose.

???:I haven't lost a single LP and that also means I can defend myself.Instead of u.

Jim:I'm allright now.Let's continue!!!

Babycerasaurus:Another yellow air.

Decoy Dragon:But this air,it seems to be colder than the others.

???:Hahahaha!!!!!I'm summoning The Wicked Avatar.....

Ty:With only 0 ATK points u don't have any chance against Hamon.

???:Think it better.(Avatar's ATK/?→4100)

???: He is 100 points stronger than the strongest monster in the field!! You have nothing against it!

Jim: So, that's what you think?

???: What?

Jim: I have one card that will transform your own monster in your doom.

???: No, there's nothing that can surpass Avatar!

Jim: Of course there is. (If he realizes I'm lying, we'll be doomed.)

???: We'll see. (I hope he is lying, if not, I'll be doomed.) Avatar, destroy Excelion!

Jim: Spirit Barrier! Now you can't hurt TDS!

???: You can't activte cards in the upcoming 2 rounds! Hahahahaha!

Jim: I discard Restriction Lifter, now I can activate cards despite the restrictions.

TDS: Where did you got that?

Jim: It was in my hand when it was needed. I haven't seen it before.

TDS: Thanks. You saved me again.

???: (Fool, protecting his friend will be his own destruction.)

Jim: I activate Block Attack to your Avatar, and now I summon Black Tyranno, with your only card being in defense I can attack you directly!

???: Ugh. (??? LP = 1400)

TDS: And I can switch my Hamon to defense mode.

???: Ha! Now your useless Tyranno is open to my attack. Avatar, crush him!

TDS: You didn't saw this coming! Your attack is redirected to Hamon!

???: But your Hamon will also be destroyed!

TDS: But Jim's Tyranno is safe!

???: Fool, you gave up your strongest monster for that useless card, you don't know how to duel!

Jim: That's wrong, I'll show you who is the one who can't duel, I tribute my two monsters to summon Ultimate Tyranno.

???: That doesn't matter, Avatar will be always stronger than your monster!

Jim: Let me finish, Interdimensional Matter Transporter, remove Ultimate Tyranno for now!

TDS: This will be good! I summon, Decoy Dragon!

DD: I'm so cool, and... WHAT!! You're sending me to fight that thing?! are you insane?!

TDS: Leave it to me! Avatar has now a DEF of 400, that leaves it open for this, Dragon's Gunfire! Decoy Dragon, destroy Avatar!

DD: This will be fun! Bye bye old friend!

???: No!

TDS: Now Decoy Dragon, attack him directly!

DD: Take this!

???: Pointless attack... (??? LP = 1100)

Jim: And with our turn over Ultimate Tyranno returns!

???:My turn and it's time to...

Jim:I activate my trap:Ojama Trio


???:Ummm?I don't care about that.I'm summoning my Cannon Soldier.

Babycerasaurus:That doesn't seem to be good.

???:And play this:Brain Control(???'s LP/1100→300)and I'm choosing....

Decoy Dragon:(Not me,not me!Please)

???:the Ultimate Tyranno!!!

Jim:Oh no!

???:I sacrifice my five monsters...

Ty:Wait!I activate this:Ring of Destruction.Now,I designate the Ultimate Tyranno.

???:Hahaha!!!Not so fast.I activate this:Solemn Judgment and I negate your card effect.

Ty:That means...

Jim:Am I gonna lose?

Ty:Sorry,my friend.I did anything,so I could protect u.

Jim:Don't worry Ty.We'll always be friends.

???:Sorry for my interuption,but I have to say something.Hahahahaha!!!

(An explosion occurs into Jim's side)

Jim:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!(Jim's LP/2750→250)

Ty:R u allright?


TDS: You... How could you...?!!

???: You are weak, you shouldn't be duelists.

TDS: But...

???: Have this as a lesson, you must never protect others, only do the best for yourself... If you worry for others, the opponent will easily attack you. Jim might had let me defeat you and then protect himself until I was defeated, but he wasted all his cards to prevent you from losing.

TDS: You'll pay for this! I summon Lord of D. and activate The Flute of Summoning Dragon, I summon Tri-Horned Dragon and Tyrant Dragon!

DD: Brothers, lets destroy that odd guy!!

???: Bottomless Trap Hole! Bye!

DD: Oh no!

TDS: My monsters... are gone! But I still can attack you directly! Lord of D., Decoy Dragon, attack!

???: Sakurestsu Armor, destroy Lord of D.!

DD: That won't stop me! (??? LP = 800)

Jim: Hey, are you forgetting? I'm here too! Babycerasaurus, I summon you my friend!

TDS: Jim, you are ok!

Jim: I can't lose now!

Babycerasaurus: Oh, I'm finally here!

???: You are so pathetic as the Dragon!

DD: Calm down!, I've hitted you twice!

Babycerasaurus: And now its my turn! (??? LP = 300)

???: Hahahaha! Your monsters are pathetic, I also have a Dueling Spirit: Souls of the Forgotten! Attack Babycerasaurus!

Jim: Quick Fusion, it allows me to fuse my monsters in your turn! Babycerasaurus, Decoy Dragon, fuse to become Decoy Dinosaur (800/800).

???: ... Hahahahahahahahahahaha, that thing is so useless and ridiculous.

Decoy Dinosaur: What?!!, we expected to become The Almighty Dragon Dinosaur or something actually cool.

TDS: You both will when you are bigger.

Jim: Now we can Special Summon one Dragon and one Dinosaur from the Graveyard! Ultimate Tyranno, return!

TDS: Tri-Horned Dragon, come back.

???: No!! You will never defeat me!! Souls of the Forgotten, fuse with me!!

Jim: He is mad!

???: Arghhhhh!! In few seconds you all will...

??? eliminated!!!Hahahahaha!!!

Ty:Oh no!He became darker.

Jim:And more evil.

???:And now I'm summoning my last creature to end this duel.Hahahaha!!!

Ty:Stop laughing and make your move.

???:Very well.Prepare for this!Come forth,Armed Samurai - Ben Kei!!!

Decoy Dinosaur:This is ajoke for sure.With only 500 ATK,he can't harm us.

???:R u sure?I equip him with Mage Power and United We Stand spell cards.(Ben Kei's ATK/500→3100)


???:Ben Kei,attack and destroy the Decoy Dinosaur.

Decoy Dinosaur:Help me!!!No.I have an idea.By,my special ability,I can change my position in defense and I can redirect your attack to an other monster on play.

???:Ben Kei,destroy the Tri-Horned Dragon and the Ultimate Tyranno.

Ty:What?(Ty's LP:2000→1750)

Jim:That's not good.(Jim's LP:250→150)

???:And I activate this,the spell card:Designate the Effect!!!.It allows me to destroy your Decoy Dinosaur,when 2 or monsters are destroyed in battle in the same Battle Phase.

Decoy Dragon:Boo-Hoo!!!Bye-Bye.

Ty:Not so fast.I activate our monster's special ability.It allows us to summon back the Decoy Dragon and Babycerasaurus.

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:Yeahh!!!We r back!!!

???:Hahahaha!!!In the next turn,u'll be eliminated.

Ty:My turn and it's time to play this:Eruption and it allows us to fuse Decoy Dragon and Babycerasaurus to summon this: The Almighty Dragon Dinosaur!!!


Jim:Ty,how did u get that card?

Ty:I don't know.It was in my hand,now that I needed.

The Almighty Dragon Dinosaur:Yeahh!!!Our dream became true!

???:Your monster can not do something against me.

Jim:Look better.(The Almighty Dragon Dinosaur's ATK:?→4000)


Ty & Jim:Almighty Dragon Dinosaur,attack and destroy him once and for all.

The Almighty Dragon Dinosaur:Furious attack!!!(The sun comes out)

???:Oh no.It's the dawn.I'll see u soon,but now I'm leaving and forget that duel.We'll meet together an other time.(and he leaves from the scene inside a shadow ball)

Ty:What was that?

Jim:We r going to discover it soon.

Decoy Dragon:It's not fair!

Babaycerasaurus:We would have won!

Ty:Ok.Let's go fishing!

Jim:R u crazy.We need to sleep for 10 hours.

Ty:Ok.But,I don't wanna sleep.

Jim:I don't care.U'll sleep!!!

Decoy Dragon:This grass near the lake is comfortable for sleeping.

Babycerasaurus:Ok.Let's go.

(10 hours later.16:00)

Ty &

Decoy Dragon:(He wakes up)Help me,help me.A monster!

Babycerasaurus:(He wakes up)Come on!They r Ty & Jim.There isn't a monster.

Ladies 1 & 2 VS Ty Drake & Jim

(2 ladies approach to Ty and Jim)

Decoy Dragon:COOL!!!


TDS: Oh, ladies!!

Lady 1: So you are the famous Dragon Slayer.

TDS: Am I famous?

Lady: No, I read your name in your Duel Disk.

TDS: Oh, that explains many things.

Jim: Who are you?

Ladies: We are...

TDS: You are?

Lady 1: The Champion Sisters!

Lady 2: What are you thinking? we are the Master Ladies!

Lady 1: No we said that...

Jim: Oh, I'm sorry we have to leave, I'm hungry.

Lady 2: Wait, you must duel with us!

TDS: Why must we?

Lady 1: Because if not we will...

Jim: Don't see any point in dueling someone that can't even choose their nickname, and I'm really hungry. Lets go.

Babycerasaurus: Jim, you are rejecting a challenge? I'm dissapointed.

Jim: What?! Ok, if you want me to duel I'll.

Lady 1: Excellent, but first lets eat.

TDS: This is confusing.

(1 hour later)

TDS: Oh what a delicious food, did you prepare it?

Lady 2: Yes, its my original recipe.

DD: Excellent! Now, will you duel? I'm so bored.

TDS: Be patient, hey girls, don't you want to travel in one of my Dragons.

Lady 1: Oh, we'll love it!

(1 hour later)

Lady 2: What were you thinking?, you can't even control that thing!

TDS: Its not my fault, this Dragon is good whenever he wants only.

