An Important Message

  • Vyse24 presents Real Men of the Internet. (Real Men of the Internet.)
  • Today we salute you, Mr. Correcting Wiki Pages Guy. (Mr. Correcting Wiki Pages Guy.)
  • You browse around the site looking for information. And when that information turns out to be wrong, you decide take a stand. (Something's wrong!)
  • Spelling errors. False rumors. Vandalism. Pictures that really shouldn't belong. Whatever the problem is, you're against it. (I hate those spelling errors.)
  • What's the page about? Who cares? It's all wrong, so you're editing it to make it all right. (Make it all perfect now.)
  • So crack open an ice cold beverage oh emperor of the edits. Because something on this wiki just isn't right, and we're glad it's not you. (Mr. Correcting Wiki Pages Guy.)

Be Mr. Correcting Wiki Pages Guy and help this wiki wherever needed.

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