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Frog Monarchs

Frog Monarchs, also known as Frognarchs or Froggy Monarchs is a Deck type, which combines "Frog" and "Monarch" monsters.

The strategy of the Deck is to use "Treeborn Frog", and "Ronintoadin" to consistently make tribute fodder for Monarch summons. The deck uses several key cards to accomplish this effectively, using "Swap Frog" to dump both "Treeborn Frog" and "Ronintoadin" into the Graveyard, while also acting as fodder for the latter. "Substitoad" would also be used to run through the deck of many "Frog" monsters, thinning it to draw into only Tribute Monsters, while locking the opponent's attacks using a "Dupe Frog" lock.

The deck utilizes high numbers of Tribute Monsters that would normally be deemed inconsistent in other Decks - Monarchs are seen commonly run in 6s - 9s, including the popular "Caius the Shadow Monarch" and "Raiza the Storm Monarch". Other common Tribute Monsters seen in this deck include "Light and Darkness Dragon", "Dark Dust Spirit" and "Obelisk the Tormentor".

The original Deck did not make use of Synchro Monsters and due to the Banning of "Substitoad" in September 2010, was rendered inefficient. With the coming of Starstrike Blast and "Formula Synchron", Frognarchs took a new turn and evolved in almost all variants into Formula Monarchs, a new variety that abuses the consistency that "Formula Synchron" has brought to the table.

Formula Monarchs

Formula Monarchs, also known as Formulanarchs and Formunarchs is an evolved version of the original Frog Monarchs Deck Type. It continues to utilize the standard "Treeborn Frog" and "Ronintoadin" engine, now without "Substitoad" and "Dupe Frog", but with the addition of "Fishborg Blaster" to Synchro Summon "Formula Synchron".

The strategy remains mostly the same in terms of set-up - several key cards ("Swap Frog", "Foolish Burial", etc.) are used to quickly dump "Treeborn Frog" and "Fishborg Blaster" into the Graveyard. From then, the user can consistently summon "Formula Synchron", drawing in the process (increasing the chance of drawing into a Tribute Monster), and then use it as fodder for Monarch monsters.

With the addition of Tuner Monsters also comes the valuable ability to Synchro Summon once the one-shot Monarch monsters have used their effects.

Key Cards

Treeborn Frog

  • This card is primarily used to generate Tribute fodder every turn, and should be dumped into the Graveyard as soon as possible.

Fishborg Blaster

  • This card is used to Synchro Summon "Formula Synchron" (using "Treeborn Frog"). It should be dumped into the Graveyard early-game.

Swap Frog

  • This card is a dumping engine for "Treeborn Frog". It can also be used to discard cards in the hand that need to be in the Graveyard. It's bouncing effect allows it to be used multiple times. It can also be used as Tribute fodder by Special Summoning itself.

Formula Synchron

  • This card is used to add consistency to the deck. Easily summoned using "Fishborg Blaster", it then allows you to draw a card, which increases the chance of drawing into a Tribute monster. It can then be used as Tribute fodder, or be used to Synchro Summon quick Level 8s with Monarchs (or Level 9s with "Treeborn Frog" and a Monarch).

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(It is recommended that such decks do not use traps, as they can interfere with the use of Treeborn Frog.)

Extra Deck


Frog Monarchs, whilst being a very controlled deck, do have several weaknesses, the first and most obvious being that it requires many tributes. Cards such as "Zombie World" and "Mask of Restrict", both of which will stop tributes can be extremely deadly. Another weakness of the deck's main build is its requirement to have "Treeborn Frog" in the graveyard. Cards that focus on removal of monsters such as "D.D. Crow", "Karma Cut", and "Chain Disappearance" work extremely well at neutralizing "Treeborn Frog". As for the general play style of Frognarchs even with the assistance of cards like "One for One" and "Formula Synchron" it's still a relatively slow deck. A deck with swift speed that can create a strong field presence can usually hold its own against this deck. X-Sabers are a prime example of this.

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