Tri-Horned Dragon: Why would I obbey you, when you don't give me from that sandwich?

TDS: Oh, so that's the problem, you are only interested in that isn't it?

THD: Yes.

TDS: Oh well, here you have it.

THD: Delicious, who wants to take a ride around.

Lady 1: I won't go in your back again, you are mad.

THD: Oh, with your though words my heart brokens, why do you reject me, why can't you see my feelings for you?

Everyone: ?

Jim: I didn't knew that thing could even speak, now he attempts to write bad poems. O_O

DD: Come on, just duel, and you enormous (Censorship), stop saying pure (Censorship).

THD: You, small (Censorship), how dare you to talk to me in that way!

DD: Wanna fight? I can handle you easily, you big (Censorship)!!!

THD: You will regret those words you... Wait, have you realized that we can't say bad words?

DD: Its strange, I wonder why we can't.

Censorship Goblins: Its because we are here.

DD: Who are you?

Censorship Goblins: We are the Censorship Goblins, as long as we are around, no one can say any bad words.

THD: But why?

CG: To protect the innocent youngs of today from bad influences like you, big horned monster.

THD: What?!

CG: You were about to say horrible words in front of two small babies. The lttle dragon's vocabulary shows the bad influence you have over him.

Babycerasaurus: We are not babies!

CG: Babies can't accept they are, but believe us, we just want your safety, I'm sorry big dragon, but we'll have to take you with us so these babies aren't hurted anymore by your AARGH!

DD: Argh?

THD: I was getting tired of them, so I had my lunch.

DD: While I usually hate you, I must admit you are useful at times.

Babycerasaurus: Calm down you both, they have started dueling.

Lady 1: I summon Magician's Valkyria.

DD: Its... her! So you are that duelist from that other day!

Lady: I don't know which duelist are you talking about.

DD: Doesn't matter, the important is that she is here!!

TDS: I have... wait, Jim, you have said just few words today, what's wrong?

Jim: I still wondering what happened with Woserit. That guy seemed to be completely insane, he may have done something horrible to her.

TDS: Is best to not think on it.

Lady 2: Hey, we are dueling!! Do you guys know what that mean?, its your turn, make your move!

Jim: Ok, lets continue the duel but... Wait, why are you girls obsessed with dueling us.

Lady 1: Because we...

Lady 1:...r the mighty ladies from the group of 5.

Jim:Group of 5?

Lady 2:Yeahh.Here's a picture of us [1]

Decoy Dragon:COOL!!!


Ty:I still can't understand.What is that group of 5?

Lady 2:Let's say the truth.We duel for someone who is named (*******)

Ty:Can u repeat,please?

Lady 2: (*******)

Ty:Jim,what she said?

Jim:I don't know,but even I cannot understand.

Censorship Goblins:U can't hear his name,because u should be able to enter his secret base?Ok.We r leaving now.Bye-Bye.

Jim:Please,don't go.We want to hear more.

Lady 2:Let's continue.


Lady 2:I'm summoning my Magician's Valkyria in attack mode.

Ty:This is not good.

Jim:And why?

Ty:They have their special ability activated.

Jim:Who cares about this ability,when I play this?


Jim:Great Beast of the Sky,please hear my cry.Appear in the Shadow Game,when I call your name.Come forth,Winged Dragon of Ra!!I pay 1000 of my LP(Jim's LP:4000→3000)Arghhhhh!!!Now I can destroy your monsters.


Lady 2:Hahahaha!!!This trap may cost u.I activate this:Skill Drain!!!(Lady 2's LP:4000→3000)

Jim:Oh no!

Ty:My turn.And it's time to play this:Come forth:Blue-Eyes White Dragon destroy her Magician's Valkyria.

Lady 2:Nooooooo!!!(Lady 2's LP 3000→1600)

Lady 1:The end hasn't come yet.Prepare for the Shadow Realm.

Ty:Not again!

Lady 1:Hahahaha!!!I'm summoning my Dark Magician Girl.And now,prepare for a double attack.Magician's Valkyria destroy Ra.

Jim:Arghhhhhh(Jim's LP:3000→1400)

Lady 1:Hahahaha!!!Dark Magician Girl,attack Jim directly.End this duel with Dark Burning!!!

Jim:Ty,please.Do something.........Arghhhhh(Jim's LP:1400→0)

Ty:Jimmmmm!!!!R u allright?


Babycerasaurus:Oh no!!Jimmmmm!!!

Decoy Dragon:Ty.U should do something.

Ty:Grrrrrr!!!U'll pay for this!!!

Lady 2:And now,we have the soul we needed.Only yours remains.Hahahaha!!!

Ty:I won't lose so easy.

Lady 2:Never be sure about this because now I activate this:Confusing Control.(Lady 2's LP:1600→600)Now,I can take control of your monster for one turn(Blue-Eyes's ATK:3000→4000) and in return,I place a Confusing Token on your side of the field in defense position.Also,the monster I control cannot attack this turn.And I switch your Blue-Eyes into defense mode and I activate this:Zero Gravity.

Ty:U spend my time.

Lady 2:Hahaha!!!I activate this:Quick Attack.Now,I can attack ignoring the rules.


Lady 2:Blue-Eyes attack,White Lightning!!!

Ty:Arghhhh(Ty's LP:4000→0)

Decoy Dragon:Oh no!Ty also lost.

Babycerasaurus:Oh no!What should we do now?

Lady 1:Hahaha!!!Finally,we have what we needed.

Lady 2:And now let's destroy these baby-monsters.

Ladies 1 & 2 VS Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus


Babycerasaurus:Oh no.They surrounded us.

Lady 1:Decoy Dragon,give me your legendary card:Rise of the Dragon Lords

Lady 2:And you,Babycerasaurus give me the other legendary card:Dinosaur's Rage

Babycerasaurus:Come on,Decoy Dragon!Think something.

Decoy Dragon:Y don't u duel with us?And if u win,we shall give u the cards.But,if u lose Ty and Jim will return.

Lady 1:Ok.Just a second.

(12 hours later.4:00 in the morning)

Lady 2:Maybe this,but....

(9 hours later.13:00)

Ladies:OK!LET'S DUEL!!!

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:GET YOUR GAME ON!!!

THD: What happened here?

DD: O_O Where have you been?!

THD: I went to the shop to buy some candies, I'm hungry.

Babycerasaurus: They took Jim and Ty's souls!!

THD: That's not good, you girls will regret this!!

Lady 1: Behave, remember that we still having your friends' souls.

DD: Return to the deck, you'll be useful there.

THD: Ok, but if you hurt them, I'm gonna crush you both!!

Lady 2: Oh, I'm so scared! hahahahaha!

DD: Time to duel!

Lady 1: I start first, I set a facedown monster and two more cards.

Babycerasaurus: No problem, I also set a face down monster and a facedown card.

Lady 2: Dark Elf, in attack mode!

Babycerasaurus: 2000 ATK points!

DD: No problem, because I summon, Axe Dragonute! And I'm the first who can attack, Axe Dragonute, attack the first girl's facedown monster!

Axe Dragonute: What? Where is TDS?

DD: Trapped by those girls.

AD: Oh, that's a bad thing. Ok, lets finish this!

Lady 1: So useless attack, you activated Fire Sorcerer effect, I remove two cards form my hand and you take 800 points of damage. Also, your Dragonute is now in Defense.

DD: Ugh! That hurts! (DD LP = 3200)

Lady 1: And now I summon, Dark Magician Girl in attack mode. DMG, attack Axe Dragonute.

AD: What a beautiful card, how bad she is gonna crush me now!

DD: My Dragonute!

Babycerasaurus: I discard Destroyersaurus to add one Jurassic World to my hand and activate it! I end my turn!

Lady 2: I set two face down cards and a facedown monster. And I attack you directly with Dark Elf! (Lady 2 LP = 3000)

Babycerasaurus: Shift, it send the attck to my monster. Black Stego and thanks to Jurassic World his DEF is boosted to 2300.

Lady 2: Grr! (Lady 2 LP = 2700)

DD: Thanks!

Babycerasaurus: No problem.

DD: I set a facedown monster and a facedown card, your turn.

Lady 1: I set a facedown monster. Dark Magician Girl, attack his facedown monster.

DD: Is The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave, he is not destroyed by your attack.

Babycerasaurus: My turn, I activate Call of the Haunted to summon Destroyersaurus back, and now he has 2100 ATK points. Destroy Dark Magician Girl! (Lady 1 LP = 3900)

Lady 2: My turn, I summon Cosmo Queen, and attack Destroyersaurus. (Babycerasaurus LP = 3200)

DD: Ha! Cosmo Queen is awesome, but she can't match my brother, I summon Tyrant Dragon.

Tyrant Dragon: Where is TDS?

DD: Those girls trapped his and Jim's soul.

TD: But that's horrible!

DD: But with you here we'll win and save them. Attack Dark Elf and her other facedown monster (Mystical Elf).

TD: Guys, I'm gonna save you! (Lady 2 LP = 2100)

Cosmo Queen: So, that's your big card, is so strong as me.

DD: But still much better than you!

Cosmo Queen: We'll see that! You'll regret hurting my master.

TD: And you master will regret taking my master's soul!

Lady 1: I summonIris, the Earth Mother and equip her with Black Pendant! Iris, attack Black Stego!

Babycerasaurus: You'll pay for this, Black Tyranno in attack mode, now his attack is 2900.

DD: A war of strong monsters! How good!

Babycerasaurus:Go,Black Tyranno,attack her face-down monster.(Cyber Jar)

Lady 2:Hahahaha!!!This allows me to destroy every monster on the field,but not so fast.Because,I activate this:Avoiding Explosion's Effect and it allows me to destroy your monsters and of course u can not draw any card.

Decoy Dragon:This is not good.She ruined our strategy.

Tyrant Dragon & Black Tyranno:Bye-Bye.We hope u can beat them.

Lady 1:And now my lovely sister.Let's crush them.

Lady 2:Ok,I'm summoning my Dark Magician,my another Dark Magician Girl and the legendary...Dark Magician of Chaos.

