Hello Everyone, my name is Xiosuke and you can find me on the freenode server on IRC I play in many tournaments and love to take on deck recipes I'll post my more noteable creations on this page if anyone wants my help editing or creating drop me a line I'm always available.

Koa'ki Meiru Bound' Deck

It's Only a Dream Right? Deck

OTK in 3,2, and 1. BOOM!!!!

Polished Vehicroids

Gladiator's Forest

Spiritual Healing

Toon Town Parade


Creepy Crawlers

Though I Walk Through Necrovalley in the Shadow of Death..

Chaotic Fortune

Cusillu's Monkey Business

Hand of the Giant

Pick Your "Poison"

Garandolfs Devastating Destructive Ritual

Kristya Shakes the Heavens

New Book of Toons

Look Ma No Effects

Blue-Eyes White Destruction

Telekinetic Monarchs

Cyber Resolution

Evil Koa'ki Meiru Heroes

Go Go Dragon Cannon!

Birds of Prey

Bad Voodoo

Reactor Meltdown

Watt U Doin?!!

Old School Warrior's(Please Note this is an Old Style Deck Before any major criticism)
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