About the Dude... (?_?)

I would like to extend a virtual hand shake and hello for visiting my profile!

I'm Voodude, a long time YuGiOh duelist, self-proclaimed expert (note the Wiseman), and big time Spellcaster fan (note the Voodude)!

  • I've been playing the game ever since it ever came out, "In America!", which was about 2002.
  • Strategic gameplay is how I like to play while throwing in the occasional "Charge!".

As for my deck building, I'm not too much of a fan of building or focusing on OTKs, Magic Numbers, or most of the big Metagame strategies. I just want to have a fun duel (I guess you could think of it like the TV show duels; many of them aren't rushed and the decks are versitle). So yes, getting rid of card "X" and "Y" would really improve my deck. But if I like them, maybe I would remove them, maybe I won't.

  • As I said before, I <3 Spellcasters! I'm always checking for new ones coming out and adding them to my Wish List. My current dream card now is "Dark Red Enchanter". There's just something spectacular about him; I loved it ever since I've laid my eyes on it in the 2007 DS game.... Hey, you got something to say to me?!
  • Besides enjoying to make Spellcaster builds, I'm also interested in "The Little Guy" decks; the not so popular decks specializing in creative strategies. (I've always stood by the underdog.)
  • I'm good at writing some powerful stuff when it comes to things I really know about. Don't be surprised if you spot an insightful or noble comment by me.
  • (Except for this) RANDOMNESS: Orange is the best color in the world!

The "Little Guy" Decks

(These are decks that are hardly noticed but are creative and put up a good fight. You can comment on these in my Deck List Comments.)

  • "Ware" Are My Life Points!?!

This deck is centered around Lycanthrope and Enraged Battle Ox. It's a Beast-Beatdown/Ritual/Normal Monster deck focusing on inflicting damage with Lycanthrope with the help of Enraged Battle Ox against defence monsters.

The concept works very well but results are another thing. Before the current List, I had 2 Advanced Ritual Arts to dump Normal monsters. But even with that, it was still hard to Ritual Summon. It was even harder to get my Ox and Wolf (Lycanthrope means "werewolf") out at the same time!

Overall, I do think with some modifications, this deck could really work. Unfortunately YuGiOh 2008 doesn't have Lycanthrope so I can't test out this deck much more easily.

  • Avarice in Hand (YuGiOh DS Tested)

My Drawing/Burn deck centered around Greed. Also uses "Silent Magician" to keep a strong presence on the field.

Now I came up with this idea before the 2007 DS Silent Magician LV8 duelist download (all hail originality!). Once again, the concept is good but results are different though better than the Lycanthrope deck. Some important notes:

  1. If you don't get Silent Magician or Greed, all you're stuck with are drawing cards for your opponent.
  2. Chainsaw Insect will keep some monsters at bay incase of this.
  3. Having many Disturbance Strategy cards makes it safer when you're in the same situation. If not, BOOYAH!
  4. Hand number burning cards includes (but not limited to) Des Koala, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, Secret Barrel and Restructer Revolution.

Overall, a great deck. It's a nice alternative to the other Metagames out there. But, if you are the average duelist who doesn't have great resources of money and buys a lot of cards online, like me, good luck building this in real life!

  • IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAR!! (Theory Deck)

SHOOP DA WHOOP! After seeing the new Cannon Soldier MK-2 I decided to create a new Burn Deck using MK-2 (and 1) with ammunition consisting of mostly Token Monsters.

Of course summoning MK-2 is much harder when you start looking more into it.

  1. On a small note, thanks to its attribute, Fires of Doomsday can't be fodder for Tribute Summoning making it also not efficient have.
  2. It can't be searched by Giant Rat.

But you can't count it out yet. Gravekeeper's Spy and Dandylion (once it comes out, "In America!") are great once you get MK-2 in your hand via the Gold Sarcophagus and others. Add other stall cards and you're good to go!

... Well I had this coming to me, but when I brought up the MK-2 deck to one of my friends, they told me a better replacement card for MK-2, Amazon Archer. Well it's been done before so I guess my MK-2 deck would be inferior. Crap.

(?_?) Voodude 21:03, 25 June 2008 (UTC)

  • DOCTOR OCTAGONAPUS (direct) BLAST!! (YuGiOh DS Tested)

A Satellite Cannon OTK (One Turn Knockout) deck. Results (at least in the game) shows it to be reliable.

Key cards and other notes:

  1. Shooting Star Bow - Ceal: Equip to your Satellite for your direct attack.
  2. Shining Angel: To get your Satellite out on the field.
  3. Jinzo and Cold Wave: Negate cards that would interfere with your final attack.
  4. Limiter Removal: To get the job done faster (unless you activate Cold Wave).
  5. I didn't really bother stuffing this deck with Nightmare's Steelcages. Shift was a nice card being able to redirect attacks or effects (I redirect some attacks to my Satellite so I keep it in defense if I plan to use it).
  6. And of course Cyber Dragons come in handy for tributing.

Overall, it kinda cool to end things with one attack (or a few more), though it depends on your style. I guess it has been done before but it's original to me in the fact that I didn't look up any references and built it by myself.

(?_?) Voodude 18:50, 29 July 2008 (UTC)

  • Voodude, the (Neos) Wiseman (Theory Deck)

Besides being a Spellcaster, Neos Wiseman is also, um.... a great Spellcaster! Deck List and other info coming up.

Just an incomplete scratch list....


Spells and Traps:

(?_?) Voodude 17:37, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Wish List

Wish List

(?_?) Voodude 17:37, 6 November 2008 (UTC)
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