Lady 1:And I'm summoning my Ice Master,Cybernetic Magician and Injection Fairy Lily..

Decoy Dragon:Come on,Babycerasaurus!Do something.

Babycerasaurus:Let me think...

(10 hours later:23:00)

Lady 1:My sister,it's time....

Lady 2:Yeahhhh.I agree.It's time....

Decoy Dragon:Time for what?

Ladies:Time to transfer the duel to the next level.

Decoy Dragon:Probably the Shadow Realm?

Ladies:Of course!

Decoy Dragon:Where is Babycerasaurus?

Ladies:Our ears!

Decoy Dragon:Oh no!Wake up!Have u thought something?

Babycerasaurus:Ya...wwwwwwwwww.....nnnnnnnn.Yup!I end my turn.

Decoy Dragon:My turn.I activate this:Future Fusion and I select the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Dark Magician:Oh!I'm so scared.Boo-Hoo.Hahahahaha!!!Blue-Eyes cannot defeat all of us.

Decoy Dragon:We'll see.

Lady 1:Dark Magician Girl,Iris,Ice Master,Cybernetic Magician and Lily,attack Decoy Dragon directly.

Babycerasaurus:Not so fast.I activate this:Spell Textbook......And I activate one of the legendary spells....

Ladies:That means....

Babycerasaurus:Yup!I activate this:Dinosaur's Rage Curse and it allows me to activate automatically this:Dinosaur's Rage.That means,I'm summoning Super Conductor Tyranno and Ultimate Tyranno!And I fuse them to form:King of Dinosaur Paradise(4000→4300/4000→4300).Not only his ATK is doubled(8600/4300),but he also can't be destroyed by battle.(Babycerasaurus's LP 4000→2000)

Lady 1:Now,my monsters,continue your attack to the Decoy Dragon!

Decoy Dragon:Serial Spell activate!(Decoy Dragon's LP 4000→3000)

Lady 1:This is not good.

Decoy Dragon:And I copy Spell Textbook's effect....Let's see.....I draw.....and......

Lady 2:Oh my god!

Decoy Dragon:I activate this:Dragon's Rage Curse and it allows me to activate this:Rise of the Dragon Lords.That means,I'm summoning Tyrant Dragon,Felgrand Dragon, and Darkblaze Dragon! And I fuse them to form:King of Dragon Lords(5000/5000). And by my card's effect his ATK is doubled.(10000/5000) He also can't be destroyed by battle!

Lady 1:Stop your attacks now.

Lady 2:This could probably be the end.

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:We combine our monsters to create this:The Great Lightning King of Justice(25000→50000→100000/25000→50000→100000).

TGLKofJ:Ok!Let's end this!

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:Light of Justice Slash!

Ladies:Hahahaha!!!This is not the end yet!--

Lady 1: Barrier of the Gods, activate!

Lady 2: Hahahaha, you didn't thought we also have a Legendary Card!

Babycerasaurus: What the hell is that?

Lady 1: It must send all cards in our field to the Graveyard and our LP become 500, but it allows me to create the ultimate barrier, it can't be destroyed!!

Lady 2: Now you can't touch our LP!

Lady 1: An every of my turns the barrier becomes stronger, after five turns it'll explode and we'll win the duel.

DD: This doesn't look good!

Babycerasaurus: This is our end!

TGLKofJ: Hey guys, Jim and Ty would never give up against this!

Babycerasaurus: He is right, we can't touch you LP but there are other ways to win!

Lady 2: Oh, I'm so scared, ha.

DD: You'll be, Final Countdown, activate! (DD LP = 1200)

Babycerasaurus: Where did you got that? I've never seen Ty using that.

DD: This is not Ty's card, he gave it to me, so I could win at least once.

Babycerasaurus: Every player turn FC's count increases by one, while the barrier's count only increases by one during her turn, if I'm right we'll win just 1 turn before they can!!

Lady 2: Argh, all our plan ruined by that card, sister, we must win this by the normal way!!

Lady 1: Grrrr!! No problem, they are no match for us.

Lady 1:My turn.Hahahaha!I drew the card I needed.And now it's time to play this:White Magician Pikeru!!!

Lady 2:And I'm summoning this:Ebon Magician Curran and play one card face-down.

Ladies:Hahahaha!!!The end is approaching for u now.Hahahaha!!!

Babycerasaurus:My turn!And I activate the spell Turn Jump.3 more turns have passed(3 turns=12 turns) and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is summoning now.(Decoy Dragon's LP:1000→100)(Babycerasauru's LP:2000→1100)(Lady 1's LP:500→1700)(Lady 2's LP:500→1700)

Decoy Dragon:Come forth:Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!!

B-EUD:Let's do this!!!

Babycerasaurus:Not so fast.I activate this:Dark Magic Curtain.And now I'm summoning my Dark Magician in attack mode.(Babycerasauru's LP:1100→550)My turn ends here.

Decoy Dragon:I activate Emblem of Dragon Destroyer to add Buster Blader to my hand.Next stop,I activate this:Polymerization to fuse my warrior with Babycerasauru's magician.

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:We combine our monsters to create the ultimate Dark Paladin!!!

Lady 1:Hahaha!!!He can't defeat us.

Decoy Dragon:It's time for our final move.

Lady 2:Ummmmm?

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:We remove our three monsters from the game to create the ultimate:The Great Chaotic Lightning Wizard of Justice


Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:Chaotic Light Spell!!!

Ladies:Nooooooooo!!!(Lady 1's LP:1700→0,Lady 2's LP:1700→0)Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!(They faint and dissapear)

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:We won!!!

Pikeru & Curran:Hi guys.We want to join your deck.Will u accept us?

Decoy Dragon & Babycerasaurus:Of course!!!

Ty:My head.It's hurting.

Jim:And mine.

Decoy Dragon:Don't worry guys.U r safe.


Ty:Where r we?

Pikeru:Don't u remember?In the Lake Chapala.

Ty:Ok.Let's go for fishing.Just a sec.Who r u?

Pikeru:Pikeru is my name and I would like to be your second dueling spirit.Can I?

Ty:Of course.

Jim:Am I dreaming?Curran are u allright?

Curran:I miss u all this time.

Jim:Curran where were u?

Curran:I have been trapped along with Pikeru in the shadows,but don't worry.I'm fine.

Jim:Do u want to come with us?


Ty:I have a better idea.

Jim:(Oh no!We'll be in trouble again)

Ty:Let's head south.We'll go in Morelia.It has a lake there.

Jim:Another lake?Oh my god!

Ty:Don't worry.I have my fishing rod with me.

Jim:That's why I worry.(Poor fish)

Babycerasaurus: Ok, let's go fishing!!

TDS: In the Traditional way, with a Dragon. Tri-Hor...

Jim: NO! This time we'll go in a Dinosaur, Ultimate Tyranno

DD: How good, I've never traveled in a Dinosaur!

Jack, you will be defeated!!!

(1 Hour Later)

Guy in car: Hey, what a beautiful vehicle, from the age stone!! Hahaha, see you later fools.

TDS: Hey you, calm down or I'll...!

Jim: Just ignore him.

Ultimate Tyranno: But how dare him to insult me?!!

Jim: He needs to insult others to feel cool.

(1 hour later)

DD: Oh, we are finally here!

Pikeru: What a beautiful place.

Babycerasaurus: Lets go fishing!!

DD: I summon Magician's Valkyria!

Magcian's Valkyria: Hi!

DD: Ah, my heart...

MV: Oh, what a cute baby!

DD: I'm not a baby!

MV: Of course you are!! I'm gonna hug you!!

DD: Arghhh! Let me breath!!!

Curran: Well, I'm hungry.

Babycerasaurus: Hey girls, look what I caught!

7 Colored Fish: Le me free and I'll grant you three wishes.

Babycerasaurus: I want... Three girlfriends, a bag with gold and a Sport Car!!

7 Colored Fish: Oh thank you, now I'll go to the bottom of the lake and take them to you.

Babycerasaurus: Cool! I'll wait here!

(1 hour later)

Babycerasaurus: Hey fish, where are my wishes??!!

Curran: I guess he won't come back.

Pikeru: Let's go with Ty and Jim.

Babycerasaurus: I'll never trust a fish again, let's go.

(1 minute Later)

7 Colored Fish: Sorry, it was hard to find your wishes, well here are your... He is gone! Meh, better for me.

TDS: Hey Jim, this enormous fish you caught is enough to feed all my Dragons.

Jim: Yes, we just need to cook him now!

Tyrant Dragon: An easy job! (burns the fish)

Pikeru: Can we have some?

TDS: Of course.

Guy (The same from earlier): Hey fools, I didn't thought you'll made it here alive.

Jim: Shut up, I don't want problems with you.

Guy: But I do!

Jim: So, you wanna duel?

Guy: At any time!

Jim: But I don't, I'm eating, now go away.

TDS: Seriously, get a life!

Guy: Grrr

Curran: Do you see this type of situations always?

Jim: Yep.

Curran: Oh!

Guy:Well,all of u prepare,because it's time to duel!

Ty:Can u tell me the reason to duel now?It's 21:00 at night.

Guy:Hahahaha!!!It's time for our little game.And when I say game,I mean a Shadow Game.Hahahahahaha!!!

Ty:R u crazy?

Guy:No,I'm not.Jack is my name and dueling is my game.


Jack:The time has come............Let's do this!Duel!!!

Ty:Let's duel!!

Jim:Get your fish on!!


Jim:I was talking to Babycerasaurus.


Jim:Give it!

Babycerasaurus:Decoy Dragon,catch it!!!

Decoy Dragon:....(Decoy Dragon eats the fish)Yum,yum,yum...It is good.

Jim:My fish!!!

Ty:Let's continue!

Jack:I begin first.I activate this:Polymerization fusing my King's Knight,my Queen's Knight and my Jack's Knight in my hand in order to create this:Arcana Knight Joker.

Ty:That's not good.

Jack:And now,I activate the spell Card of Demise.It allows me to draw until I have five cards in my hand....Dark Designator activate!I choose u,Jim!

Ty:And why not me?

