Hi everyone!

Personnal stuff: My name's Will. I'm 23. I've got a degree in movie making (got any job plans lol?) and I'm currently finishing a Microbiology/Entomology degree here in Paris. If you wanna talk about any of these subjects, my user talk page is public!

I'm a french yugioh TCG collector since 1999. I do not play at all so I never made a Deck.

Here's my collection (TCG/OCG/Bandai): My Collection

  • I also have a Trade List. If you're interested in trading or buying cards, feel free to write me on my talk page!

I have 9,990 edits - (Full list)

I'm also the creator and a administrator of the french yugioh wikia

A Faire:
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Noms français manquants

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Back to uni + new flat with girlfriend + working on different projects = a little bit away from the wiki but don't worry i'm still around.

Starter Deck (WC08-ST)

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