Jack:He has a card I need.The Winged Dragon of Ra!!!

Jim:Ok.I add it to my hand.

Jack:I activate De-Fusion to seperate my monster into three and I play Exchange and I choose your Ra.

Jim:Ok,take it.But,after the duel I want him back,because he's mine.

Ty:What dis u say?U got this card from me.It's not yours so easy.


Ty:U heard me.

Jim:Ok.I apologise.....I choose Ring of Destruction.Hehe!!U don't know Ra's chant.

Jack:I don't care about the card u chose.I sacrifise my three monsters.....

Pikeru and Curran:The sky.....It became darker....

Decoy Dragon and Babycerasaurus:Don't worry girls.We r here to protect u.

Tyrant Dragon,Magician's Valkyria and Ultimate Tyranno:And don't forget us.We'll protect everyone.

Jack:Great Beast of the Sky,please hear my cry.Appear in the Shadow Game,when I call your name.Come forth,Winged Dragon of Ra!!(Ra's ATK:????→5000,DEF:????→4000).And now Ty,make your move.

Ty:Of course.And I activate Painful Choice (((Uria, Lord of Searing Flames,Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder,Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, Immortal Class and Fallen Paradise)))

Jack:I select the Fallen Paradise.

Ty:Very well.Now I'm summoning the Dark Summoning Beast and I sacrifise it to summon back the three sacred beasts.

Jim:Yes!!Be afraid now,Jack!

Ty:Uria,Hamon,Raviel combine now for the ultimate monster:Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos.And his attack becomes 10000.Attack Ra,with Phantasmal Attack!!!

Jack:Hahaha!!I pay 1000 LP(Jack's LP:4000→3000) to destroy Armitael.Phoenix,eliminate him.


Jim:Ty,r u allright?

Ty:Yes.And now,Let's continue.I place one card face-down and end my turn.

Jim:My turn and it's time to summon my ultimate monster....

Ultimate Tyranno:Whooops...It's me.

Jim:I'm summoning my Ultimate Tyranno in attack mode.

Jack:Phoenix eliminate him(Jack's LP:3000→2000)!!


Jack:Hahahaha!!!Fools.U don't have a chance against Ra.

Jim:I place one card face down and I activate The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh and I add Kuriboh to my hand and end my turn.

Ty:Jim,we should be careful.

Jack:Hahahahaha!!And now,I'll end this!!!!

TDS: First of all, you Ra's Phoenix form is over.

Jack: So? He still invincible.

TDS: I don't wanna do this but... I activate Contract with the Dark Master, to summon Dark Master - Zorc.

DD: What?

Zorc: Its been a while. So, where's the I'll never use this card again guy? Hahaha!

TDS: Just shut up.

Tyrant Dragon: You still carrying that card in your deck? He is so...

Zorc: What a Dragon, that's why I dislike you so much!

Tyrant Dragon: Calm down of I'll...

DD: Calm down you both!!

Zorc: Doesn't matter, why was I summoned this time?

TDS: I want you to destroy Ra.

Zorc: That's easy, just roll the die.

Jim: Easy? Destroying Ra?

TDS: I got a 1.

Zorc: The lowest number, hahaha! The best result!

Jack: What are you gonna do?!

Zorc: Just say goodbye to that useless bird!! Blackflames of Destruction, come to me!! Now, destroy all his monsters!!!!!

Jack: AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

Jim: Awesome!! But how strong can that effect be so it can even destroy Ra?

Zorc: Next time call me for something that really worth it.

DD: I hate that card, but I must admit he is very strong.

TDS: Zorc, attack his Life Points directly!

Zorc: It will be fun!!

Jack: Magic Cylinder! Your attack is returned!

TDS: Argh! (TDS LP = 1300)

Zorc: I feel better now, hahaha!

DD: You... I'll...

Babycerasaurus: How did you got that card, and why do you guys seem to hate each other so much?

DD: It's a long tale...

Jim: Kabazauls, attack him directly!

Jack: Ugh! (Jack LP = 300)

Zorc: What a short duel, how boring!

Jack: Shut up, this is not over!

Zorc: Its almost. Worthless fool.

Jack:Zorc u'll be in great trouble.I activate this:Roll of Fate.(die=6)Hahahaha!!!Now,I draw 6 cards and I sent 6 cards from the top of my deck to the graveyard.I place 4 cards face-down and activate this:Card of Sanctity.Now,we each draw until we have 6 cards in our hands,but not so fast,because I activate this:Emergency Provisions and I send all these cards to the graveyard before I draw.And now I draw 6 cards(Jack's LP:300→5300)

Jim:I have a headache...

Ty:What?He regained back all his LP.

Zorc:Hahaha!!!This is so funny.

Jack:Zorc,I'm gonna seal u inside the light.


Jack:U heard me.

Jim:Yes,but with this way,Ty will also be sealed.

Jack:I don't care about him.I came here to destroy Zorc.

Zorc:That'll never happen.

Ty:All of u,shut up!

Decoy Dragon:He's right.

Jack:Victory is mine now.Hahahaha!!!I activate Lullaby of Obedience(Jack's LP:5300→4300).And now Ty,give me your Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Zorc:Oh no!

Ty:Ok.Take him,but I want him back.

Jack:Come forth,Blue-Eyes White Dragon.Destroy Zorc with White Lightning.

Zorc:Noooooooooooooooooo!!!(Zorc disappears)

Ty:Arghhhhhhh(Ty's LP:1300→1000).

Jack:Make your move.

Ty:Very well.I'm gonna end this duel NOW!I activate the forbidden spell card:Dragon's Rage Curse(Ty's LP:1000→500) and it allows me to activate the legendary card:Rise of the Dragon Lords.That means,I'm summoning Tyrant Dragon,Felgrand Dragon, and Darkblaze Dragon! And I fuse them to form:King of Dragon Lords(5000/5000). And by my card's effect his ATK is doubled.(10000/5000) He also can't be destroyed by battle!

Jack:Oh no!!

Ty:King of Dragon Lords,attack with Dragonic Slash!!!

Jack:This can't be happen!!Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!(Jack's LP:4300→0)

Jim:Gongratulations Ty.U win by yourself!

Ty:What did u think?

Jim:Ummmm....nothing.Absolutely nothing.

Pikeru,Curran,Decoy Dragon and Babycerasaurus:YES.THEY DID IT!!!

Jack:It's not the end yet.My master will gather the powers he needs for unlocking the........(Jack disappears)

Ty:What should we do now?

Jim:We r gonna enjoy our day.

Ty:But,it's midnight.

Jim:Whoops.I forgot it.Let's sleep.

Ty:Again in the grass?My clothes are green from the previous time.


(10 hours later 11:00 the morning)

Ty and Jim:Sn...oooo.....rrrree....eeeee.Sn......ooooorrrrr...eeeeee...

Curran:Pikeru,wake up!Someone is here.

Pikeru:What's happening?That noise.

Pikeru and Curran:HELP US!!!!

Decoy Dragon:Come on girls!Don't be noisy.We try to sleep.

Babycerasaurus:But how?With all this noise.

Pikeru,Curran,Decoy Dragon and Babycerasaurus:WAKE UP!!!!!!



Decoy Dragon:Oh my god!He's still sleeping and snoring.

Ty:Jim,wake up!It's time to go!

Jim:Yaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnn!!!Good morning to everybody.Go where?

Ty:Good morning.Let's do sth different this time.Instead of going for fishing,why don't we go to El Chichón?

Jim:Yup.It seems good,from its name.

Decoy Dragon:R u crazy?I don't want to be a fry potato.

Ty:Come on!

Jim:Ty,can u give some information about El Chichón?

Ty:Yup!El Chichón is a small, but powerful trachyandesitic tuff cone and lava dome complex that occupies an isolated part of the Chiapas region in SE México far from other Holocene volcanoes. Prior to 1982, this relatively unknown volcano was heavily forested and of no greater height than adjacent nonvolcanic peaks. The largest dome, the former summit of the volcano, was constructed within a 1.6 x 2 km summit crater created about 220,000 years ago. Two other large craters are located on the SW and SE flanks; a lava dome fills the SW crater, and an older dome is located on the NW flank. More than ten large explosive eruptions have occurred since the mid-Holocene. The powerful 1982 explosive eruptions of high-sulfur, anhydrite-bearing magma destroyed the summit lava dome and were accompanied by pyroclastic flows and surges that devastated an area extending about 8 km around the volcano. The eruptions created a new 1-km-wide, 300-m-deep crater that now contains an acidic crater lake.

Jim:I agree with Decoy Dragon.What should we do into a volcano?

Ty:Come on!It'll be fun!


Ty:Yup.I'm gonna take some pictures with my mobile phone there.

Jim:Ok.If u want so,let's go!

Babycerasaurus:Go with what?

Jim:Babycerasaurus's right.How could we go there?Our monsters have been bored by all these duels.

Ty:I have an idea.Let's take Jack's car and go there.We'll reach sooner than we expect.


Rita & El Chichon

(14 hours later 01:00 the midnight outside the El Chichón)

Ty:Finally we arrived.

Jim:The heat!!

Ty:Come on!It's usual in this place.

Jim:Yes,but I have been used to stay in the Mediterranean Climate[1].

Ty:Stop nagging!

Sweet lady:Sorry for the interuption.R u maybe the mighty Tyrant Dragon Slayer who won the title of the Master of the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ty:Yes.And who r u?

Sweet Lady:I am.....

Curran:The sky....

Pikeru:...becomes darker


Ty:Not again.

Sweet Lady:......Rita,the Returned Lady!

Jim:From where did u return?

Rita:Nope.I haven't returned from somewhere.I have been named like this,because my deck focuses in returning my opponent's monsters into their hands.

Jim:Ahhhh.I understood.

Ty:So,do u want to duel?

Rita:Yes.And I would like to duel with only u,Ty.

Ty:Ok.Let's do this!

Jim:Good Luck Ty!

Ty:Thanks,but I don't need it.

Ty and Rita:Duel!!!

Rita:I begin first.I set one monster face-down and end my turn.

Ty:Come forth,Spear Dragon.Attack her monster with Spear Attack!!

Rita:Nooooo!!(Rita's LP:4000→2600)Hahaha!U destroyed my Hane-Hane.That means your monster is returned to your hand.

Ty:Very well.Make your move.

Rita:I place one card face-down and also set one monster face-down.

Ty:My turn!I summon again the Spear Dragon and play this:Double Summon,so I summon my Rancer Dragonute.Spear Dragon attack!

Rita:I activate this:Spirit Barrier and I'm safe.And because u destroyed my Penguin Soldier both of your monsters return to your hand.

Ty:Grrr!!!I place two cards face-down and end my turn.

Rita:I play Giant Trunade!!

Ty:My cards!

Rita:And I activate the spell:Thief of the Cards and I choose two of your cards in your deck and add them to my hand(Rita's LP:2600→600)And I choose these two:The Creator Incarnate and The Creator.

Jim:That doesn't seem to be good!

Ty:And so?

Rita:I'm summoning The Creator Incarnate and I sacrifise him to summon The Creator!!!And I play Weapon Change.(Creator's ATK:2500→3000,DEF:3000→2500).Attack Ty directly!!!

Ty:Nooooooooo!!!!(Ty's LP:4000→1000)

Rita:Hahahahaha!!!!And now,it's time to transfer our duel to the next level...the Shadow Realm.Hahahaha!!!

Ty:My turn...(I can't lose.If I lose,the world will be in great danger.I must do sth!)

TDS: You'll hate this card, Exploder Dragon, attack The Creator!

Rita: Argh!! My Creator!

Jim: Cool!

TDS: Its your turn.

Rita: Monster Reborn activate!

TDS: Yo can't Special summon The Creator from the Graveyard.

Rita: Of course I can, I Special Summon The Creator...

TDS: I told you that...

Rita: The Creator Incarnate! Now, attack him directly!

TDS: I activate Draining Shield. (TDS LP = 2600) Its my turn, Axe Dragonute, destroy The Creator Incarnate. (Rita LP = 200) Looks like the game is on my favor.

Rita: You don't know what you are saying, I set this face down monster and its your turn.

TDS: Mausoleum of the Emperor, I pay 2000 LP (TDS LP = 600) to summon Felgrand Dragon!

DD: Hi bro.

TDS: Axe Dragonute, attack the face-down monster.

Rita: Ha, its Spirit Reaper, you can't touch it. And its my turn, I set anothe face-down monster.

TDS: No problem, we can handle it, isn't it Felgrand?

Felgrand Dragon: Of course...

TDS: I summon Herald of Creation.

HoC: Oh, hello Felgrand...

Felgrand Dragon: Hello, its been a while.

TDS: Felgrand, attack the face-down card!

Rita: Man-Eater Bug, destroy him.

TDS: My Dragon!!

Rita: To for my final move, I activate Double Summon, I set a face-down monster and tribute it to summon Millennium Scorpion, attack Herald of Creation.

TDS: Argh!! (TDS LP = 400)

Rita: Your turn.

TDS: I summon Decoy Dragon in attack mode and activate Spirit Barrier.

DD: Hey, Spirit Reaper, will you dare to atack me.

Spirit Reaper: Useless dragon, I'm much better.

Rita: Millennium Scorpion, destroy Axe Dragonute.

Axe Dragonute: Bye!

Rita: Spirit Reaper, destroy his pathetic Dragon.

DD: Bro, I need you!!

Felgrand Dragon: Who dares to attack my little bro??!!

DD: That evil ghost, he is bothering me!!

TDS: I select Herald of Creation for Felgrand's effect. (ATK = 3600)

Rita: Argh!!! (Rita LP = 0)

Felgrand Dragon: That was too easy.

Rita: Fools, we just wanna see your good cards, thanks for the duel, see you later! (dissappears)

Jim: What an odd person.

TDS: No match for me, of course.

DD: Good job bro.

Felgrand Dragon: Thanks.

Jim: So what's next?

TDS: Lets go to Xochimilco, its a funny place.

Xochimilco and Female Cook's test

(Five hours later)

Jim: So what can we do here?

TDS: Going to the lake, or eating delicious tacos.

Jim: Let's go to eat.

Ty:This seems to be a good restaurant.Let's enter it!

Female Cook:Hola!Hola to everybody!!

Jim:No,thanks.I don't drink Coca-Cola.



Ty:She means "hi".

Jim:Ah.Hola to u too.


Female Cook:Gongratulations!U r the first visitors of my restaurant!What do u want to order?

Ty:Two tacos,please.For me and my friend.

Jim:Ok.Let's sit.

Female Cook:Here they r.


Female Cook:Yes!

Ty:Jim,eat and tell me your opinion.

Jim:Let's see...

Babycerasaurus:DON'T EAT IT!

Jim:And why?

Babycerasaurus:It is made by dog meat!


Ty:(lol)Come on!It's only a rumour.

Jim:I don't care if it is a rumour.I don't eat that thing!Do u have potatoes?

Female Cook:Yup.Wait a moment...

Decoy Dragon:What a boring day!Ah!An Axolotl!


Decoy Dragon:I'm joking!

Jim:What is the "Axolotl"?

Ty:It is a type of a salamander.

Female Cook:Hey,boys.U have a call from a girl named Rita.

Ty:Rita?I'm gonna talk her.

Jim:No.I'm gonna talk her.

Ty & Jim:Grrrrrr!!!

Female Cook:She says that she wants u immediately back to El Chichón.

Jim:Oh no!I didn't eat.

Ty:And we won't visit the place now.

Jim:Don't worry.We r gonna do it later.

Female Cook:Before u go,prepare for a duel!


Female Cook:I'm the wife of the cook,u defeated earlier.

Jim:No way!

Ty:Ok!Let's duel!

Jim:Get your game on!

Female Cook:Duel!

(after 5 minutes)

Ty:Yes!We won!

Female Cook:Ok.U passed the test.


Female Cook:Yes.Now,u r ready.Go to save Rita!

Jim:Let's go!

(after 10 minutes,travelling with Felgrand Dragon)

Felgrand Dragon:Here.We take off.See u later!



Ty:Oh no!She's still fainted.But who called us?

Hane-Hane:I was the one who called u.

Penguin Soldier:We need your help.Remember?

Jim:Help for what?

Penguin Soldier:We r also dueling spirits.

Hane-Hane:U need us to beat the ??? guy.

Ty:Beat another person?

Hane-Hane:He's the best of the best.He has stolen Yugi's deck and he hates everyone.

PIkeru & Curran:We know him!


Curran:He's the leader of the group u have dueled until now.

Ty:Let me think.......1)Cook,......2)Fisherwoman,.....3)Woserit,.......

Jim:...4)Lady 1,.......5)Lady 2,...........6)Jack...and....7)Rita.

Pikeru:This is your ultimate duel.U can't lose.

Hane-Hane:So,can we join u?


Jim:Yes!We each have three dueling spirits.

Against Victor

Ty:And now?


Ty:Jim,did u say something?



Ty:R u sure?




Ty:Where r u?


Jim:Let's do this!

(Ty,Jim,Decoy Dragon,Babycerasaurus,Pikeru,Curran,Penguin Soldier and Hane-Hane enter the crater of thr volcano)

Ty:It seems strange.There is no lava inside.Only these 6 strange statues in each corner of the volcano.

Jim:Look better!They look like real.


Ty:U r the guy who met,with Woserit.

Jim:And u have fled of the duel,because sun's light.

???:Prepare for your end.

Jim:What is that noise?

Ty:They are the Barrier Statues.They r moving.

???:Abyss,Inferno,Heavens,Drought,Torrent,Stormwinds absorb their 6 dueling spirit's energy!

Decoy Dragon,Babycerasaurus,Pikeru,Curran,Penguin Soldier and Hane-Hane:HELP US!!

???:Since they represent the six attributes,their power will be absorbed.Hahahaha!!!

(Decoy Dragon=FIRE,Babycerasaurus=EARTH,Pikeru=LIGHT,Curran=DARK,Penguin Soldier=WATER and Hane-Hane=WIND)

Ty:Stop this!

???:Only if u duel!

Jim:But how?He has Yugi's deck.

???:Let's begin to play our Shadow Game.And because I want u to know,who destroyed u,my name is Victor and I'll acquire the victory from u.Hahahaha!!!It's time to duel!!!

Ty & Jim:Get your game on!

Victor:I begin first.I activate this:Future Fusion and I select Arcana Knight Joker!!Also,I activate Turn Jump,so Joker is summoned now.

Arcana Knight Joker:Hihihihi!

Victor:And I play this:Kuriboh in attack mode and 1 card face-down.

Ty:My turn!I play two cards face-down.And I'm summoning my Luster Dragon in attack mode.Attack!!!

Victor:I activate Magical Dimension,so I sacrifice my Kuriboh in order to summon the Dark Magician!!!And say good-bye to your Luster Dragon.

Ty:Oh no!

Jim:My turn.I set a monster in defense mode and end.


Victor:Hahaha!!!I activate Dark Magic Attack to destroy your face-down cards,Ty.

Ty:That's not good.

Victor:And I activate the Thousand Knives.Jim,say good-bye to your monster.

Jim:Not so fast.U destroyed Kuriboh Rescuer.That means I can add 1 Kuriboh from my deck to my hand.

Victor:Only one of u,will remain.And I'm ready for my attacks.Let's see......Ty or Jim?

Decoy Dragon:Guys,do sth quickly.

Babycerasaurus:I can't breath.

Victor:Victory is mine now.Hahahahahaha!!!!

Victor: Arcana Knight Joker, get rid of Jim!

Jim: I discard Kuriboh, so your attack doesn't hurt me.

Victor: Doesn't matter, Dark Magician, attack him!

Dark Magician: No, you are not Yugi, I'll never help you in your evil plans!

Victor: You can't refuse, stupid monster.

Dark Magician: I'm sorry. (Jim LP = 1500)

Ty: I summon Masked Dragon in defense mode and activate Contract with the Dark Master, to summon Dark Master - Zorc.

Zorc: So, I'm back, Victor! Its been a while.

Victor: You... You should be... What are you doing here?

Zorc: This annoying guy managed to defeat me, and I had to gave him that Ritual Spell Card, as long as he has it, he is my master, despite me hating him so much.

Victor: Hahahaha!, you are so pathetic!

Zorc: Shut up or I'll crush you, why was I summoned this time?

Ty: Help me to get rid of those monsters.

Zorc: Roll the die!!

Ty: A 3.

Zorc: Oh, that's unfunny, anyway, bye Arcana Knight Joker.

AKJ: Arghh!!

Ty: Now attack Dark Magician!

Zorc: Sword of Darkness!!!

Victor: Draining Shield, my Life Points are now 6700.

Zorc: Using my attack to recover, how dare you???

Victor: Thanks for the Life Points Zorc! Hahahahaha!

Jim: Dark Magician I'm gonna save you! Brain Control (Jim LP = 700) take Dark Magician. Ty, you know what to do, I activate Polymerization!

Ty: Good job, Buster Blader, fuse with Dark Magician to become...

Ty & Jim: The Dark Paladin!

Victor: Oh, I'm so sacarred, hahahahaha!!

Dark Paladin: What an annoying person!!

Jim: Dark Paladin, attack the facedown card!

Victor: There's no problem, I have no monsters, but I still having cards that will defeat you both!!

Victor:I activate Mirror Force.Hahahahaha!!!!


Ty:Not so fast.I play Extra De-Fusion to seperate our monster into Buster Blader and Dark Magician even if Dark Magician is in your graveyard(Ty's LP:4000→3500)

Zorc:I'm not easily defeated by your cards.U need sth special.A light monster.

Victor:My turn!I remove Kuriboh and Queen's Knight from my graveyard in order to summon this:Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning.

Zorc:Oh no!I won't open my mouth again.

Victor:And now my Gladiator,attack...Shining Blades!!!

Zorc:Noooooooooooooo!!!!!(Ty's LP:3500→3200)Tyrant Dragon Slayer will bring me back soon.Just wait.Arghhhhhh!!!

Victor:Attack again!!!

Ty:Arghhh!!(Ty's LP:3200→200)I feel the pain again.

Jim:Ty,r u allright?

Ty:I don't even know.

Victor:I play two cards face-down and end my turn.

Ty:(Heart of the cards guide me!)...YES!I activate Painful Choice (((Uria, Lord of Searing Flames,Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder,Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, Immortal Class and Fallen Paradise)))

Victor:I select the Fallen Paradise.

Ty:Prepare!I activate the field spell Fallen Paradise and I'm summoning the Dark Summoning Beast and I sacrifise it to summon back the three sacred beasts.

Victor:Hahahahaha!!!U can't touch me!I activate this:Wall of Revealing Light (Victor's LP:6700→2700)

Ty:R u sure?


Ty:Uria,Hamon,Raviel combine now for the ultimate monster:Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos!!!And his attack becomes 10000.

Victor:Skill Drain activate!(Victor's LP:2700→1700)And now even your monster is useless.Hahahaha!!!

Jim:My turn!(Um?Long time no see!)I'm summoning my friend.....Come forth Obelisk the Tormentor!!!

Obelisk the Tormentor:Hahahaha!!Say good-bye Victor.

Victor:Have u forgotten.I already have got my wall,so I'm protected.

Jim:I play one card face-down(((it is The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh Ty,don't forget it!!!)))

Victor:I'm summoning this:The Wicked Avatar and I equip it with Super Effect.By doing so,he's unnafected by my trap(Avatar's ATK:0→4100).Attack,destroy Armitael!!!

Ty: Magic Cylinder, activate! goodbye Victor.

Victor: Seven Tools of the Bandit! (Victor LP = 700)

Ty: This is not good!

Jim: The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, I can call my Kuriboh to my hand, and discard it to save Ty!

Ty: Thanks Jim!

Victor: No problem, you have nothing against Avatar, and once I get rid of you, I'll conquer the World!!

Ty: And how will you do that?

Victor: ... I'll think in something!

Ty: Of course... anyway, its my turn, I activate Fusion Gate and remove five Dragons to form the Five-Headed Dragon! in defense mode.

Victor: That won't save you.

Ty: At least he will try.

Jim: I equip Obelisk with Mist Body and switch him to defense mode!

Obelisk: Jim, why don't you tribute your monsters to destroy Avatar?

Jim: He has a higher power, your effects won't hurt him!!

Obelisk: Oh I see...

Victor: Don't feel bad Obelisk, in few momments you'll be my card!!!

Obelisk: Never!!

Victor: Avatar, attack Obelisk!

Jim: Mist Body protects him.

Obelisk: That's fine!

Victor: Still, your monsters are useless against my god!

Ty: Jim, the only way we can surpass him is a greater power, and I have a good idea!

Jim: What is it?

Ty: First of all, I activate Heavy Storm!

Victor: Grr!

Ty: And activate Monster Reborn to summon Dark Master - Zorc back!

Zorc: You took me back! I thought...

Ty: No, you have helped me in hard situations.

Zorc: What can I say? thanks! Why did you call me... The Wicked Avatar!!! I might face him, but my power was weakened when his soldier attacked me! I can't defeat it.

Obelisk: Zorc, so you are here...

Zorc: Obelisk, long time no see, I can't say I'm glad to see you.

Obelisk: I can't too, but we are fightning in this together.

Zorc: Anyway, do you still tormenting people?

Obelisk: At times.

Zorc: That's good. Well then, what are you planning to do, Slayer?

Ty: I activate Polymerization, to fuse Five-Headed Dragon and you Zorc.

Zorc: How cool!

FHD: See you later.

Ty: And I form, Zorc, the Dragon Knight (8000/8000)

Victor: Avatar will always be stronger than you Zorc!

Zorc: We'll see that!!

Ty: My monster's effect will not destroy Avatar, but maybe Obelisk can.

Jim: How?

Ty: You'll see that, first of all, I activate Zorc's effect, I roll he die and I got a 1!

Victor: So?

Zorc: The lower, the better!

Ty: Zorc, use you effect to weaken Avatar!!!

Zorc: Of course I'll!!

Victor: Its useless, my monster still alive!

Jim: Not for long, Obelisk, use Zorc as a Tribute to attack!!

Obelisk: Ok!

Zorc: So goodbye? At least I'll leave with honor!!

Jim: Now my friend, release you power!

Victor: Arghhhh!!!!!!!! My Avatar... is gone!!!

Ty: Good job guys.

Jim: Thanks!

Penguin Soldier:They did it!

Hane-Hane:Yes!They got rid of that monster!

Pikeru & Curran:And now free us.We can't stand the heat anymore!

Babycerasaurus:Guys,do quickly!

Decoy Dragon:We r out of energy!

Ty:Don't worry.We already defeated him.His LP have been dropped to zero.

Victor:Not so fast.I activate Spell Textbook and I draw.....Spider Web.And now,I can take your flute and use it as my own.So,Winged Kuriboh is protecting me.Hahahahaha!!!

Jim:U'll pay for this.

Victor:My turn!I play Card of Sanctity,so each of us draw cards from their deck,until we have 6 cards in our hand.And now,I'm summoning the Dark Magician Girl.

DMGirl:Hi Guys!

Victor:I play Raigeki,so say good-bye to your monsters.

Obelisk:I won't easily beaten.

Victor:And since Dark Magician is back in my graveyard,DMGirl gains 300 ATK points.

DMGirl:Hahaha!I'm stronger.

Victor:And I play this:Dedication to Chaos,to remove Dark Magician from play in order to summon the legendary:Dark Magician of Chaos.Next stop,I activate Brave Attack!

DMoCh & DMGirl:Let's destroy Obelisk!

Jim:Noooooo!!(Jim's LP:700→350)

Victor:What?U may have lost!

Jim:I activated Damage Cut,so I lost half LP and negated your card effect.

Ty:Good move,Jim!


Ty:What is that?Lava is increasing....

Victor:Here it is:The Wicked Eraser (TWE's ATK:?→3000)!!! and I equip it with Excalibur (TWE's ATK:3000→6000).Attack!Destroy Armitael!

Ty:Negate Attack activate!

Victor:Grrrr.(TWE's ATK:6000→4000)

Ty:My turn!I play Swords of Revealing Light (TWE's ATK:4000→6000)and end my turn.

Jim:What?U have so many cards in your hand and u played only one.

Ty:If I play more,his monster will be unbeatable.

Jim:I understood.My turn!Go,Mystical Space Typhoon !! (TWE's ATK:6000→3000)I play one card face-down(TWE's ATK:3000→4000)and I'm summoning Slifer the Sky Dragon !!! (Slifer's ATK:X000→5000) (TWE's ATK:4000→5000)

Victor:Hahahaha!Their power is equal.

Jim:Slifer,attack!Force of the Thunder!!!

Slifer:Bye-Bye Eraser.

Eraser:Not so fast!

Slifer & Eraser:Grrrrr!!!!!(They destroy themselves)

Victor:I told u from the start.U can't match me!

Ty:We'll see about that.Make your move!

Victor:Very well.......Hahahahahaha!!!!

Decoy Dragon:Oh no!

Babycerasaurus:The shadow begomes stronger.

Victor:I'm summoning The Wicked Dreadroot.All your monsters' ATK will be cut in half.Victory is mine now.Hahaha!!!Since I can't attack,make your move.

Ty:Jim,only our legendary forbidden spell,will save us,so we must trust the Heart of the Cards.

Jim:Yes.U r right.Ra can't stand a chance against Dreadroot,because my LP are low.

Ty:Let's give our best shot.I draw....!!!

Ty: card!

Jim: What is it?

Ty: Dragon's Rage Curse!

Victor: The Legendary card... You can't have it!

Ty: Of course I do, and I can activate Rise of the Dragon Lords!

Victor: Oh no!

Ty: Tyrant Dragon, Felgrand Dragon and Darkblaze Dragon appear...

Jim: Will you fuse them?

Ty: No, I'll Tribute them to summon Victory Dragon!!

Victor: The mighty card said to be able to defeat even the gods...

Ty: And activate Dragon's Mirror to summon King of Dragon Lords (5000/5000). Its attack is doubled but your card doesn't allow so. Still, is more than enough to defeat your Dreadroot and wipe out your Life Points.

Victor:... NEVER!!! Just like you I have a legendary card, Rage of the Gods Curse!!

Jim: No!

Ty: Impossible!

Victor: The power of all god cards is doubled and they can't be destroyed by battle!! And with Dark Summoning I can call all my Wicked Gods back!!

Ty: Jim, our only hope is your legendary card!

Jim: Don't worry, its card also allow us to summon our God cards!

Ty: Uria, Hamon and Raviel!

Jim: Slifer, Ra and Obelisk!

Victor: A war of gods, this will be good. Hahahahaha!

Jim:Let's go!(I must draw this, I must do it!).....Very well!I draw!

Ty:(It'll be good for us,if he drew the card and get rid of Victor quickly)

Jim:Yup!I activate this:Dinosaur's Rage Curse and it allows me to activate automatically this:Dinosaur's Rage.That means,I'm summoning Super Conductor Tyranno and Ultimate Tyranno!And I fuse them to form:King of Dinosaur Paradise(4000/4000).Not only his ATK is doubled(8000/4000),but he also can't be destroyed by battle.

Victor:Hahahaha!!U can't match me!!!So, I fuse the three wicked gods with myself, in order to become The Creator of Darkness(50000/50000)!!!Hahahahahahaha!!!

Ty:Victor, do u want to see a little action?Jim, let's do this!

Ty & Jim::We combine our monsters to create this:The Great Lightning King of Justice!!(25000→50000/25000→50000).

Ty:I haven't finished yet!I fuse my three Sacred Beasts, in order to create this:Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos!!!

Jim:I fuse too my three Egyptian Gods, in order to create The Creator God of Light, Horakhty!!!

TGLKoJus:The end has come for u!!!

APoCha:U will be destroyed inside chaos...

TCGoLHor:...and light!!!

VicDr:Victory is ours now!!!

TCoDar:And now shadows, come to me(TCODar's ATK:50000→Infinite(∞))!!!Hahahaha!!

TCGoLHor:I also have an infinite attack, so u can't do something against us!

TCoD:Don't be so sure!Now, shadows surround them!!!Hahahaha!!!

Ty:(The pain...I can't stand it...It's enough for me...{Unas:Let me take control of u now!U r in great danger!}(Ok!)


Unas:I'm finally back!

TCoD(as Victor):What?R u probably the Slayer and Eater of the Egyptian Gods?

Unas:That's me!And now, prepare for your doom!!!

TCoD:Even if u manage to defeat me, your friend is in great trouble.

Unas:Jim, r u allright?

Jim:......{Aetos:It's time to gain control of this fool.}

Aetos:Sorry Unas, but I'm not!

Unas:No way.U r back!

Aetos:About now, we r gonna be allies for this duel.And then we shall have a duel, about which of us will take the Wicked Gods.

Unas:It's not time to decide about this.We have to win!

Aetos: I activate Dark Revive.With this card I can sacrifice one DARK monster,one LIGHT monster and one FIRE monster.I sacrifice Skilled Dark Magician, Skilled White Magician and Royal Firestorm Guards to summon Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon(ATK/25000→50000,DEF/25000→50000) and I remove him with Ice Master from play in order to create the Chaotic Metalized Brilliant Thundercrashed Dragon of Snowstorm(ATK/50000→100000,DEF/50000→100000)!!!

TCoDar:I have told u already many times.U can't match me.Shadows surround them!!!

Decoy Dragon:The temperature.......becomes higher...

Babycerasaurus:And the ready to erupt...

Pikeru & Curran:Our vanishing.

Penguin Soldier:Guys do something...

Hane-Hane:...and quickly...

Unas:Victory Dragon, Armitael and....

Aetos:Dark Metal Flame Lightning Dragon, Horakhty and...

Unas and Aetos:...Great Lightning King of Justice attack!!!


Aetos: Victor... I never thought you would become a traitor!

Victor: Hahahaha! Fool, I was always stronger than you.

Aetos: How dare you?!

Victor: Without your beloved Woserit you are nothing!

Aetos: What did you do to her?

Victor: Just take for sure you won't see her again! Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

Aetos: You... Horakhty, attack him!!

Victor: Argh!

(Victor dissapears)

Unas: Is him really gone?

Aetos: I hope so...

Unas: Now, I want to know who is him.

Aetos: I've had a group of duelists, all of them considered of top class...

Unas: Then?

Aetos: Victor was by far the strongest, however, inside he was the weakest one.

Unas: Why?

Aetos: His hate for everyone dominated him easily, at the point that he started to seek more power, to use it against the entire world... His dueling skills surpassed mines by much, that's why we all started to fear him, and he was locked away, only sent to destroy the best duelists in the world. I didn't realized that with that I was only feeding his hate.

Unas: I see...

Aetos: But now he is gone, so that no longer matters, prepare to duel!

Unas: What? Don't you have to rescue someone?

Aetos: Woserit... I'll work with you for now, but have this in mind, we are not friends!

Unas: I already know that, I'm sure they can handle the work.

Jim: Uh? What happened?

Ty: Looks like we got some help from the past.

Jim: Lets save our partners and Rita!

Ty: They are ok. Now lets leave this horrible place.

Tyrant Dragon: Horrible? Its very beautiful!

Jim: Yes, but we are gonna cook inside!

Ty: Take us away TD.

TD: Ok, lets go!

Woserit's rescue


Jim: For some reason I feel we must rescue someone...

Ty: Me too, but it must be our imagination.

Aetos: Its not imagination, go to rescue Woserit in the Dark World or I'll...

Jim: What happened?

Ty: Woserit... We must rescue her. Are you ok guys?

DD: Yes, I feel like new!

Babycerasaurus: Thanks for saving us!

Jim: No problem, it wasn't hard...


(1 hour later)

Ty & Jim: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pikeru: You... Shut up!!

Ty: Sorry.

Jim: We won't do it again.

Ty:We should pay a visit to the Shadow Realm.

Jim:But how, can we reach there.

Ty:Good Question.And it needs a good answer.Ummmmm.......

Curran:Hey guys.I and Pikeru can help u to go to the Dark World.


Pikeru:Yup.It's easy.R u ready Curran?

Curran:Of course!Let's do this!

Pikeru & Curran:****************************!!!!


Curran:Now, let's go!

Pikeru:But we should be careful!

(Inside the Shadow Realm)

Woserit:Arghhhh.....I can't stand it.....

Jim:{Aetos:It's time for me!}........

Ty:{Unas:And don't forget me!}.......

(They all run to Woserit)

Aetos:Woserit, r u fine?

Woserit:I'm dreaming......Aetos?

Aetos:Yes.We came here to rescue u!

Woserit:Please leave from......that place......immediately.

Unas:And why?

Woserit:The person who has......stopped and recreated the Shadow Games.....lives here.

Unas:Who is that person Woserit?

???:It's me!

Aetos:No way!ATEM!!!

Atem:That's me!And since u came to my place, I'll have to trap u here.

Unas:We came only to help Woserit.

Atem:I don't care because now, IT'S TIME TO DUEL!!!

Aetos:We can't.We r exhausted from the previous duel.

Atem:Dark Magician trap them within the darkness.....Dark Magic Attack!!!

Unas:Tyrant Dragon destroy his monster.

TD:Very well!!

Atem:Magical Hats activate!!!

Aetos:Ultimate Tyranno attack!!!

Atem:Dark Illusion and Raigeki activate!!!Dark Magician attack!!!

Unas:Blue-Eyes White Dragon, White Lightning!!!


Aetos:It's time to save Woserit.

Hane-Hane:I can return her back in the volcano.

Unas:Ok.And what about us?

Penguin Soldier:U r 2, so I can return both of u back.

(Outside the Volcano)

Woserit:Thank u guys.U saved me!!!

Unas:Come on!U don't need to thank us.

Aetos:Woserit, please come near to me.


(SMMMMOOOOOCHHHHHH!!!!Aetos gives a kiss to Woserit)

Rita:Hey, I want also a kiss(Runs).



Unas:{Ty:Ok!I return!}

(SMMMMOOOOOCHHHHHH!!!!Ty gives a kiss to Rita)

Rita:Who r u?My name is Rita.

Woserit:I'm Woserit.Glad to meet u.

Rita:Cool!U have an ancient name.

Ty:{Unas:I haven't forgotten..}

Aetos:Now, Unas prepare for our duel!!

Unas:Just a sec.Where is Yugi's deck?

Aetos:I think that is inside the volcano.

Unas:Let's go to take the Wicked Gods.

Aetos:Not so fast.The loser of this duel, will have to go to take these cards and gives them to the other.

Friends or Enemies? Unas VS Aetos

Unas:Ok!LET'S DUEL!!!(Unas's LP:4000)

Aetos:GET YOUR GAME ON!!!(Aetos's LP:4000)

Unas:We'll duel with the official rules.So,let's go!I begin first.I'm summoning Kaibaman and I sacrifise him to summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and I place one card face-down.

Aetos:My turn!I summon my Skilled Dark Magician and I activate Magical Dimension.Come forth, Dark Magician !!!

Unas:My Blue-Eyes!!!

Aetos:Dark Magician, attack Unas directly.Dark Magic Attack!!!

Unas:I activate this:Negate Attack, so your attack is stopped.

Aetos:I place one card face-down and end my turn.

Rita:Go for it, Unas!

Woserit:Don't give up, Aetos!

Unas:My turn....

Unas: I draw a card (Steel Ogre Grotto 1)

(Unas: Why do you use this?)

(Ty: It is Special for me, every card is useful when you know how to use it.)

(Unas: If you say so...)

Unas: I set a face-down monster and a face-down card, its your turn.

Aetos: Dark Magician, attack his face-down monster!

Unas: It is Masked Dragon!

(Unas: Which one shoul I search?)

(Ty: Search Lesser Dragon)

(Unas: What?)

(Ty: Just do it.)

Unas: Ok... I summon Lesser Dragon!

Aetos: How useless! Your turn.

Unas: And I draw... Power Bond (I see) and activate it to summon Metal Dragon with 3700 ATK force!

Aetos: 3700!

Unas: Metal Dragon, attack Dark Magician! (Aetos LP = 2800)

Aetos: It doesn't matter, you lose 1850 points! (Unas LP = 2150)

Unas: Its your turn.

Aetos: Acid Rain, bye Dragon. I summon Black Stego, attack him directly! (Unas LP = 950=

Woserit: Well done, love.

Aetos: Thank you.

Rita: Go ahead Unas, I know you can!

Unas: I activate Foolish Burial to send Darkblaze Dragon to the Graveyard and activate Solemn Wishes. And summon Axe Dragonute in attack mode, attack Black Stego.

Aetos: He switches to defense, and you monster too, nothing happens.

Unas: Your turn!

Aetos: I draw...



Aetos:I activate Pot of Greed to draw 2 cards from my deck.And I play this:Monster Welcoming Back!!!Now, I sacrifice my Black Stego and I return Dark Magician!!!

Unas:This card can't match me!

Aetos:U should be afraid of me, because u did 2 great mistakes.The first one is challenging me and the second that u believed that u would have won.Hahahaha!!!

Unas:Laugh as much as u want.Your Magician cannot stand my monsters.

Aetos:I equip my Magician with 2 spells:Magic Formula and Dark Spear (DM's ATK:2500→3200)

Woserit:Go for it, Aetos!!!

Rita:(That's not good for Unas)UNAS, U SHOULD DO STH & QUICKLY!!!

Aets:Dark Magician, Dark Magic Attack!!!

Unas:Arghhhhhhhh(Unas's LP:2150→150)

Aetos:I place two cards face-down and now make your final move.

Unas:I play Spider Web to use your Pot of Greed 's effect as mine.And now I draw 2 cards from my deck....I play Heavy Storm !!!


Unas:(Ty:Now, Summon the Blue-Eyes....)(Unas:I know!)I play Monster Reborn to bring back my Blue-Eyes White Dragon.And I discard my King of the Swamp to my graveyard in order to take Polymerization from my deck.


Unas:I play Polymerization fusing the 2 Blue-Eyes in my hand with this on the field to create the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.And I haven't finished yet.Dragon's Mirror activate!I remove my Ultimate Dragon with my King of the Swamp to my grave from play in order to summon Dragon Master Knight !!!

Aetos:OH NO!!!

Unas:Attack!!!Lightning Volt!!!

Aetos:Noooooo!!!(Aeto's LP:2800→1000)


Aetos:Not so fast.My Magic Formula 's effect allows me to gain 1000 of my LP (Aeto's LP:1000→2000).And now it's my turn!!!

Aetos: I activate Dinosaur's Rage Curse you know what will happen, King of Dinosaur Paradise (8000/4000), attack Dragon Master Knight.

Unas: Spirit Barrier will protect me.

Aetos: Not for long.

Unas: Dragon's Rage Curse, King of Dragon Lords (10000/5000), appear! Attack King of Dinosaur Paradise. (Aetos LP = 0)

Aetos: Me... Losing against you? NEVER!! Immortality, activate!!

Unas: What?!

Aetos: For three turns I can't lose, and that's more than enough to defeat you, my King of Dinosaur Paradise wasn't destroyed by its effect. Hahahaha!!!!

Unas: (Unas: Ty, what will we do now?) (Ty: Trust in the heart of the cards) Ok, I draw...

Unas:...this is it! I activate Turn Jump!!!

Aetos:This can't be the end!

Unas:Now, we both skip our three next turns. That means, u lose.

Aetos:Not so fast. My Immortality has a second ablity. I sacrifice my King of Dinosaur Paradise and I'm safe from any attack or any effect this turn.(Aetos's LP:0→8000)


Rita:It's Ok. Unas, u can beat him in your next turn.

Unas:U r right. I place 2 cards face-down and end my turn.

Woserit:Yes! Aetos, beat him!!!

Aetos:It's my move!!! And I begin by activating Super Polymerization !!!


Aetos:I discard 1 card from my hand and fuse on of your monsters as well as one of my own to special summon The Great Lightning King of Justice (25000→50000/25000→50000).

Rita:50000 ATK points?

Aetos:Attack! Light of Justice Slash!!!

Unas:I activate this:Draining Shield (Unas's LP:150→50150)

Aetos:Grrrrr.I activate Card of Sanctity and now it's time to take this duel to the next level.

Unas:No way!

Aetos:I activate One = Three. By doing so, I can sacrifice my monster to summon this...

Woserit:Yes.He is...

Rita:What is happenning?

Unas:The heat in this vocano is increasing and has reached its maximum limit.

Aetos:Great Beast of the Sky,please hear my cry.Appear in the Shadow Game,when I call your name.Come forth,Winged Dragon of Ra!!

Unas:Oh no!

Aetos:I activate my final card (Jim:This card...This can't be...) ....Yu-Jo Friendship

Unas:(Unas:What shall I do now?Accept?)(Ty:No.It may be a trap!)

Aetos:I have Unity in my hand. That means, you must accept.


(Unas and Aetos shake their hands) (Unas's LP:50150→29075) (Aetos's LP:8000→29075)

Aetos:And now I pay all my LP except my last(Jim's LP:29075→1)Arghhhhh!!!In addition, Ra gains all these points into his attack (Ra's ATK:????→29074). Blaze Cannon!!!

Unas:Arghhhhh(Unas's LP:29075→1)

Aetos:Now, we both have only 1 LP, but I have Ra.

(The volcano is ready to erupt)

Unas:Oh no!We must stop the duel now!El Chinchon is ready to erupt.We must leave from here immediately!


Woserit:The time has come...

Rita:Eh?What do u mean Woserit?

Woserit:This volcano has opened a "door" to a different dimension.

Aetos:So, that is.

Rita:I can't understand.

Unas:It's time to say good-bye.

Rita:Why?I don't want to lose all of u.

Unas:Don't worry.U'll be together with Ty.

Rita:Really?That means, I can kiss him all over the time.Sweet!!!

Aetos:Oh my god!Tell her to stop!

Woserit:May see u again.

Unas, Aetos & Woserit:Good-Bye Rita!

Rita:Good-Bye.Take care of yourself.

(The 3 of them enter the dif. dim. and they disappear.Ty & Jim return back as always.)

Rita:Ty, I miss u all the time.(SMMMOOOOOCCCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!Rita gives a kiss to Ty)

Jim:I have an idea. Let's go to Xochimilco. We shall have a good time there.

Ty & Rita:YESSSS!!!!

Return to Xochimilco & Elsa

(after 12 hours inside Xochimilco's restaurant)

Ty:I want to sleep.

Jim:Me too.

(after 10 hours.10:00 in the morning)

Rita:Hola guys!! Wake up!!! I would like to introduce u my little sister, Elsa.

Elsa:Hola guys!!

Ty:Hola Elsa.My name is Ty Drake.

Jim:Hello Elsa.My name is Jim or Dimitri.

Elsa:Jim or Dimitri?

Jim:Who cares?Refer to me with the name u like more.



Elsa:I like both.

Jim:Elsa, u r very beautiful.

Elsa:Really?(Runs to Jim) (SMMMMMOOOOOCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!! Elsa gives a kiss to Jim)

Jim & Elsa:♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ty:It seems that they fell in love.


Jim:Elsa, do u want to come with me?


The end?

(They all go to Ty's home)

Ty:Before u leave, I want to prepare a little meal for all of us.

Decoy Dragon:Oh no!He will burnt it again!

Ty:Shut up Decoy Dragon!

Babycerasaurus:How dare u speak to my friend with this way!

Ty:Shut up Babycerasaurus!

Babycerasaurus:Hey, Jim.U must tell sth to Ty about this.Jim?Jim?

Jim & Elsa:♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(Jim & Elsa continuously kissing)

Pikeru & Curran:This is a true love....


Penguin Soldier:Who cares about them?They will continue kissing all the time.

Rita:The dinner is ready.....Hey, you two.Stop kissing each other!

Elsa:We can't. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ty:Ok.Let's taste my and Rita's cake.

Jim:Who has got birthday?

Ty:Nobody.We made it for fun.And now, let's eat it!!!

Ty, Jim, Rita & Elsa:(They all run to the cake)

Decoy Dragon:That happens all the time.

Babycerasaurus:We spirits, don't deserve a piece of cake.

Jim: Ty...

Ty: What is it?

Jim: I have to leave now.

Ty: Why?

Jim: They are waiting for me at home, and my exams are coming.

Ty: So, you are leaving... You'll be back right?

Jim: If destiny allows so.

DD: You guys are leaving... No, you can't, I'll miss you!

Babycerasaurus: We can always come here as we did before.

DD: Oh, that's fine!

Jim: I'll miss you guys.. Boohoo!

Ty: Jim, you must never show weakness against the hard parts of life.

Jim: Sorry but...

Pikeru and Curran: We don't have to cry or feel sad, this is just temporary.

Hane-Hane: Yep, we'll met again.

Penguin Soldier: And we guys will always be with you.

Rita: Lets not feel sad, lets sing!!


Rita: Okay, I failed...

Elsa: Jim, can I go with you?

Jim: Of course!

Ty: So this is the goodbye...

Jim: See you later then, and Ty...

Ty: Yeah?

Jim: Thanks for all the help!!

Ty: No... thanks to you, I was forgetting the true meaning of dueling until I meet you, you helped me a lot with it. I thought I was stronger duelist than anyone because my monsters were strong, but thanks to you I understood that is much more important to trust and respect your cards than they being strong.

Jim: I'm glad I could help you with that!!

DD: Bye guys!

Ty: Take good care, and don't forget me please!

Babycerasaurus: Oh, I hate to say goodbye...

Jim: Is this the end?

Ty: Not yet, lets conclude it as it must be:

Ty & Jim: Hope to see you soon!

THE END (Ty says:The end? I'm not sure about that)

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